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Nukotoys Monsterology And Animal Planet Wildlands – Trading Games Now at Stores

When I accepted a consulting project with Nukotoys on the Parents@Play board, I did not realize that it would make me feel like a kid again. My favorite games as a child were strategy games. Now as an parent looking for apps for my 9 year old twin boys (and their tween brother), I jump at the chance to find apps that entertain and have the strategy that engaged me as a kid.



Enter the Nukotoys Monsterology Game (for 7 years old +)  based off the of the Ology World book series that includes Dragonology, Egyptology, Wizardology, Pirateology. My 9 year old twins happen to have many of those books and are fascinated by the myth meets multi-sensory experience that is a chess meets mythical characters game.  The Nukotoys Monsterology game is an app that brings the book to life with fantastic graphics, an original musical score, pop-up elements, 3-D mythical monster characters and storylines wrapped up in a strategy game that big and little kids alike will be engaged with. The newest twist are Nukotoys Monsterology trading cards that when swiped using the app (currently for iPad/iPod but more versions to come) – the Monsters jump into the game.


We enjoyed playing the beta Monsterology game during my time on the Parents@Play Board – so I can’t wait to load the newest version of Monsterology (for 7+,  iOS5 or later) and try Animal Planet (for 3 years old + , iOS5 or later) now that  Nukotoys “ launched Animal Planet Wildlands and Monsterology NUKO™ in Apple Stores, Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us!”  .  We also received a brief demo of the Animal Planet game and was impressed with the graphics and interaction.


Here are some fun specs:


Nukotoys Monsterolgy  Features **From press release:

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