Night Before iPad Release: Long Lines and More info Out

After spending today reading emails with press releases for new iPad apps and watching the news coverage at the Apple Stores, I realized Apple mania is still going strong. First I covered finding Robert Scoble waiting in line for the Apple iPhone. I was not surprised to see Robert Scoble interviewed on the news tonight as the first person waiting in line (overnight) to purchase an iPad this morning at 9am. I asked Robert Scoble how he was doing in line via Twitter tonight, and he said “We are hunkered down for a cold night. The
generator is humming and everyone has laptops out
“. I will look forward to his first look posts to read about his view of the Apple iPad.

Then one of my tweeps @lisabook asked I’m lkng at kindle, nook and now the ipad. Any
recommendations? Txs

The Kindle and other e-readers are more mobile, have longer battery life and can be read out in the sun (so better for mobile reading). The iPad is more of an entertainment device, with a multi-touch interface that is tops when it comes to being user friendly. iPad’s do not have a physical keyboard – but do have keyboard attachments. I posted with the features when the iPad was first announced and am trying to keep up on all the current news that is streaming by.

So – to answer the question many are asking me “Should I buy an iPad”, I ask them what technology need they have first. There are so many options with netbooks, tablets and e-readers, consumers just need to take the time to match their need to their gadgets. And take the time to read up on the product they are considering buying. Here are just some of the posts out about the iPad.

Here is a Pearltree that has links to all the relevant posts about the iPad:


Here are some of the posts included in my Pearltree

Walt Mossberg: Laptop Killer? Pretty Close

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MACWorld: First batch of iPad reviews to hit the web

Engadget:”Apple iPad: The definitive guide (so far)” and Netflix streaming, ABC, and 1,348 more iPad approved apps revealed and WSJ iPad subscription officially $17.29 per month — is Murdoch insane?

Gizmodo: “iPad Mega Meta Review: Works Great, No Surprises” and “Gizmodo’s Essential iPad Apps

Gear Diary: Lots of posts under the iPad category

Ubergizmo: “First iPad Review, I played with it 1/27“.

More posts linked to on TechMeme

CNET: Apple iPad Resource Guide

Post by Leah Eichler on Reuters: “Will Women buy the iPad?


PC Mom With Son Hooked On Apple Heads to Macworld Expo

After going to CES in Las Vegas for the second year in the row I wondered why I had not attended Macworld Expo – which is a short drive from my house. While I have and will always be a PC gal, my 11 year old son has an iPod, a MacBook and is begging for an iPhone. We may settle on getting an iPod Touch so I can at least try some of the fun apps and my son can get his fix. I don't even want to tell him about the iPad.

My world is starting to converge with Apple products because while I use PC products, I help (and purchase) tech products for my son. I don't even own an iPod for myself, but have purchased them for my husband and 11 yr old son. I purchased iPod shuffles for my 6 year olds twins.

So, in honor of my 11 yr old and my own curiosity as a tech blogger I decided to head to Macworld Expo. He is always doing sweet things for me but just recently he did something that was not only sweet but practical. Knowing how much I love the Black Eyed Peas song "I Gotta Feeling"- my son surprised me by using some of the money I put in his iTunes account via his allowances to buy me the song and create a playlist for me on his iPod (which is the modern way tween boys show their love for their mamas).

I was also inspired to come to Macworld Expo after I read about another surprise: David Pogue wrote a play for the opening of Macworld Expo. David Pogue was one of the first tech writers I followed, I also enjoy that he talks about technology from the Dad's perspective. I even got my husband (who is also a techdad) hooked on reading David Pogue's tech columns. Next year I will plan to be there for the opening, maybe there will be a role for a TechMama?

Surprises are just popping up everywhere! I was innocently watching the Grammys and then Stephen Colbert surprised the Grammy audience by pulling out an iPad from his pocket instead of an envelope to read the winners. Wish I had a Twitter dress to wear to Macworld Expo so I could pull a surprise of my own.

As I head off to Macworld, I gotta feeling the Black Eyed Peas song will be running through my head. Maybe I need my own iPod so I can actually listen to the song when I am not on my computer.


Apple iPad: Discussion of Features and The Name

My first step in coverage of the Apple iPad was to understand the features not only as a techie but as a mom that appreciates mobile gadgets. Yesterday I posted a write-up with all the information I could find about the Apple iPad features. Looking at the Apple iPad features I listed yesterday, there were many that make the iPad a valuable tool, including it’s user friendly design and interface, attractive build and access to a large number of applications from the iPhone (140,000 as of today), entertainment media and eBook libraries. These are all features that moms and families look for on a mobile gadget.  Today I wanted to look more into the Apple iPad features and reflect on the much discussed name “iPad”.

The features:

While writing the post about the features I did wonder if the Apple iPad had a webcam as some had speculated before the official announcement. Mashable wrote a post that summarized what features are missing, including a camera and no USB port. The Mashable article also summarized that the Apple iPad seemed to be centered on “media consumption, not creation”. Another missing feature in my opinion is the video webcam, which would of allowed use of Skype via the WiFi functionality, live video and video recording. Video recording is a popular feature many use on mobile gadgets, especially after seeing the video’s being made on the iPhone 3GS.

Walt Mossberg in his first impressions also mentioned the applications and build as a plus, but had questions about the comfort of using the virtual keyboard. Because I have not had any hands on exposure to the Apple iPad yet, I can’t add any personal experience about the keyboard.  David Pogue posted in the New York Times with his first impressions of the iPad and I agree that the iPad is like a giant iPod Touch. I also agree that reading eBooks or newspapers and watching TV shows or Movies (from iTunes) are a “natural” for the iPad. The iPad as an eReader for books and newspaper is a strong feature.

The next question I had was if the Apple iPad supports Flash. From what I have found, it currently does not support Adobe Flash. One of the posts on TechMeme that discussed this was from Anthony Ha of VentureBeat titled “No Flash on Apple’s iPad“.

The Adobe Flash Platform blog posted with the following details: “without Flash support, iPad users will not be able to access the full
range of web content, including over 70% of games and 75% of video on
the web
“.  The Adobe Flash platform blog also posted that Flash Developers are working on iPad applications, which will be an advantage for the iPad moving forward. Here is that post: Adobe Flash Platform Blog –   Building iPad Applications with Flash:

“We announced the Packager for iPhone at MAX 2009 which will allow Flash developers to create native iPhone
applications and will be available in the upcoming version of Flash Pro CS5. This technology enables developers to create applications for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad (though applications will not initially take direct advantage of iPad’s new screen resolution). It is our intent to make it possible for Flash developers to build applications that can take advantage of the increased screen size and resolution of
the iPad.”

**UPDATE Apple iPad – Adobe Flash info 1/29: The 9To5MAC Blog posted “The iPad has Adobe’s Flash on Apple’s video” and Mashable posted “Adobe Calls Out Apple for Lack of Flash on iPad“.

I have also been actively asking for input on Twitter to see what other’s think about Adobe Flash not being supported on the Apple iPad. Others also view that as “anti-webish“.  I do think that it is important to pay for content. I will be HAPPY to pay for magazines and eBooks – that is important to support authors and journalists. But I also feel that new gadgets should also allow users to view free content as well through sites such as YouTube (that requires Adobe Flash to view).  That balance is something that will be of much debate moving forward**

I also found a few other posts on TechMeme that added information about the iPad features:

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Apple iPad – Only $499 and Runs iPhone Apps!

Just as my son ran into my room this afternoon complaining that he tried to download a music video onto his iPod but it was hard to watch on such a small screen AND that he has ran out of Hardy boys books to read so he needs to go to the bookstore to find some new mysteries, I had my eyes on one gadget that I could not even tell him about. Or maybe I should, it would be incentive for him to do homework and chores without complaing for years to come..The big announcement was made today – the Apple Tablet is called the “Apple iPad“, which will be available in March. The Apple press release describes the uses as “web, reading and sending email,
enjoying photos, watching videos, listening to music, playing games,
reading e-books and much more”.

Important features of the iPad from the Apple iPad Press Release are listed below:

PRICE: $499

DESIGN: “High-resolution
Multi-Touch™ display, 0.5 inches thick and weighs just 1.5 pounds”.

WIFI:”iPad comes in two versions—one with Wi-Fi and the other with both Wi-Fi
and 3G. iPad includes the latest 802.11n Wi-Fi, and the 3G versions
support speeds up to 7.2 Mbps on HSDPA networks.”

The Gizmodo post added: “3G data plans through AT&T, one of which is just $30 per month
with no contract. You can cancel at any time with no penalty, and use
AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots for free.
The other plan offered is $15 for 250MB of data, also through AT&T.

The Wall Street Journal posted with additional information about the iPad WIFI: “The iPads with a chip allowing cellular connections will cost $130 more
than standard versions, which start at $499 and up. Units with the
wireless chip will go on sale 30 days after the other version ships in
March. The iPad won’t be exclusive to AT&T, so it could potentially
work abroad on networks that share the carrier’s GSM wireless
technology. Verizon Wireless uses a competing technology called CDMA.
Apple said it is pulling together international carriers in time for
when the device ships

innovative apps designed especially for the iPad iPad runs almost all of the over 140,000 apps on the App Store,
including apps already purchased for your iPhone® or iPod touch®. Apple also introduced a new version of iWork® for iPad, the first
desktop-class productivity suite designed specifically for Multi-Touch.
With Pages®, Keynote® and Numbers® you can create beautifully formatted
documents, stunning presentations with animations and transitions, and
spreadsheets with charts, functions and formulas. The three apps will
be available separately through the App Store for $9.99 each.”
iTunes® Store will provides access to the iPad to online
music, TV and movie store  that has a catalog of over 11 million songs, over
50,000 TV episodes and over 8,000 films including over 2,000 in
stunning high definition video.”

EBOOKS: “Apple also announced the new iBooks app
for iPad, which includes Apple’s new iBookstore, the best way to
browse, buy and read books on a mobile device. The iBookstore will
feature books from major and independent publishers.”

GREEN TECH: “Continuing Apple’s dedication to designing and creating
environmentally responsible products, each iPad enclosure is made of
highly recyclable aluminum and comes standard with energy-efficient
LED-backlit displays that are mercury-free and made with arsenic-free
glass. iPad contains no brominated flame retardants and is completely


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