Hanging with Yahoo Motherboard and Yahoo Shine

Years ago when I realized I could not use my work email for personal use – I set up a Yahoo email address. I still use Yahoo Mail and view my RSS feeds via myYahoo page.  So when Yahoo created a Mother Board program for outreach to mom bloggers, and I excited to participate.

The first Mother Board Summit was mid-July, I was excited to see the fellow Motherboard members, meet the engaging Yahoo team and connect with a brand that I am already a power user of – to learn more about their applications and properties.

As I de-brief from my trip to BlogHer10 in NYC August 6-7, I can’t help but think of the fun I also had connecting with my fellow Motherboard members at conference and spending time at the Yahoo Shine booth.

The theme of the Yahoo Shine booth at BlogHer was “re-invention” – with videos discussing how women re-invented themselves displayed on screens as well as live video interviews being filmed at the booth to share more re-invention stories. I decided to share my own re-invention story with a video interview. Lucky for me, they had a makeup section and artist to help touch up my makeup before I went on. I had been in a hurry that morning at BlogHer10 and did not put my contacts in – so I needed some makeup “re-invention”!.

After I recieved the make-up “intervention” I was ready to discuss my career intervention. Jumping off the “Partner” career track as a Senior Manager at Deloitte to have my twins (I already had an older son) was a hard choice. I always felt that becoming a mom was the right choice – I just could not find the right work/life balance after I went back to work with my first child. I began blogging as a career 2.0 and online social networking to build a new professional network, which I could do on a flexible schedule (and the second shift – which is after the kids go to sleep). Then I did lots of hard work to build an new online brand (TechMama) – all of which helped me re-invent myself professionally.  Here is my Yahoo Shine reinvention video:

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Computer Virus Threats Continue: SQL and APRIL 1 Conficker Worm

I just read a post on Geeks! that disusses the "SQL" computer virus. CLICK HERE to read the "Biggest Threat Today SQL Injections" post that has great details about how it works. Here is the YouTube video that goes into more detail (from the post):

Yesterday I read in the New York Times blog about the "Conficker Worm", a virus that is set to run on April 1st (no joke). They recommend making sure everyone has updated virus files, runs a full system scan and makes sure back-ups are up to date before April 1st.  Those steps are good to do anyway to make sure your computers are as secure as possible, even though new threats happen regularly. Windows users should also make sure they have run the "windows update" and "security updates". 

It is unfortunate , but new viruses pop up all the time (so this is not "new"). The only way to try to protect yourself is by installing internet security software, running auto scans, updates and doing regular backups. I also suggest having any personal financial information on a different computer then that used by the family – where lots of web surfing takes place. The more web surfing that takes place on a computer means that there will be a greater risk for computer virus infection.