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2011 ForbesWoman Top 100 Websites For Women

I am not only fascinated by Forbes lists but I enjoy reading the Forbes website. Last year it was a wonderful surprise to be on the 2010 Top 100 Websites for Women. Today I got another thrilling surprise – is included in the Forbes Woman 2011 Top 100 Websites for Women.
To be on any Forbes list is an honor, but the Top 100 Websites for Women showcases the sites that have compelling content with a female focus. Way back in 2005 I decided to make an online presence discussing technology not only as someone with a tech background but also proudly as a mother and a woman. It seems (hem hem) that when it comes to spending decisions, women are in control.
The other list that someday I hope to be on is the Worlds Biggest Givers List. Aw heck, I am just happy to think of any list other then my food shopping list. With three growing boys that clean out whatever food I seem to bring in the house, I am food shopping quite often these days. Luckily my tween is a techie like his mama, so we enjoy spending time at tech stores as well (no list needed).


Almost Famous – The Time 140 Best Twitter Feeds List

This week has been full of surprises. After finding out about the PC Mag list a few days ago, yesterday I logged  on to find out that I was on the Time 140 Best Twitter Feed list. I first saw the Time 140 Best Twitter list while doing my morning online reading in my sweats (and procrastinating from my attempt at a daily exercise routine). I was also recovering from a busy morning getting three boys to school. Then I decided to ask my peeps to click over to the Time list and pwetty please give me a thumbs up vote. Which was probably really just more procrastination from exercising.

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PC Mag Twitter Top 100: I Get To Be Next To Barack Obama and Bill Gates!

As I ramp up my new website (in construction) after taking a blogging break to do family stuff, it is always fun to have a surprise recognize the time I did spend to keep up the “relevance”.

Yesterday one of my favorite tweeters (@SocialMoms) shared that @TechMama was on the @PCMag ‘s Twitter Top 100 list. Yes, between @BarackObama and @Bill Gates.

Click here for the PC Mag’s complete list of top 100 on Twitter (TechMama is number 13).

(screeching sound) What?

Ok, Well the list was alphabetical order but still – how often do I get to be “seated” next to Barack Obama and Bill Gates – even if it is online?

Umm, never before this time.

Best of all there was also some great women tweeters on the list that I am also honored to be in good company with. No – not Lady Gaga although I love her music. But technology reporter and mom extraordinaire @NataliMorris and @rachelsterne  (and that is just a few of the “R”s).

People have asked me if I automate any of my tweets, which I am surprised they even ask (and I promptly say “no”). I am an information obsessed person – so when I read online articles that I think are relevant to my Twitter audience, I tweet them. Yes – the good old fashioned, non- automatic sharing of something interesting. I share things with my Twitter community like I would share information with an interesting book group. I also enjoy reading my communities’ Tweets as well.

Sharing on Twitter was (and is) something that I could keep up with no matter how busy I got with family commitments.  Twitter became a solace that was my connection to the outside world while balancing taking care of boyz world. I even find out about events from my Twitter stream before I read about it in the news or online. As soon as I turned on my computer the morning of the Japan Tsunami and Earthquake, I saw the Twitter chatter and raced to the news sites to read more.

After this post goes live I will be off to carpool to pickup my boyz, wondering what it would be like to really sit next to Bill Gates and Barack Obama. As well as feeling excited that a magazine (PC Magazine) that I have been reading for years decided to visit my Twitter stream.


Nielson Power Mom 50: It’s Official – Moms Are Superheroes

I am feeling my muscles growing as I type this. When I first became a mom I felt powerless and invisible compared to my life as a Senior Manager at a top consulting company. But in reality I knew that moms are the power consumers who make many purchasing decisions for their families. But I am happy to see the tides are turning, the age of the "power mom" is upon us.

First the Razorfish/Cafe Mom "Digital Mom" report came out and I had the amazing opportunity to present with Razorfish at SXSW on the topic of "Moms Who Tech". I was quite thrilled to find out the Wall Street Journal blog "The Juggle" and the BBC covered my SXSW session. Even more thrilled to be called a "geek mum".

And now Nielson has a report out (and blog post by Jessica Hogue) discussing the Power Mom 50. Here is a link Power Moms 50  press release pdf and the Powerpoint presentation listing the Nielson Power Moms 50 list.

Here are two quotes from Jessica Hogue's post that sums it up:  "As CEOs of their households, Power Moms wield more influence than ever before" and "While reaching Power Moms may require more finesse than in years past, the opportunities to observe, engage and develop a truly holistic perspective of these women are there for willing marketers."

I am honored (and giddy) that they had a section for Tech Mom – defined as "Tech Mom are mom bloggers who are also PDA-toting, digital enthusiasts that love to stay connected". Even more giddy that TechMamas is listed as one of the Nielson Power Mom 50 – in that category (along with GeekMommy).  The community section listed Silicon Valley Moms Group in the sections "Portals and Communities connecting moms, which is a community that is near and dear to my heart!

We can all come out from behind our computers, blogs, websites, wireless routers, smartphones, laptops, netbooks, smartservers, DVR's, LCD TV's, Bluetooth earpieces, PDA's, USB drives, digital cameras, video cams, USB Broadband cards and wireless wipes to flex those mom muscles and show everyone we are proud to be momswhotech.


Real Simple Blogathon: Top Five Multi-Functional Technologies For Busy Moms

I was thrilled to be included in the Real Simple Holiday Blogathon. In honor of the holidays I thought I would cover multi-functional technologies for moms. These items make great gifts (gift of time) and help simply your day by enabling one gadget  to be used for multiple tasks. I will be posting more about the items I discussed, but for now take a look and add your own tips. Click on the link below to read my Real Simple – Simply Stated blog post:

Top Five Multi-Functional Technologies For Busy Moms.