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Just Live: Control Your TIVO From Your BlackBerry

You can already schedule TIVO from the web or from the iPhone using the site.

Now mobile scheduling has come to the BlackBerry. Parents at work, school or watching a soccer game can now be assured that they have their favorite shows scheduled.

Press Release:

“Beginning tomorrow consumers will be able to download a free application on their Blackberry Smartphone that gives them control of their TiVo wherever they are.

The TiVo for Blackberry smart phones application allows users to easily view the program details, as well as remotely schedule recordings on their TiVo box from the BlackBerry handheld. This application is available free of charge, to BlackBerry Smartphone users.  Users will be able to browse by category, view most popular shows or daily picks and see the programming details (Title, Description, Runtime, Air date & time and Photo). Advanced search makes finding favorite shows and show details easy and fast. They can search by title, actor/director or keyword.”

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Guest Post by AT&T Mom Brandy Perez: Best Smartphones For Moms

I have been on the search to find out more information about the smartphone selections useful to moms. AT&T contacted me and I am happy to have received ideas from Brandy Perez, who is not only a 10-year AT&T employee but most importantly a MOM!!


GUEST POST BY AT&T mom Brandy Perez

Best Smartphones for Mom

There are so many smartphones out there to choose from. How do I
know which one is right for me (or for my mom)?

Some of my friends and family have asked me this question before,
especially lately since Mother’s Day is almost here. The answer really depends
on what features are most important to you. For example, I’ve chosen the iPhone 3G as my personal device and the BlackBerry Bold is my work-provided device because email-on-the-go is my number one reason for why I depend on a smartphone. These devices allow me to stay connected with work as well as with my personal email. I rely on email to stay connected to my
children’s school and sports activities. I rarely need to log on to a computer
for my personal email because I can send email and open attachments right
from my smartphone. I have access to the information I need and respond
appropriately right from my device without using a computer. For example,
my son plays sports, and if a practice time or location changes, or gets
completely canceled, I’m alerted right away via email. There’s nothing worse
than rushing from work to get your son to practice only to find out practice
time was changed or canceled completely. Before I had a smartphone, that
situation happened to me one too many times.

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BlackBerry Curve Versus iPhone?

Earlier today, a mom friend emailed me asking my opinion on buying a BlackBerry versus iPhone. After taking on the MAC versus PC, I felt ready to discuss a somewhat similar question on the phone side. I choose the BlackBerry Curve to compare with the iPhone because I have one – and I feel it is the best model.

The first thing I always do is compare specs and see which one fits what I am looking for. The iPhone specs and the BlackBerry specs were both full of functionality. Then I suggest to demo the phone to see which one feels more comfortable. For example, I like having a qwerty keyboard because I am used to it – but maybe I could also get used to the iPhone’s touch screen. Both the iPhone and the BlackBerry has enough functionality to serve any parent (email, MP3, web browsing, phone, camera). So the final decision may come down to which one feels the best.

Sarah Granger posted on Techmamas with a review of the iPhone.  Here is an interesting review of the BlackBerry Curve from Laptop Magazine. The only hitch I have heard is that the iPhone battery is not removable – but the BlackBerry’s battery easily flips out of the back. The BlackBerry’s browser works well but I find it to be slow at times versus the iPhone that has a real web browser (Safari). One of the biggest problem is that many websites are not moblie ready so they are hard to read on my BlackBerry.  Here is a link from Infoworld that compares web browsers between smartphones titled "Smartphone Browser Shootout: Palm, BlackBerry, HTC Vs. iPhone?". There is free software from Yahoo and Google that can be downloaded to BlackBerry’s to provide better online functionality. Better yet, the BlackBerry 8310 has built in GPS.

I agree with the Techcrunch post that compared the BlackBerry to the iPhone side by side when it comes to the BlackBerry’s push technology to receive emails. My phone buzzes when I get an email – I get them right when they are sent. AppleInsider and had more to say about the debate. CrunchGear posted with a rumor that the iPhone may be $100 cheaper soon.

Any thoughts on the iPhone versus BlackBerry debate?


BlackBerry Tips – Part 1

483_47_2A friend of mine (Self-Made Mom) just purchased her new BlackBerry (yeah, another crackberry mom friend) so I thought I would  post with links to the important sites for BlackBerry support and tips. I have a BlackBerry curve – and am still learning tricks & tips from fellow users. So please add any if you have them.

BlackBerry Support Site – This site has downloads of the BlackBerry documentation for those like myself, whose preschooler walked away with their user manual….

BlackBerry Technical Solution Center

Using the BlackBerry Internet Service when emails stop coming in… – I don’t use the enterprise server or have a help desk to call, so when my email stops coming to my phone I head off to the BlackBerry Internet Service site (log in) and re-send service packs to my phone. Sometimes the server from my email service is having problems (so waiting for it to be resolved is my only choice). Or – when I have tried everything else, I take out the battery and then put it back in to reload my phone.

Some time saving shortcuts for series 8100 and 8800.

Shorcuts for the BlackBerry curve. The dialing from home option must be turned off to use these shortcuts.

I will be searching the internet for more…