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Tips To Find A Gift That Lasts


I look at holiday gifting not only as a time for fun gifts but also to invest in practical gifts that can be enjoyed past the holidays. On my top holiday shopping tips is to look at the full list of what you, your family and loved ones need and make sure to include those in gift lists as well.


For example, woodworking equipment to work on family DIY projects? How about new cooking appliances for family cooking projects? What self improvement do you and your family want to accomplish over the year?  Or does someone on your gift list want to find ways to read more, so maybe a Kindle would be a gift of reading?  One thing I hear from many people is that they need an upgrade mobile device, a great holiday fit is a new tablet or laptop (especially with all of the holiday deals!). Most of all, don’t forget to include charity in gift giving. We ask our kids to help identify charities that they want to “gift” such as Toys For Tots and many others.


Health and wellness are tops on the priority list not just for our family but also many of our loved ones. So we also look into that category for gifts. One gift idea is buying your family a membership to a local health club as a way to gift fitness throughout the year. Or how about gifting sports related items for loved ones who wants to take up a new sport (for example, new running sneakers)? We are also looking giving our kids a membership to the local climbing gym as a fun family activity that also involves fitness. A mom friend of mine wants to do yoga but does not have the time to attend classes, so an at-home yoga program would be a great holiday gift for her.


Dental health is a gift that lasts because smiles are so priceless. I am looking into a new electronic toothbrush for my husband who wants a quick and effective way to brush in the morning. We are also looking into smart toothbrushes for our kids so they can grade their own brushing (leaving mom and dad out of it!). They like anything that connects to apps so smart toothbrushes could make brushing more fun for them.  My younger son has seen my older son wearing Teen Invisalign and wants them when he is ready for them. He said it would be a gift not to wear painful metal braces!


What other holiday gifts do you know of that can last throughout the year?


Disclosure: I am a member of the Invisalign Teen Mom Advisory Board. My teen has received complimentary treatment from Align, but all opinions expressed are my own. Here is information on the Invisalign smile assessment, treatment process and how to find a Doctor.




New Tech Product: Striiv Portable Fitness Device – Rewards Thru Everday Exercise

Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk with the team and see a demo over at Striiv, a new Silicon Valley Start-Up that developed a portable fitness device for the “rest of us” (Please check out my post at Cool Mom Tech for more details).

What does “rest of us” mean?

There are already great devices for runners but how about the “rest of us” that count running in and out of the grocery store or up and down the steps to their office as their only exercise? Striiv is a device small enough to hang on your keychain but is filled with big features that everyone can use to fit in more exercise into their daily routine.

The device follows your movement (including steps,  cadence and more) assigning points to track personal goals, unlock rewards, progess steps in a gaming environment and best yet contribute to charity in what is considered a “walk-a-thon” in your pocket. Future features inlcude big plans for social.

The age range is from kids to adults, so the whole family can use the device. I will be testing a Striiv device very soon and can’t wait to share more details. For now, here is the press release for today’s announcement.

Press Release:

 Silicon Valley Start-Up Unveils Product that Motivates and Rewards Exercise through Games, Challenges and Donations

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Even TechMama’s Need To Exercise (Says their son!)

After months of non-stop a-working and then a busy but fun BlogHer conference in New York last week, I decided it was time to get back on the exercise bandwagon. As I begun writing my BlogHer post (still in the works), I realized how fun it was to see everyone – but how tired I was. The reason was not as much related to my busy schedule as it was because my lack of endurance (due to lack of exercise).

So – to get my endurance back – I am making a commitment (for reals) to get in shape. Writing this post is a way of solidifying that commitment, as I am sure my peeps will be asking me how it is going and I don’t want to say that I have not got off the couch yet.

I even told my son about my commitment to get back into shape and he has taken on jogging with me to (as he said) “make sure I get a good workout”.

Day 1:

Today we took a jog. My body hurt… I was out of breath.. I got yelled at: my son TechBoy – who is 11 going on 18 – yelled at me if I stopped.

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