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Super Bowl Ads Go 3D

I was at Safeway the other day when they asked if I wanted some 3D glasses for the Super Bowl.

At first I said "Whaaaaattt?" 3D glasses for the Super Bowl?

The cashier said "yes" and gave me a bunch.

Later I found out that Intel and DreamWorks took 3D Graphics to the Super Bowl (as reported by CNET News – CLICK HERE to read the details). The technology is called "InTru3D". Here is information on the movie coming out this March that will utilize this technology:

"March 27, 2009 marks the next leap forward in animation history, when
audiences can take a seat and be immersed into the future of animation
with DreamWorks Animation’s "Monsters vs. Aliens", the first-ever
feature film using InTru 3D technology."

Here is the YouTube promo for the commercial to get a taste:

The NBC show "Chuck" (one of my favorites since I happen to like geeks) and some other commericals will be in 3D. All Things Digital summarized all of the fun ads that will appear this Super Bowl in their post: "Super Bowl Ads Web 2.0 Roundup: Watch, Tweet and Widget".

Back to the game, I need to get my glasses ready for the first 3D experience…


CNET NEWS "The tech that makes the Super Bowl super."  and a list of their other tech Super Bowl posts

Even HULU had an ad on the Super Bowl (via TechCrunch). The TechCrunch post also mentioned some of the other interesting tech related ads, including the talking baby E-trade ad and a trailer for Transformers 2. 

GoDaddy on the other hand, is getting some negative twitters about their Super Bowl ads


CBS News with Katie Couric on Twitter!

While I get updates on Hurricane Ike from CNN, I like to get news updates from CBS. I have especially been following the CBS News With Katie Couric’s series called "Where We Stand" to help get information about the election.  Here is my tweet from CBS News on Sep. 11:

"Obama And McCain On How To End The War:…

The news story is called "Obama And McCain On How To End The War". It is this one sentence that confirmed yet again why I am a firm Obama supporter:

"My first day in office, I will bring the Joint Chiefs of Staff in and
I will give them a new mission," Barack Obama said in July. "That is to
end this war.


CNN Rick Sanchez Live Tweets Hurricane Ike

Yesterday I was reveling in my quiet time at home while the kids were at school, trying to get some work done.. I put in a few good hours then decided to take my tweet break and see what my Twitter buddies were up to. Little did I realize my new Twitter buddy, Rick Sanchez from CNN, was live tweeting Hurricane Ike from Morgan Point Texas. Here is the tweet I received:

RICK SANCHEZ: "going on the air in just 14 minutes, in morgan’s point.  think i may be right in it. 
bay already up ten feet.


So I turned on the TV, wanting to see if it was for real and to see how people are doing in Texas (I have friends there).  And what do you know – there was Rick – holding onto his hat and checking Twitter from his computer. From his report, people were prepared and holding up fine.


My next tweet back to him was:

TECHMAMA: "What laptop are you using that you can have it out in the rainy, windy weather while you are covering the hurricane?


Seriously, I could use that type of laptop so I could do some work while my three boys are playing on the front lawn, which many times feels like a Hurricane!

Kinda fun getting news updates on Twitter (or Facebook for the matter)..


I Just Twittered and Facebooked CNN About Hurricane Gustav

I happened to turn on CNN to get an updated on Hurricane Gustav, and what do you know – the reporter Rick Sanchez was utilizing online social networking during the newscast. He displayed the Twitter conversations and discussed using Facebook, saying "that he was utilizing the social networking thing".

So I decided to join him in the social networking thing by twittering him to see if he was really accepting new tweets. Let’s see if I am added to his list…. While I was waiting I shared tweets with my other mom blogger buddies sharing concern about those in the path of the Hurricane.

I already had a great experience social networking with Katie Couric and CBS Interactive (which led to a LIVE meeting). I also checked CBS news about Hurricane Gustav as found their interactive storm tracker.

Using online social networking is not only a way for busy parents to connect with friends, but it now seems it is a way to keep up to date on news items…

Update 9:20pm.. I was just confirmed by Rick Sanchez on Facebook.. So yes – it is for real!

Here is a link to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which shows the government information on this and any other hurricanes..


I Am Getting My DNC Coverage From MOMocrats!

My husband is in the other room watching the DNC while I read the posts on Momocrats. This is an exciting step for moms and online political influence – they have an official blogger pass to the convention floor and have been spread out covering different events.

Here is their link to:

If you are into podcasts, don’t miss out on Momocrats podcasts on BlogTalkRadio.