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Many people search the web, read content every day and share that content. While advances in search technology has made finding information easier and easier, saving and organizing information in a way that captures a story or conversation can still be very challenging.

I just posted on about my first experience with; I was on a Traveling Geeks trip to LeWeb and Pearltrees was one of the French companies we met. Being a visual person, the Pearltrees online application offered me the tools to capture and organize online information in a visual format that also reflected the storyline behind the issue being discussed. I decided that my next step was to use it and see what happens. What happened – is that adding content to Pearltrees became part of my daily workflow. I now find it to be an essential way to organize the content I view daily, in a way that I can organize, share and embed in my blog. Being a busy mom, Pearltrees saves me the time of going back to capture relevant links or discussions  – because I am now doing it as part of my daily workflow. Simple bookmarking works linearly. Pearltrees enables the story to be told in a more visual way.

I easily created Pearltrees for conversations, issues and topic areas I am researching. My online peeps started taking notice, saying things like “there goes TechMama, creating those pearly things again” and “wow, Pearltrees looks great but I need to learn how to use it”.

Months later, when I took on a project as adviser to Pearltrees, I
had the opportunity to learn even more about the site and share the information I learned.


The way many people currently organize web content is by using bookmarking sites, which are organized in a linear, menu-style format.  Pearltrees works differently because it is a visual mapping of content that can be “dragged and dropped” into different visual trees. The FAQ’s describes this process in the following way. “Pearltrees is a collaborative network that lets users create, enrich and share the world of their interests. In Pearltrees, everyone creates a world and uses parts of others’ worlds to extend it. By doing so, everyone contributes to the overall project: building the first human organization of the Web.”  It is not only a way to “create, enrich and share the
world of a user’s interests but also keep at hand the great content they find
everyday on the web.”

A Pearltree is made up of Pearls. A Pearl is simply a link to web
content that a user wants to save and organize.  The content can be a
blog post, article, Tweet, picture, video or any other online media that
has a permalink/URL.

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Beware of Phishers: Part Deux – The Domain Name System Security Hole

In a prior post, I discussed computer phishers and why it is important to understand what can happen – so you can try to protect yourself. The New York Times today discussed the the patch for a web security hole in the Domain Name System (that houses basic internet addresses) "has some leaks of its own".

The article points out that the flaw will almost certainly be exploited by criminals, one example would be to "allow internet traffic to be secretly re-directed so thieves could hijack a bank’s web address and collect customer information".

So what can consumers do? Be smart – read up on phishing. The Anti-Phishing Working Group’s web page has general information on phishing and advice on how to avoid phishing scams.


Kung Fu Panda Movie – Behind the Scenes Technology…

The Silicon Valley Moms Group last week had the opportunity to celebrate the Kung Fu Panda Movie with HP. At the party, we received questions on why HP is partnering with Dreamworks Animation. To answer that question they sent me some info including their press release:

"HP has helped DreamWorks Animation create groundbreaking animation
features from Shrek to Bee Movie. For this latest project, HP
technology helped animators solve artistic challenges to bring the
story of Po the Panda to life. Audiences will see a wide variety of
deeply intricate, organic environments that only exist because of the
unprecedented power of HP workstations with multi-core processors."

Basically, HP put a bunch of computers to work with Dreamworks to create the complicated animation. The HP site also has a Kung Fu Panda craft page with that was created to "help audiences bring the Kung Fu Panda experience home", including templates to make Kung Fu Panda puppets and take out baskets.

I wanted more factoids so they sent me this Kung Fu Panda Fact Sheet (my 9 year old loves factoids):

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What Is A Tech Savvy Mom?

Yesterday I posted about the extreme of what a tech obsessed mom may look like. But the question I still can’t seem to define is: "What is a Tech Savvy Mom?"

Is she someone who knows how to use a computer to manage her family? Is she someone who can set up the family TV remote control and home wireless network? Does she do her online reading through RSS Feeds on her homepage? Or how about a mom who knows how to manage getting the digital pictures out of her camera into a form that is displayed in the house or to the family in a blog? Is she someone who has a blog and shares her voice? How about a mom that can go into Best Buy, Staples or Radio Shack and talk tech with the salespeople to find the right gadget? Is she a mom that always has a charged Bluetooth headset to use with her smartphone? Does she read her emails on her smartphone or just read her emails at all?  Or even the mom who stays in contact with family/friends around the world using Skype and Facebook?  Does she help her kids use computers for homework assignments or presentations that require it? Best yet, is the "talk" she has with her kids not only about sex & drugs – but about Internet Safety and identity protection?

So readers, please help me define the modern tech savvy mom
….My brother who lives in a different country just Google Talked me so I need to go chat with him……