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New Profile Header Design Announced By Twitter

Today Twitter announced a design enhancement that allows you to add an enhanced header to your Twitter profile (along with a background). Instead of just a small square for your information, you can add a design was increased to make room for more graphics. While the move is important for brands that have Twitter pages, it is also important for individuals to update their header as well.  The new header will also offer a richer profile page for mobile users to see on iPad, Android, and iPhones.



Of course I was lucky to have my social media buddy TheGoToMom email me before I even saw the email from Twitter this morning. We both loaded headers and gave feedback to each other on the look. I based my background on the BreakingNews twitter id that has a solid background with a subtle design.


Key things to know are:


1. Where to find information online: To load your new Twitter header image go to: Settings> Design > scroll to bottom to see customize your own header. You will need to add a header image to your Twitter profile with an optimal image size of 1252 x 626 pixels and has to be smaller then 5MB. You do have the option to toggle the image – but be careful because what you see may be different then what people with bigger screen resolutions see. It is best to load an image that does not need to be cropped in any way or if the image needs to be cropped – do that beforehand.  The images sizes for the other features are the same: Profile Photo:  73 x 73 pixels , Background image: file size no more than 800k and your bio must be 160 characters or less.


Resources: Twitter blog posts: “New Twitter profile pages: A richer way to showcase your brand and engage consumers“, “Because you have more to show” and Twitter help page.



2. Timing:  The email says you have until November to customize your header – or else a default “grey” will be used. The blog post said that you can make the change to the new header today and that while all users will be switched over soon, they will be notified first.


3. Email from Twitter with information about new profile header: Everyone should of received an email below from Twitter. If you have a high spam filter it may have gone to spam so check your email.


What do you think of the enhanced header on Twitter?



PC Mag Twitter Top 100: I Get To Be Next To Barack Obama and Bill Gates!

As I ramp up my new website (in construction) after taking a blogging break to do family stuff, it is always fun to have a surprise recognize the time I did spend to keep up the “relevance”.

Yesterday one of my favorite tweeters (@SocialMoms) shared that @TechMama was on the @PCMag ‘s Twitter Top 100 list. Yes, between @BarackObama and @Bill Gates.

Click here for the PC Mag’s complete list of top 100 on Twitter (TechMama is number 13).

(screeching sound) What?

Ok, Well the list was alphabetical order but still – how often do I get to be “seated” next to Barack Obama and Bill Gates – even if it is online?

Umm, never before this time.

Best of all there was also some great women tweeters on the list that I am also honored to be in good company with. No – not Lady Gaga although I love her music. But technology reporter and mom extraordinaire @NataliMorris and @rachelsterne  (and that is just a few of the “R”s).

People have asked me if I automate any of my tweets, which I am surprised they even ask (and I promptly say “no”). I am an information obsessed person – so when I read online articles that I think are relevant to my Twitter audience, I tweet them. Yes – the good old fashioned, non- automatic sharing of something interesting. I share things with my Twitter community like I would share information with an interesting book group. I also enjoy reading my communities’ Tweets as well.

Sharing on Twitter was (and is) something that I could keep up with no matter how busy I got with family commitments.  Twitter became a solace that was my connection to the outside world while balancing taking care of boyz world. I even find out about events from my Twitter stream before I read about it in the news or online. As soon as I turned on my computer the morning of the Japan Tsunami and Earthquake, I saw the Twitter chatter and raced to the news sites to read more.

After this post goes live I will be off to carpool to pickup my boyz, wondering what it would be like to really sit next to Bill Gates and Barack Obama. As well as feeling excited that a magazine (PC Magazine) that I have been reading for years decided to visit my Twitter stream.


A Day of WomenTech: #140Conf SF – Women Talking Tech on the Real Time Web and Huffington Post article

Yesterday I had the honor of being on a panel for one of my favorite tech conferences: @JeffPulver’s #140Conf (San Francisco). This was my second #140conf, the first was #140confNYC. Maya Bisineer @thinkmaya invited me (@techmama) to join her #140conf NYC “Innovating for our future” along with @alicewilder and Stephanie Aaronson @SAGalluch.

Our #140conf panel San Francisco was called “Women talking Tech about the Real-Time Web” with a fab panel: @techmama (moderater -thats me), Eliane Fiolet @ElianeFiolet from @ubergizmo, Elisa Camahort page @ElisaC from @BlogHer (*BlogHer also has @BlogHerSupport @BlogHerDeals and other co-founders @lisastone and @jorydj), Kristie Wells @kristiewells from @socialmediaclub and Liza Sperling @lizasperling from @scoutlabs. Even more fun was my virtual panelist Shireen Mitchell @digitalsista that tweeted from DC while we were in San Francisco!

On our Women talking tech panel we discussed the different ways we use Twitter to share our voice and interact with our communities. After the panel I was thrilled to meet an amazing tech voice from (drumroll) Twitter! Del Harvey @delbius spoke on a #140conf panel about Twitter.

As an attempt to organize a list to follow the unique womentech voices/organizations on Twitter, I created a womentech Twitter list (I hope to add lots more to that list as I just created it for the panel). Some of the amazing voices on the list that are also local to SF area are:  @jolieodell from Mashable (and another Mashable socal tweep @jbruin), @magicsaucemedia, @susanmernit,  @leahculver, @techiediva and @sairy. Some of the organizations are @anitaborg_org, @shesgeeky, @gitweet, @women2, @DevChix, @DigitalWoman, @ForbesWoman, @BlogHer, @MomBloggersClub and @WomenWhoTech.

I already have 2 techmom (techmom and techmom2) twitter lists – and growing!

My eyes are going blurry with all of the “@” Twitter names I listed on this post, but it is so hard to contain my excitement at connecting with amazing women tech on Twitter! My next step will be curate my women tech list on

After I got home from the #140conf SF, I was thrilled to see an email that informed me that I was included in a geek girls post on one of my favorite blogs: Huffington Post. Kelly Feller wrote a post called “Despite Appearances, Girls Are Geeky Too” that included my tweep Eliane Fiolet and other women tech voices including Deborah Conrad. Just the day before I was so honored to be included on the Forbes (@ForbesWoman) list of “20 Best-Branded Women on Twitter“. Both of these articles are so exciting because I have spent the last few years focusing on a brand built around moms, women and technology. An important part of my goals are reaching out to the community of tech women and moms through social media; and Twitter is one of my favorite social media platforms.

I have to say, other then building Lego’s with my boys – I can’t think of a better way to spend my day then with Twitter and WomenTech peeps.

If you want to follow any of the fabulous tweeps mentioned in this post, here are the direct links:

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RE: Twitter Who To Follow Feature – I would rather follow the real Walt Mossberg

I value using Twitter not only as a social media tool but as a way to interact real time with an engaged community.

So I end up spending lots of time each day on Twitter.

I read about the new “Who To Follow Feature” and was curious to try it. Suddenly it appeared on my Twitter screen – so I was excited to view the recommendations. Then I received a suggestion to follow the Walt Mossberg puppet twitter ID.  Being a tech snob, of course I already follow the “real” Walt Mossberg and leave puppets to shows that my kids watch. At the same time I realized that I was – of course – already following Walt Mossberg so maybe it is good to diversify with some puppet Twitter accounts. Hmm…

I see that The Bloggess was referred to a shrink but Virginia DeBolt posted on the BlogHer site that she did find some good recommendations via the Twitter “Who To Follow” feature.

I am on the fence, I currently find more value in searching my favorite tweeps’ Twitter Lists. I wonder what other Twitter users think of the new “Who To Follow” feature?

Or maybe the Walt Mosspuppet will be the new Walt Mossberg so the “Who To Follow” feature also helps identify future trends?



TwitterFreakout: Follower Counts Down To Zero – Then Restored

As the world is battling important issues such as the world financial crisis, oil spill and the recent Dow plunge – what may push social media types over the edge is what happened today: Twitter follower/following counts were set to 0.

Yes, I sent a tweet out, pushed enter then could not believe my EYES as I saw my follower count reset to 0.

After frantically searching on the Twitter support forum (which had no information) – I found the Twitter "support" Twitter ID that had updates:

1. "Following and follower counts are temporarily
unavailable. You should still receive updates. We're working to
resolve this." at around 10am.

2. The follower count reset was related to a bug they found which had
the effect of "forced" following. A few minutes after that the bug was
posted about in the Twitter status blog:

I tweeted updates to my followers so they did not need to go through the shock that I experienced. Seeing the behavior of my tweeps (and myself), this made me think of the old saying ""If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it
make a sound?

The modern equivalent of that is "If My Twitter count falls to 0, Do I exist?". This is a subject that can reflect modern society's dependence on social networking, which leads to many who now feel a connection between their "friend" or "follower" count and their self esteem.

Not that I feel that way.. Really.. OK! I DO and will feel calmer after my Twitter follower count is restored. I hope a get a few more followers out of this. If I just tweeted that, I would use the hashtag "#sadstateofaffairs. I may need to search out a Twitter follower loss support group after this.

My value add for Twitter has been connecting with an amazing community – that I ended up making many real life business connections from. I view Twitter as a place I share "whats going on" in my niche of parenting and technology and read what my followers are up to. So while I may joke about my Twitter addiction, I have seen real value from the site.♠

Conan O'Brien also shared my emotions with his tweet: "Twitter exploded
today! I guess my dream of a world where Twitter runs our stock market,
phones, and nuclear defense is still a ways off

UPDATE: A short time after I posted this, Twitter restored follower counts and all is well (I do exist again – at least for now..).  Here is my Pearltree that summed up this morning's exciting Twitter events:


What? Twitter Is Good For Classroom Use?

I have personally benefited from taking part in "live" conversations on Twitter. I view news trends on Twitter. I connect with other social media types on Twitter. I get my comic relief on Twitter. On my recent trip to Paris with the Traveling Geeks, I extended that conversation globally while I used Twitter to liveblog my trip.

But I always imagined that if I was a student, use of Twitter in the classroom would be discouraged. At the same time, I see that students are embracing social media at a frantic pace so there is a disconnect if schools don't utilize social media for learning.

Tonight I read an article on Mashable titled "How Twitter in the Classroom is Boosting Student Engagement". The article was written by Greg Ferenstein who, among other things,designs college curricula. He wrote "Fortunately, educators (including myself) have found that Twitter is an effective way to broaden participation in lecture". The post discussed that Twitter friendly classrooms could have increased participation and extend the conversation outside of the classroom. Greg Ferenstein concluded "For schools hit hard by the recession, Twitter is an inexpensive
solution to the growing problem of increasing class sizes. It is a
tried-and-true platform to let conversations flourish

I have already seen how my 11 year old uses texting to communicate with his friends and has extended their conversations outside of playdates. While there is a dangerous side to social media use by kids, which includes cyberbullying and inappropriate use of online communications, I agree that the there is great potential to increase channels of communication.

To prepare for increased use of social media by students, I hope that schools are spending time creating social media policies and making sure teachers and students get the appropriate training. Then just having some fun. I know I am..


Grammys Tech: Stephen Colbert and the Apple iPad, Imogen Heap and the “Twitdress”

First I saw many other tech journalists that had access to hands on demo’s of the Apple iPad during the press event. I was happy and content to crawl the web and do my own post about the features of the Apple iPad from that information. Even though I am a tech blogger, I was happy to wait until the Apple iPad came out to test drive it for myself at the Apple Store.

Then I saw a headline on Mashable titled “Pee Wee’s Big Apple iPad Adventure“.

What?? I was upset wondering when Pee Wee Herman became a tech journalist and why he got to use the Apple iPad before I did.

But then I watched the video, and realized it was the Pee Wee Adventure version; just a sketch.

Tonight as I was watching the Grammy’s I saw one real comedian (and one of my favorites) that had access to a real Apple iPad: Stephen Colbert from the Colbert Report used the Apple iPad while presenting. I agree with the post on the – nice product placement! I guess paper ballots will be passe in the future.

If I can’t have a hands on demo of the Apple iPad, maybe I could get my hands on that Twitter Dress (#Twitdress) that Imogen Heap wore to the Grammys. In a brillant use of engaging her community, she tweeted an email address that fans could email pictures – that then appeared on her Twitter stream.

Here is the picture Imogen Heap put on her YFrog account with the techie part of the dress.


Geek is a Global Language – But Twitter is Not (yet)

During the blogger embark on the USS Nimitz this past May, I enjoyed learning how social media is being used aboard an aircraft carrier at sea. Similarly, when I was invited to join the Traveling Geeks trip to Paris, I looked forward to experiencing social media in France first hand. Especially with – as fellow Geek Matthew Buckland referred to – a “top secret, Illuminati-type organization“. Except we were not secret about anything as we all share openly our thoughts online.


True to expectations, only moments into the first Traveling Geeks French start-ups meetings and LeWeb discussions, the similarities and differences of social media around the globe quickly came to light. Similarities were easy to see in the programming and features of application development, which quickly proved to a be a global language. As for differences, they fell primarily into three buckets  (with comedy insight provided by a Current TV video on the bottom of this post):


1. Where are the girl geeks in Paris? I know there are girl geeks in Paris; I  found a link to  my favorite Girl Geek Dinner organization in Paris. I did enjoy talking with Anne-Celine Jeanneau from Zoomorama (pictured, right) at the Paris Digital Content Companies Incubator. While fellow Traveling Geek Eliane Fiolet lives in the US now, she was born in France and is one of the most knowledgeable geeks I know! I was thrilled to see Geraldine Le Meur on the LeWeb stage, someone who ranks TOPS in my Tech Mom Twitter list.


When I visit different countries, I don’t keep track of how many women versus men I am meeting with. But I do enjoy seeing women globally communicate their strong, social media voice. In Silicon Valley, I connect with girl geeks through BlogHer, She’s Geeky, Anita Borg Institure, Women 2.0, Girl Geek Dinners and Girls in Tech (and more). While I don’t expect every area to have so many groups, I do enjoy meeting with local girl geek organizations while I am traveling and sharing ideas. Renee Blodgett and Eliane Fiolet worked hard to have diversity in the Traveling Geeks crew. Back in the US, BlogHer is researching into how women use social media: “BlogHer Team to Bring Research and Insights About How Women Use Social Media, Blogs to the White House and Republican Leadership”.


2. European Geeks Out Style Silicon Valley Geeks: While Silicon Valley geeks put on a clean tee shirt for tech conferences, European geeks take it up a notch. Here is a random geek waiting in line for LeWeb. I told him I was chronicling European Geek Chic. He looked confused but smiled for the camera. To top it off, he and many other Euro-geeks paired the geek uniform of jeans with a nice pair of (non-sneaker) shoes.


Just to keep up with the style, I put on every black and stylish piece of clothing I had. If I had time, I would of shopped from the assortment of beautiful french scarves to take my outfit up a notch. Luckily I am back home in my gym clothes, which is my preferred blogging uniform.


3. Where are the conversations? Person to Person or Twitter to Twitter?: In Silicon Valley, online social networking ID names rival business cards as a means for introduction and maintaining contact; I introduce myself as “TechMama on Twitter”. My perspective is that Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are required applications
for global business interaction, especially for those
wanting to do business in the US. These applications are becoming the center of the conversation, with complimentary applications being built around them.

Continue reading


Traveling Geeks 09 Paris: Microblog via Twitter

My platform of choice during the Traveling Geeks 09 trip to Paris was first Twitter to microblog, then loading the microblog items to a blog post (my blogging platform is Typepad). Twitter is an application that allows people to share what they are doing at the moment in 140 characters or less. My niche on Twitter is to share parenting and technology updates, so this information would fit within my framework.  At LeWeb I learned about Seesmic so I hope to try that out as an interface for my next microblogging adventure. I will also be experimenting with using the BlackBerry app for Whrrl to capture “stories” on the run.


I purchased an AT&T 200 MB International data plan for my BlackBerry Bold in preparation for microblogging in Paris, using my own daily calculations to make sure I would not go over (which is very expensive). All of this preparation would allow me to enjoy the tour, capturing the key moments while not taking too much time away to prepare blog posts until I returned home. Although microblogging does now allow in-depth analysis, it does capture the key points.


The International Data plan also helped me keep my smartphone email and social media app. addiction satisfied during my trip to Paris. The thought of a smartphone without a data plan was too much to handle.


Here is my Twitter Stream from the  #TG09 Traveling Geeks 09 trip to Paris. Each tweet is from my Twitter stream unless it has a “RT” or retweet in front of it. I took out my Twitter ID (TechMama) and hashtags after the first few to make it easier to read. 



As I said in my post about global “geek” language, we had a dream team of geeks on the trip: Renee Blodgett, Matthew Buckland, Amanda Coolong, Kim-Mai Cutler, Olivier Ezratty, Eliane Fiolet, Tom Foremski, Phil Jeudy, Frederic LardinoisRobert Scoble , Sky Schuyler, Rodrigo Sepulveda Schulz, David Spark, Ewan Spence, Jerome Tranié, and Robin Wauters. For full coverage of the Traveling Geeks Paris Tour 09 click over to the website. To follow the Traveling Geeks, there is a Facebook page and a Twitter list.  there is a I would have included more of the social banter that went on between the geeks, but I did not think it could be easily translated into 140 characters:

If we were not taking pictures, video, blogging, podcasting, microblogging, then we were talking about the gadgets we use to do that. If we were not talking about gadgets, then we were talking about the businesses or social media. We did all of this while walking all over the beautiful streets of Paris, at meetings or meet-ups, or running to and from the Paris Metro. But it was on the Paris Metro – that an stylish elderly French woman helped us understand that at times our laughing or conversation got too loud; she turned around to me on the Metro and said “Shhhhh” (international language for BE QUIET!).


techmama‘s Traveling Geeks Paris Tour 09 Twitter stream:

  1. techmama Shout out to #TG09 co-orgs: Eiane Fiolet f/ @ubergizmo, Renee Blodgett @magicsaucemedia & Phil Jeudy – Sky & for IT
  2.  techmama @kimmaicutler and @techmama along with the other TravelingGeeks at #TG09Paris 1st night dinner,we had a fun trip on metro to get to dinner
  3. techmama Learning about – seemless international calling. Wished I would of signed up before I left.. #TG09 Paris
  4.  #TG09 kick off diner with The traveling geeks @magicsauce @fredericl @robinwauters @kimmaicutler @tomforemski @acoolong @techmama (and @olivez @ubergizmo @dspark @ewan and @jimsky7) 
  5. techmama Les Traveling Geeks Goes to Paris Mashcast video is now LIVE @TravelingGeeks
  6. techmama Amazed-great reception my AT&T 3G on BlackBerry Bold in Paris, #Twitter & #Facebook also quick response.Next step is testing WiFi on netbook
  7. RT @pearltrees Some @travelinggeeks in Pearltrees right now #tg09 #leweb #pearltrees
  8. Learning about @pearltrees – Allows you to organize your fav content on web & get connected to people who share interests #TG09
  9. @PearlTrees interface allows you to manipulate and move your content, can create Pearls from Tweets & Tweets from Pearls #TG09
  10. @PearlTrees can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, email, embed (incl.your blog) and every PearlTree has their own URL #TG09
  11. Looking at @PearlTrees screencast  #TG09  
  12. Looking at the @Travelinggeeks #TG09 Flickr pictures #fb 
  13. Visiting Silicon Sentier, a cluster of 150 small & middle IT companies in Paris or nearby #TG09
  14. At Silicon Sentier #TG09 -Learning about MXP4, interactive listening, remix & personal playback site.
  15. Meeting at La Canteen w/ Invest in France Agency & Cap Digital, @soufron from introduced the event #TG09
  16. Invest in France Agency & Cap Digital event #TG09 – Learning about Time article;
  17.  RT @soufron @techmama have also a look at Cap Digital, the mothership of them all :
  18. Cap Digital event #TG09 Built matrix based on psychologist model -music and mode parameters used to link songs.
  19. Cap Digital Event #TG09 Listening about CiTu , CiTu is dedicated to research in emerging media fields.
  20.  Cap Digital Event #TG09 CiTu, mentioning
  21. Paris – Hearing from BearTech
  22. Paris Learning about Feedbooks Buy, Borrow (from library), Subscribe, Sample or Download books.
  23. @robinwauters Agreed, why is it that my Flickr pictures are uploading faster here in Paris then at my house in California?
  24.  Paris – Learning about XWiki  
  25. Paris – Learning about af83
  26. At Orange Labs, They have home wireless gadgets, TV subscription service, playback and website.
  27. #TG09 Orange Labs websites: 61 million unique visitors worldwide, partners with newpapers and Wikipdia ( @orangewikipedia ) 
  28. Orange Labs has a search engine website: Search text, video and audio.
    Mixes news and content on same subject but dif. languages
  29. @johnlpainter yes, lots of video and pictures on the website
  30. Website for Orange Labs Search (live soon)
  31. Orange Labs has moblie apps, agregates moblie access to favorite social media and feeds, incl Twitter picture MMS feature
  32. Presen. by Cedexis ,which provides collective intelligence platform
    that enables next gen traffic management strategies (no site yet)
  33. Hearing about Cedexis Radar (crowd based perf. monitoring)- compares mult. data centers, delivery networks, and cloud providers
  34. Hearing about Cedexis Open Mix-Cloud-based Global Traffic Management
    Platform(enables dynamic decisions based on real-time data feeds)
  35. Paris @juliencoulon (Co-Founder) gave presentation on Cedexis, site will be up soon
  36. Talking with @jxo – who advises and mentors entrepreneurs (has international clients).
  37. At Paris Innovation Reunion, The Paris Digital Content Companies Incubator hosts 100 startups 
  38. #TG09 Paris Innovation Reunion discussing reasons2choose Paris: market in heart of Europe, quality of life, wired city….
  39. #TG09 Paris Innovation Reunion: Hearing from Int13 – next gen mobile games
  40. @Scobleizer just explained to the incubator group that they all need to be on Twitter.  @Scobleizer “World-brand-building “)
  41. Paris Innovation Reunion – CityZeum travel info for web and mobile http://www.cityzeum attracted 7 million travelers this year  
  42. Paris Innovation Reunion- Scan and Target solution for real time text mining for web and mobile contents
  43. Paris Innovation Reunion- Rue89: Pure player news website (produce news in collaboration with news and experts)   
  44.  Paris Innovation Reunion – Gostai produces universal robotics software platform 
  45. Paris Innovation Reunion- Zoomorama is a solution for zoomable images (a international team of developers)   
  46. Paris Innovation Reunion- Stribe: Plug and play service to instantly create a social network on any website
  47. Paris Innovation Reunion – Path Motion developed a career planning and job search tool
  48. Paris Innovation Reunion -Website to find tutors & -online toolkit for live teaching 
  49. Paris Innovation Reunion – MLstate code to build web applications  
  50. Paris Innovation Reunion: Stupeflix – turns your pictures, videos, & text into professional videos. 
  51. at Just arrived to #LeWeb, discussion about enabling more people to use technology
  52. Microsoft Bizspark provides tools for startups, discussing having one application that goes to many platforms incl. moblie Theme of #LeWeb is Real Time Web – Real time feeds for visual (photos, video) and social apps like Twitter  
  53. Microsoft BizSpark initiative has 1000 partners, business relationships w/ Twitter, Facebook and MySpace 
  54. Discussing iPhone app for LeWeb, probably picking up this tweet b/c I used #LeWeb hashtag, integegrates Ustream and Facebook
  55. @TravelingGeeks are meeting with @RichardatDell at #LeWeb   
  56. In Aug 2006 @RichardatDell was given role to monitor and engage social media #TG09
  57. Dell actively monitors social media to listen and engage with customers, customer input is worked into customer design and support  
  58. @RichardatDell explaining Dell social media channels include Twitter, blogs, Facebook pages
  59. @ConfFar #LeWeb is in Paris, attendees are from all over the world
  60. Two other Dell Twitter IDs are @Dellservergeek and @mdomsch to provide tech server info
  61. Dell sales (current data) f/ various Twitter outlets globally is 6.5 million
  62. Dell connects to 3.5 million customers across social media outlets
  63. Good Dell Twitter ID to follow for families is @edu4u
  64. Retweet @kristiewells Two years ago, there was only one Twitter app — today, there are over 50k. #leweb
  65. RT MySpace opening up their real-time ‘stream’ as well. Let the data flow… #leweb
  66. (RT )kristiewells  MySpace opening 3 APIs: (1) search for people, images/videos, (2) public access to user activity stream/profile, (3) commenting #leweb
  67. (RT)MagicSauceMedia
    #tg09 #leweb Hanging out at Microsoft BizSpark lounge at LeWeb; the traveling geeks are blogging up a storm…
  68. Taking a look at
  69. @AnswersDotCom has Twitter ID and other social media outlets  
  70. Talking w/ @clubcooee 3D messanger client with chatrooms ,social media & social sharing #Microsoft BizSpark
  71. Taking with @tobiaspeggs about @oneriot Real time search engine #Microsoft BizSpark 
  72. Other #Microsoft BizSpark co. at #LeWeb : Huddle (online collaboration platform)
  73. Other #Microsoft BizSpark co. at #LeWeb : Xobni for people to manage, organize, and search e-mail   
  74. Enjoying my time at #LeWeb with Traveling Geeks
  75. #TG09 Reading @robinwauters @TechCrunch post on Twitter at #LeWeb 50,000 regist.apps2date-been built using Twitter APIs
  76. At #LeWeb party at Hotel De Ville, Paris
  77. #leweb Watched Tony Hsieh discuss @zappos culture of happiness, advice “don’t chase money – chase vision” # 
  78. #TG09 @loic & Geraldine Le Meur 2nd day of #leweb @leweb Great learn about European&global web trends
  79. #TG09 #leweb @chrisbrogan:“put human face on business & how the web is going to do that -by building
    Trust Agents
  80. Created pearltree: TravelingGeeks – check it out here: (will be adding another Traveling Geeks Pearltree for more)
  81. Posted about @QueenRania ‘s #leweb talk about social media and activism:
  82. Finished at #LeWeb heading out to our last night out in Paris. We are all going to finish putting up posts
  83. RT @jowyang Slides: Three ways companies can develop strategies to respond to real-time way.
  84. RT @olivez My main stage photo gear @ #leweb is 70-200mm 2.8 with x2 extender on a Canon EOS 5D II. 1500 pics so far today. It rocks. #tg09.  
  85. RT @dspark My summary of the entire show. “The cool and not-so-cool from #LeWeb #tg09  
  86. Enjoyed Paris and #LeWeb, getting ready to go back to California.
  87. Flying back f/ Paris,Checked International Data plan f/4 days in Paris on my
    BlackBerry emailing & Twittering: Plan is 200MB,I used 153MB


Olivier Ezratty




This post is written by Beth Blecherman of Reproduction of this article with permission only. This was a sponsored trip organized by the Traveling Geeks. Disclosure policy can be found on the Traveling Geeks website. Bitly short URL for this post: