Hanging with Yahoo Motherboard and Yahoo Shine

Years ago when I realized I could not use my work email for personal use – I set up a Yahoo email address. I still use Yahoo Mail and view my RSS feeds via myYahoo page.  So when Yahoo created a Mother Board program for outreach to mom bloggers, and I excited to participate.

The first Mother Board Summit was mid-July, I was excited to see the fellow Motherboard members, meet the engaging Yahoo team and connect with a brand that I am already a power user of – to learn more about their applications and properties.

As I de-brief from my trip to BlogHer10 in NYC August 6-7, I can’t help but think of the fun I also had connecting with my fellow Motherboard members at conference and spending time at the Yahoo Shine booth.

The theme of the Yahoo Shine booth at BlogHer was “re-invention” – with videos discussing how women re-invented themselves displayed on screens as well as live video interviews being filmed at the booth to share more re-invention stories. I decided to share my own re-invention story with a video interview. Lucky for me, they had a makeup section and artist to help touch up my makeup before I went on. I had been in a hurry that morning at BlogHer10 and did not put my contacts in – so I needed some makeup “re-invention”!.

After I recieved the make-up “intervention” I was ready to discuss my career intervention. Jumping off the “Partner” career track as a Senior Manager at Deloitte to have my twins (I already had an older son) was a hard choice. I always felt that becoming a mom was the right choice – I just could not find the right work/life balance after I went back to work with my first child. I began blogging as a career 2.0 and online social networking to build a new professional network, which I could do on a flexible schedule (and the second shift – which is after the kids go to sleep). Then I did lots of hard work to build an new online brand (TechMama) – all of which helped me re-invent myself professionally.  Here is my Yahoo Shine reinvention video:

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Are Kids Search Engine Savvy? – 2009 Edition

This morning I read an article in the New York Times titled: Helping Children Find What They Need on the Internet written by Stefanie Olsen. The article discusses that online searches are still challenging for kids even though there are many choices available such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and many others. Some of the challenges identified were the children finding the right keywords to use for the search.

User content sites like Wikipedia are also helpful but parents should get involved to make sure results are valid. Yahoo also has a website for kids called Yahoo Kids. Answers.com allows the user to input a question such as “What are the names of the US Presidents” then an answer is returned. Common Sense Media has a section with website reviews by age.

This made me think back to my post from 2008 titled “Are Kids Search Engine Savvy?” where I included links to some kid friendly sites. In that post I had found a site called “Kid Safe Search sites” that had a site made by Librarians called “Kids Click“.

To solve this challenge, maybe the search engine sites should hire Librarians, parents and kids to show their needs and have that reflected in the programming for the search engines. True to the points made in the New York Times article about children searching on the Internet, my 5th grader starts with image and video searchs and even has “voice” activation working on his MACbook – so the future needs of search should include a multi-platform approach. Bing’s Visual search, Google’s multiple search options and Yahoo’s advance video searches are good examples.

I will start to look at other new kid friendly sites as well to update my 2008 post. More to come..


How To Load Video to Blogs – And 11 Video Hosting Sites

Many bloggers are starting to incorporate video into their blogs (called "vlogging"). We are excited at Silicon Valley Moms Group to have started a video series called A Byte Out of Life sponsored by Yahoo. Here is a video that I enjoyed participating in – about Moms, Celebrities and Twitter. Here is a link to my post on Silicon Valley Moms Blog that provides a background. The Video is included in the post, hosted on our the Yahoo Video website. Because my post has a video – it is considered a "vlog". There are also great vlogging sites to follow, such as GoToMom.TV.

I am also participating in a fabulous group of fem tech bloggers in a site called "Gadgetspin". While our site has videos (our first was at the exciting Virgin American – Orange County inaugural flight), our focus will be on livestreaming. Livestreaming is when you post video live from an event. Gadgetspin is in beta and will be launching soon.

Because I am starting to vlog, I spent time researching different video hosting platforms to load video to. After the video file is loaded to the hosting site, "embed" code can be generated and loaded to  blog posts. Listed below is a summary of the steps and the video hosting sites I know of. If you know of others, please comment on this post with a link to the website.

STEP 1: CREATE VIDEO FILE: There are many gadgets bloggers can use to record video. Some use the internal webcams of their computer, some an external webcam and some a video camera. The Flip Camera has a pop-out USB drive for one button upload and software for editing. I will post soon with other alternatives for video cameras (a whole other topic!).

: Once you have a video file – you need to
load that file to a video hosting site that provides a player (the square and buttons around the video) and the embed code that enables loading to a blog. Here is a list of 11 video hosting sites I know of:

1. Yahoo Video: http://video.yahoo.com/

2. YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/

3. Vimeohttp://www.vimeo.com/

4. BlipTV http://blip.tv/

5. One True Media: http://www.onetruemedia.com/ This service allows you to do all types of editing using photo montages or video – then upload online, send as a DVD or email.

6. Vlog It: There is supposed to be a option for a 15 day free trial
but I could not find it. The product is made by Adobe. I purchased the
$29.00 version and will give it a test run.


7. PhotoBucket: You can use Photobucket to load and then generate embed code to share with a website:

Windows Movie Maker: For Windows Users – you can use Windows Movie
Maker for free to upload video to (and edit) – then generate embed code
using one of the video hosting partners they recommend:

iMovie: For MAC users iMovie does have a function to upload to
blogs/websites. If anyone has tried this – it would be great to share:

10. Flickr: With a Flickr Pro acct you can upload a limited number of videos and generate embed code:

11. Brightcove: Used by web marketers and media companies.

12. Update 8/16 – TheGoToMom added a open source video platform to the list – Kaltura: http://corp.kaltura.com/

Update 8/20: Lifehacker published a post asking for the best video sharing site. There are other sites listed on that post including Viddler, Veoh, Megavideo, BitTorrent, Daily Motion, and Exposure Room .

Update 10/6. The GoToMom once again helped me identify another platform: Delve Networks

Each has their own process for loading and then displaying embed code. Some are free and some charge for hosting. Please
be aware that video privacy settings need to be "public" to display on
a blog. Please make sure your video has all "public" info. For families wanting a private place to load videos to, they should look at sites with multiple levels of privacy such as Vox or Plumkeeper.

: Copy" then paste the embed
code into the html section of your post – in the spot that you want to
the video to display.

***Check the width of the column you are display the video and change the width in the embed code if the width is too big.

For Example, here is some code that has a video the width of 500 pixels:
embed style="width:500px; height:326px;"

You can just change the width to "480":
embed style="width:480px; height:326px;"


Moms – Create Your Own Social Start Page

One of the things that transformed the way I get my information was when I set up RSS feeds on my home pages. RSS feeds is a way to subscribe to different websites and blog so you get can that information sent to your email or displayed on a central page.

I have two emails that I use each day, Yahoo for my personal business and Google for my business emails. When I log onto MyYahoo and iGoogle home pages, I have my relevant RSS feeds (i.e. personal or business) displayed so I can keep up to date.

I just read in Mashable today a post that described this process in the perfect words: "Social Start Page". In a perfect world, you would log onto one screen that summarizes not only your RSS feeds, but also has links to all your online social networks. Here is a link to the post with recommendations to other sites that help streamline your day by streamlining your information.

Mashable: 7 Ways to Create Your Own Social Start Page