Parents Texting and Tweeting – The Commercial

I was sitting on the sofa, using a lapdesk and my notebook to blog, Facebook and Twitter after the kids went to sleep tonight. When what happens, I turned on the TV (so I could add another type of media to my night) and this commercial came on. It was a Verizon commercial where the KIDS are lecturing their texting and tweeting parents about their lack of online social networking etiquette. The commercial represents the new modern world: it is well known parents are as addicted to online social networking as their kids.

Geek Sugar also found the commercial amusing..

Mobivity posted 2/09 on a related note "Text Messaging is not just for kids anymore". That post included the following excerpt from Ars Technica:

AT&T conducted 1,048 online interviews with parents  to get a feel
for their usage patterns. They found that 76 percent of parents feel
that their children are more likely to keep them abreast of their
activities through text messaging than other methods. 73 percent said
that their kids were more likely to respond to a text message than
other methods of communication, and a full half of parents feel that
text messaging with their kids makes them “cool.”

So now I can add feeling "cool" to my activities tonight.


Does Texting Help Or Hurt Communication?

There are two articles that just came out about teen texting and parent/teen communication using texting. Overall, both articles say that texting does help communication. But the "hurt" comes with over or mis-use. Parents should discuss cell phone and texting guidelines, including the consequences and dangers (including predators who text and sexting ). Dangers aside, time spent online can be also important for teen development (via MacAuthur 2008 study) and is an evolving part of the way they communicate. 

Common Sense Media published responsible text tips to help families set guidelines and many sites have summaries of texting lingo – so parents can teach their kids "texting ettiquette". Teens should have a strong knowledge of texting guidelines before they head to college, where there will be even more demand for texting and other forms of digital communications.

New York Times, Katie Hafner "Texting May Be Taking a Toll "

Examiner – "Teens and Texting"