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CES2013: Whirlpool Kitchen of the Future Concepts

On my last post I discussed how our family kitchen is the activity hub of our house. So of course one of the top tech categories I planned to look into at CES 2013 (Consumer Electronics Show) was new kitchen concepts. Now that I am here are CES, I was excited to find some fantastic new kitchen concepts that will not only simplify, add more style, save energy, add new options to listen to music but also change the process of buying and storing food in the home.


While at the Whirlpool CES Booth, I had the opportunity to learn about exciting new concepts. The first is something I would call “Fireplace 2.0! The Whirlpool website explained that “The Fireplace concept which seeks to center people around a new central heart of the home with a common area for relaxing and sharing real experiences around food and fire“. I find this concept the most fascinating of all because it takes the experience of socializing around a fireplace or campfire to the kitchen table. The surface could keep food warm or cold, as well as an air circulation system in the hood. Because the kitchen table is the one place many families gather each day, adding new features to it adds value to home design and enhances family time. The new technology would also enable new social eating experiences, such as fondue to smores, right from your kitchen table.


Here is a picture of the Whirlpool “Fireplace” Concept.



Kimberley Clayton Blaine  (TheGoToMom) and I could already see how the fun it would be to socialize around the Fireplace concept table.




I had the opportunity to join in Fireside chats in the Fireplace concept area of the Whirlpool booth with other social media moms and Tanu Grewal, Senior Brand Manager from Whirlpool. We were all so comfortable, we did not want to leave even after the chat was over!




When I saw the Fresh Connect from Whirlpool section of the CES2013 Whirlpool booth, I realized it could not only help families keep food fresher but also change food storage as a whole. What if you could have separate units to store food, each paired with other food that requires the same temperatures (no more frozen lettuce)? We can already order food from our mobile devices, but what if we had a system at home that let us order food that would be delivered in bags that would keep it fresh until we got home? The Fresh Connect concept would help create “a seamless shopping experience from the palm of your hand to the foot of your door.. and streamlined access to a select network of food suppliers“.


Here is picture of the Whirlpool Fresh Connect concept flow:



Food is not only organized by the temperature needs, but also in a modern style that could take food storage out of the kitchen into any room in the house. My sons would love to have food storage of their snacks in the family room!


This concept could also create spaces to grow herbs from inside the house. This would enable us to finally grow herbs without the little critters that live outside from eating it!



Containers would store fruit in a temperature that would let it ripen but keep it fresh. This concept would enable me to buy more fruit without worrying about it going bad (and my boys eat lots of fruit!).




Apps could be used from any mobile device to order and manage the food in your house. This would enable a process for me to schedule food delivery and plan meals.





Another concept that enables families to manage their home from anywhere is the Whirlpool® Appliances with 6th Sense Live™ technology. Families can manage things such as “refrigerator temperature, locking your dishwasher control console, knowing when your cycle is done and managing energy costs“. When my kids leave the refrigerator door open (like they do daily), I will get an alert even if I am not at home. This would enable a future where I don’t have to worry about coming into my kitchen and noticing that the freezer door is open and ice cream is now in liquid form!  And  I would be able to save energy costs by using the mobile app to run the appliances during off peak times even if I was not at home. The Whirlpool CES press info explained “by connecting to the Smart Grid used by select utility companies, these appliances optimize energy usage and track how much energy is being used.”






Anyone looking to create add beautiful art and modern, streamlined style to their kitchen will want to take a look at the Whirlpool Art Gallery Collection (stove) Hoods. There is a selection of 12 hood panels with original graphics themes that are easy to install. I especially appreciate incorporating art into appliances because I have a small kitchen.




My favorite design:




Another new concept that helps streamline kitchens by adding new features to appliances is the CoolVox refrigerator concept. Now, families can stream music or podcasts through the refrigerator directly from a Bluetooth-enabled device, so this means I could even listen to recipe podcasts while cooking.  Or my 10 year old son who loves to cook can rock out to his favorite tunes. When we are entertaining and everyone ends up in the kitchen as usual, at least we can play some music to enhance the event.




What do you see in the kitchen of the future? I see new features and appliances that will help me save time, simplify household processes and have more flexibility around how I manage my home. I can also see a future where mufti-function appliances allow me to save space,  add style to my kitchen and create new social environments to enjoy my family time.


Learn more about Whirlpool #2020 at their Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook  and Pinterest pages.



Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. My words are my own.




BlogHer ’12: How To Prepare And What to Wear


BlogHer’s 8th annual conference will be held in New York City on August 2-4, 2012 and for the sixth consecutive year I am heading out to join in the fun, connect with my fellow bloggers and hear about the latest blogging & social media tips, tricks, trends and strategies. As I shared in a recent post about what people learned from previous BlogHer conferences: “Because blogging is an isolating activity – BlogHer also invigorates me by connecting with the amazing network of “BlogHers”!


I will be speaking this year (i.e. getting my geek on) at the BlogHer 12 Geek Bar.
Check out the schedule and make sure to sign up for some great sessions. I am leading the discussion titled, “ Managing Social Media Via Mobile: Android OSMaximize your mobile device to get the most of social media! Learn best practices, top apps, and security precautions you need for Android”. ANDROID OS users – PLEASE SHARE your favorite ways to use social media on your Android device by commenting on this post. I also look forward to hearing tips from others at the conference.


Because I’m a BlogHer veteran, here are my tips for how to prepare and what to wear to BlogHer 12 – NYC version!


STEP 1 – “The Schedule”:  The first step is to confirm all of your travel arrangements including hotel and transportation. Many of us made plans months ago (especially those of us traveling to New York City). Five weeks before BlogHer, I always like to circle back and confirm my travel arrangements. One year, I realized that I had made an airplane “reservation” but not purchased the tickets (luckily I still was within the month before so I made a new plane reservation).


The next step is review the BlogHer12 agenda and start putting together your schedule. Check out the official BlogHer ’12 party plan and update your schedule with some nighttime fun. It is important to make sure you plan time to visit the BlogHer Expo to see the exhibits and interact with the sponsors. Those who want to start early can attend the BlogHer Evening at the Expo Hall event the night before the conference. If you are new to BlogHer, there are official parties every night that offer additional opportunities to network. Those who have been to BlogHer before may attend one of many other social events that go on around BlogHer as well. But my key piece of advice is to network as much as is comfortable – but not overdo it.  Don’t pay attention to all the crazy plans that everyone else is setting up – create a schedule that works for you and allows you to connect with the bloggers most important to you. Also make sure to reach your hand out and introduce yourself to people you don’t know and make new connections.



Step 2 – Take Your Schedule Mobile: To prepare for the busy conference schedule, make sure your personal schedule is not only organized but also on your mobile device via an online calendar or mobile app. One important mobile app to download is the official BlogHer12 mobile app that is available via iTunes for iPhones or the BlogHer12 app for Android phones on Google Play. The CrowdCompass page will also have other mobile apps that are available for BlogHer12. For those with Windows Phones, The Windows Marketplace also has great mobile apps for networking.


I also like to have “backup” paper printouts of my schedule just in case my battery runs out (but some prefer not to use paper). On the topic of batteries – I suggest everyone bring a mobile battery charger because batteries can run out and you will not have time to charge during the day. I will do another post on battery chargers – but I am always happy to help people find one that works for them. The key is not to buy the cheapest – but buy the one that really works. While there are budget friendly mobile device battery chargers that work well, the key is to test it before you leave for the conference and keep the packaging/receipts just in case it does not meet your needs.



Step 3 – Prepare Your Networking Materials: With all the technology available to share contact information, I still prefer good old fashioned business cards. Therefore, my next tip is to make sure you schedule time to print business cards before you leave for BlogHer. I usually print around 500 to have enough for passing out to old and new friends and at the BlogHer Expo hall. Some of my colleagues prefer to print even more. At past conferences I have seen bloggers use creative ways to share their own professional brand by giving away branded screen cleaners, business card holders, bags, bracelets and tee shirts. I have also seen creative business cards that fold and have headshots printed on them. When preparing materials for BlogHer, it is important to comply with the guidelines for sponsored bloggers.


But there are also technology options that can enhance the sharing of contact information. For example, if you print a QR code on your business card then those with QR code readers can scan it to load your contact information. Or even have your QR image on your mobile device to share. Many mobile apps (even SMS applications) share contact information, but when sharing contacts via mobile devices it is also important to consider the security implications. I will cover some of my recommendations in another post  and please do share your favorite contact sharing mobile apps if you have some recommendations.



 StI'll be wearing cute shoes to BlogHer '12ep 4 – What to Wear: When attending a conference one of the key questions is what to wear. For social media conferences, all outfits should be camera appropriate for all the pictures and instant uploading that takes place. Personally, I also focus on comfort for my feet to survive all the walking of long days in big conference halls.
I’ll admit it… I love wearing heels. I’m always on the hunt for comfortable, stylish shoes and went through years of trying different brands of shoes with heels. I have even tried to find comfortable flats and stylish sneakers. While sneakers are of course the most comfortable, I did not want to give up on my search for the perfect pair of heels. Luckily, several years ago I bought my first pair of Sofft shoes and they passed many years of walking miles at the Consumer Electronics Show. After I had already decided that Sofft shoes were my comfortable and stylish shoe of choice and filled my closet up with different pairs, I did get the opportunity to review some of their new 2012 Spring Summer shoes (disclosure – I received shoes as part of that review, but all of my words are my own). I had already been a Sofft Shoe customer for years before the review opportunity.


Here are 5 of the 7 pairs of Sofft Shoes I have purchased over the years…



My clothing strategy is to plan something comfortable for the day, that can withstand the heat of New York City in the summer -but also has layering to adjust to air conditioning indoors. Sometimes I will bring a dressy top to change into if I don’t have time to switch clothes before the night events. I also bring some dresses to change into for those nights I feel like taking it up a notch. I try to choose outfits that fit within my personal style, but also feel comfortable when I am sitting on the floor at sold out conference sessions. I have also learned that just because I love silver sequin tank tops together with a jacket does not mean that it photographs well on me (sequins can accentuate a twin mom’s tummy). I realized that for my shape I like to have solid black or jewel tones, throwing in accent pieces with patterns that works for photographs. I also like to layer with either a shirt, wrap, sweater, jacket. Lately I have been obsessing over the look of women’s tailored jackets over tee shirts as a great way to have outfits with clean lines.




Step 5 – At the conference, have an open mind to learn, network, have fun and meet new people: Go to BlogHer 12 with an the goal of learning, networking and having fun. Set a goal to not only connect with old social media friends but also meet new ones. Introduce yourself to the person sitting next to you. Check the pictures of some of the social media BlogHers you read about online but have not yet met and introduce yourself. Take the time to meet new people and ask them about their site and interests. At the same time, try to catch up with your existing social media friends because social networking is not complete without the “live” connection.


I look forward to connecting “live” at BlogHer!










Stylish AND Comfortable Shoes Do Exist – They Are Named Sofft Shoes

Sofft ShoesMy hunt for stylish and comfortable shoes started when I realized that my social media entrepreneur career required me to attend numerous conferences each year. I had not worked in an office since I was at Deloitte many years before, so my wardrobe needed to be updated. I searched from one shoe store to another desperately trying to find comfortable yet stylish shoes. Finally at Nordstrom I saw Sofft shoes for the first time, then bought them immediately because they looked great and seemed comfortable. When I started wearing my first pair of Sofft shoes to different family and work events, I always recieved compliments on how stylish the shoes were but was delighted that they were also comfortable. I even surpised my friends by running after my boys – in heels!


That started my obsession with Sofft shoes as my go-to “can wear all day” shoes that have the perfect mix of style and comfort. I bought just a few more Sofft shoes to add to my collection over time.


I took the comfort test to the limit by wearing Sofft shoes at the multi-showroom floors of the Consumer Electronics Show and recieved many compliments from people who saw me at the conference. At Mom 2.0 Summit in New Orleans last year, I wore my Sofft Shoe heels from the French Quarter many blocks back to the hotel. My social media buddies that were walking back with me were all either wearing flats or sneakers – and in total shock that I could comfortably walk that far in heels.


My “comfortable and stylish heels” a.k.a Sofft shoes became well known with all of my social media buddies, who always asked me who made those shoes. We all know that elated feeling when you can check one thing permantely off your busy “mom list” (i.e. find comfortable and stylish shoes). I could make it through any event without taking my shoes off in pain (like before). I consider myself a technologist and not a fashionista, so finding my own style took some time.. But it was worth it! Now I just need to find a pair of jeans that stretch in all the right places without giving a peep show when I bend down to play with my kids or pick something up from the floor.


I decided to reach out to Sofft Shoes to tell them my story a.nd they enjoyed hearing about it. Sometime later Sofft shoes decided to surprise me with some spring/summer collection shoes to review right before my son’s Bar Mitzvah (the timing was great for me)! My closet already had over 9 pairs that I had purchased myself – but mostly in black, grey and metallic. I decided it was time that to move out of my comfort zone and try shoes in spring/summer colors.  After the shoes arrived  I wondered WHAT HAVE I BEEN  MISSING!  I now tell my friends, once you try colorful shoes – you never go back! I also say “once you try Sofft shoes – you never go back”.
As a blogger, my goal of every post is giving my authentic opinion on events or products – so I try not to gush too much about any one product.  Because I was a Sofft customer who had purchased many shoes before I started a relationship with the brand – I can honestly gush that their shoes are an essential part of my wardrobe.  As a busy mom, I don’t have much time to make wardrobe decisions when getting dressed. So having the Sofft shoes in my closet has also saved me time and allows me to go from professional, to baseball games (in heels that allow me to run across a baseball field).


Below are some pictures of the (angel music playing in background) box of shoes I received from Sofft shoes for review.


Sofft Shoes

Spring/Summer Sofft Shoe selections, including St Malo Sand color on far right.


Sofft Shoes

Above:  Odelle Sofft shoes in Ink Blue.


Sofft Shoes

Above: St Larouse in Coral color.



Sofft Shoes

The Sofft Gironne in Black Patent (above) has a sleek look for dresses, but could also be great with casual skirts or pants.



Sofft Shoes

The St. Malo (above) comes in black which goes with everything, but so does the sand color I am wearing above. It has a nice airy front with a bow to add a fun and flirty look.



Sofft Shoes

The St Larouse in Coral color (above) is that pop of color that will liven up any outfit. I am so happy I ventured from having all black shoes into appreciating how fun adding bright colors can be.



Sofft Shoes

The Sofft Odelle in Ink Blue (above) has that cork wedge so popular with spring/summer, flowers to soften up the look and a bright color that stands out.



Photos by Babyjidesign.


Disclosure: I have been a dedicated customer of Sofft shoes for years (my closet is filled with shoes I bought from their collections ). The spring/summer collection shown on this post were samples I recieved were for review purporses. My words are my own.


Building Your Fashion+Tech Professional Brand Online

Tonight I am thrilled to be speaking at the FASHION+TECHSF Presents: Mentors & Apprentices event in San Francisco about social media branding. My fellow speakers are NEELU JAIN (Founder of Soulstice & Allergy Haven and Strategic Consultant for Grow Think & Madera Group), JOANNA RILEY WEIDENMILLER (CEO/Founder of The One Page Company  & Partner of 360 Fashion Network ) and LILI BALFOUR ( Founder of Atelier Advisors). Moderators are  OWEN GERONIMO  (San Francisco Fashion And Merchants Alliance, Inc. San Francisco Fashion Week ™CEO/FOUNDER) and  BRAD CARRICK  CEO of Solz Shoes. The event was at the San Francisco location of the FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

Because there is a “fashion” focus to this event (a topic I enjoy discussing), I decided to take a look at some social media branding resources relevant for those in fashion and design careers (both of which have many aspects of technology).


My advice to a student in fashion/design looking for work after they graduate (or someone changing careers) is to create an online brand for themselves. This “brand” should be focused on the professional niche related to your career goals.



Step1: Create Your Online Brand


Building a professional brand means that you need to define what that brand is then translate that online. Forbes wrote an article titled “The First Step To Building Your Personal Brand” which covers many of the main branding points.   In general, I suggest to build an online brand you need to:  define your “professional”  brand, setup your brand online, define and connect with other relevant brands/communities and then set up a daily social media schedule. Guy Kawaski’s book Enchantment is a great resource for tips on engaging with a social media community. A key part of building the brand will be investing in the right devices and resources such as a laptop, tablet, smartphone, digital camera, video camera, professional headshot/logo and “outsourced” training  (web designer, video training) when needed.


The first part of setting up your brand online is to create a landing page. Lifehacker posted with the “Best professional NamePlate Sites” including,, Zerply, A  good example of is Owen Geronimo’s page.


Two professional sites to look into are Intern Sushi  (a great resource for finding Internships) and LinkedIn professional networking site.  For LinkedIn, an example of a professional page is from one of co-speakers from the event Joanna Weidenmiller – CEO, The One Page Company. The One Page Company has great information on tools needed to create a  1 Page Job Proposal. Another fellow speaker,  Lily Balfour – Founder of Atelier Advisors,  also has a great LinkedIn page.


Another alternative for setting up a landing page is to set up a blog or website. I self-hosted my about page on my blog TechMamas.comNeelu Jain (a fellow panelists) also has a great landing page. An example of a fashion blogger that has an about page on her blog is Mira Torres of Beauty Bohemian.



Step 2: Set up your brand online and connect with your community



The next step is develop your social media channels to curate, share and develop an online community.  The brand on your social media channels should match your professional brand. It is important to keep any personal sharing on your social media platforms to information that is “public” and fits with your brand. This step will be the “daily” process as maintaining social media channels requires daily interaction. Here is a list of some of the top social media channels:


Twitter is a “micro blogging” social media platform to share whats going on at that moment (in 140 characters).  Twitter is highly relevant because the information shared is very current. The community on Twitter is engaging and it is a great platform to reach out and gather a public following.  My TechMama twitter feed is focused on the niche of curating content for family technology & social media and has let to accolades such as Time 140 Best Twitter Feeds, Working List of Most Powerful Moms in Social Media and PCMag twitter top 100 ). Twitter also plays an important part with Fashion week including “live tweeting” fashion shows.  SF Fashion Week also has a Twitter ID that is a must follow for anyone that follows fashion. The FIDM/Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising main site and the  Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising’s Career Center are on Twitter to share current updates.


Creating a Facebook page with your professional branding will allow you to interact with your community on Facebook.    H&M, Zara and Burberry are good examples of fashion brands with interactive Facebook pages.  Mari Smith has a Facebook page that focuses on her professional image of Facebook Marketing. Getting Gorgeous has a fashion focused Facebook page for the mom community. Ricki Lake is coming out with her new talk show next fall, but has already started a social TV community called “FriendsofRicki” which has a great Facebook page. The key to Facebook interaction to not only share your own content – but share other relevant content to your brand and interact with your Facebook community by asking questions or sharing thoughts that spark discussion.


Video: YouTube & Livestream for creating a video and/or livestream presence: NYMag had a list of 50 Livestream and videos for last Spring’s New York Fashion Week.  The San Francisco Fashion Week site shared across multi-media platforms.


Google+: For social search purposes, create a “professional” Google+ presence to share content relevant to your brand. Owen Geronimo also has a good example of a Google+ page. Setting up a Google+ Page can also enable you to appear on Google+ related people and pages, one of the new parts of the Google social search features.


Pinterest:  Pinterest is one of the top sites for sharing visual content – especially those with a design focus. Mashable picked the ” 10 Most-Followed Users on Pinterest – one of which is a design student from Boston name Caitlin Cawley has over 790,000 followers. One local Pinterest example is SF Indie Fashion’s board. Another example is the Independent Fashion Bloggers boards. One of my main (TechMama) Pinterest board’s. focus is on Interesting tech I find each day to match with my “tech” niche. The Pinterest boards with the top following are design and crafts (including photos of handmade items in Etsy).


Blogging on WordPress or other blogging platforms: Fashion Bloggers are making a big splash with their online fashion coverage which means starting a fashion blog can lead to big opportunities. Tumblr is a “micro” blogging platform that is used for shorter versions of blog posts. Whether you either work for a fashion company – or work for yourself – creating a blog is a great way to share your voice online and identify yourself as an influencer. A video by Coveted Media discusses the impact of Fashion Bloggers. There are many blogging communities to connect with, but a few such as  Fashion Bloggers Connect, Independent Fashion Bloggers and BlogHer have communities of fashion bloggers.   360Fashion also has a blogger network of Fashion Professionals. One of the key features of a fashion blog is either beautiful digital pictures or high quality video that showcases the artistic and design skills of the blog author. Because of this focus on design, choosing a high quality digital photo or video camera (and getting training if needed) will be important to the success of a fashion blog.


There are many other social media platforms if you have time! Please do share your favorites.



TechStyle: Ann Taylor Opens New Concept Stores

As a mom in the social media field that also attends lots of tech conferences, meetings and press events – my fashion style is important. I tend to mix it up with styles that include classic, sophisticated and edgey. Ann Taylor is one of my go to sources for stylish clothes that have a great fit. Last week Ann Taylor celebrated the opening of their new Palo Alto concept store with a fashion show in Menlo Park, California. Some of the new features of the store include a private lounge area with an oversized touch screen monitor that provides access to

I coveted many of the new looks, including a beautiful cape, cool blue shirts and dresses, shimmery black Gigi Paillette Skirt, accessories and more. Above is a picture of the lovely models that showed off the outfits at the event.

Photo Credit: Colson Griffith for Gustavo Fernandez Photography

Press release:


Ann Taylor Opens New Concept Store at Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto, California

NEW YORK, SEPTEMBER 2, 2011 – Ann Taylor announces the opening of the brand’s new concept store at Stanford Shopping Center in Palo Alto on Friday, September 2, 2011, marking the brand’s second new concept store in California. Ann Taylor opened its first concept store in South Coast Plaza in June and a third is set to open in Manhattan Village next week.  

With a heritage dating back to 1954, Ann Taylor has always been synonymous with iconic, all American style for modern working women. Having evolved throughout the decades to meet women’s changing needs, aspirations and roles, Ann Taylor has recently gone through its most significant evolution, starting with the revamped collection launched in Fall 2009 under the brand’s new Head of Design, Lisa Axelson. The next phase of the rejuvenation is the brand’s new store concept.

Designed in partnership with S. Russell Groves architects, the new Ann Taylor boutiques are inspired by a stylish modern contemporary home and provide a more intimate shopping experience that is chic, warm and inviting. The residential influence is brought to life through white washed maple hardwood floors, luxurious crystal chandeliers, modern tufted furniture and sleek feminine fixtures inspired by the ultimate closet. Wardrobing niches allow for stronger fashion stories as well as a broader assortment of product than other Ann Taylor stores. Decorative items add the finishing touch with an assortment of fashion books, jewelry vitrines and framed images on display throughout the space.

Special attention was also given to the design of the new styling rooms which feature unique floral wall coverings, luxe ottomans, plush carpeting, and a new proprietary lighting system with flattering back lit mirrors. Adjacent to the styling rooms is a private lounge area featuring an oversized touch screen monitor that provides access to The immediate access to the brand’s website allows clients to view and order the complete product assortment outside of what that particular store may carry – including additional fashion and wear-to-work styles, a broader assortment of shoes and petites, and online exclusives such as tall sizes and a Weddings and Events collection.

Curated fashion presentations and expert styling services add to the new store experience and make shopping easy. An impactful runway of mannequins showcasing Lisa’s favorite looks of the season greets the client and helps with wardrobing and styling ideas. The key fashion message is complemented by shop-in-shop destinations including the Career Chic shop, a petites shop and an accessories shop. Dedicated stylists are also on staff and available for both walk-ins and appointments to help clients put together perfect individualized looks for any occasion.

“The new Ann Taylor is chic and stylish with a more fashion forward direction to address the needs of today’s modern working women,” said Lisa Axelson, Head Designer and a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA). “Our new concept stores are a reflection of our new fashion direction. They are light, modern, feminine, and designed to showcase the full Ann Taylor collection while making our client feel comfortable and welcome.”

Since Fall 2010, Ann Taylor has opened select new concept stores in major cities across the country including New York, Boston, Miami, Boca Raton, Dallas, Atlanta, and Seattle.


Grammys Tech: Stephen Colbert and the Apple iPad, Imogen Heap and the “Twitdress”

First I saw many other tech journalists that had access to hands on demo’s of the Apple iPad during the press event. I was happy and content to crawl the web and do my own post about the features of the Apple iPad from that information. Even though I am a tech blogger, I was happy to wait until the Apple iPad came out to test drive it for myself at the Apple Store.

Then I saw a headline on Mashable titled “Pee Wee’s Big Apple iPad Adventure“.

What?? I was upset wondering when Pee Wee Herman became a tech journalist and why he got to use the Apple iPad before I did.

But then I watched the video, and realized it was the Pee Wee Adventure version; just a sketch.

Tonight as I was watching the Grammy’s I saw one real comedian (and one of my favorites) that had access to a real Apple iPad: Stephen Colbert from the Colbert Report used the Apple iPad while presenting. I agree with the post on the – nice product placement! I guess paper ballots will be passe in the future.

If I can’t have a hands on demo of the Apple iPad, maybe I could get my hands on that Twitter Dress (#Twitdress) that Imogen Heap wore to the Grammys. In a brillant use of engaging her community, she tweeted an email address that fans could email pictures – that then appeared on her Twitter stream.

Here is the picture Imogen Heap put on her YFrog account with the techie part of the dress.