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Sponsored: CES 2014 Preview – Whirlpool Innovations


Whirlpool Your Future In FocusAs I prepare for CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2014 it has been exciting to see the new innovations ahead that can help my life as a busy mom and working professional. Of course, what is more in the center of managing my family life than the kitchen. I am excited this year to be working with Whirlpool to learn more about Whirlpool’s innovations that will be highlighted at CES.


Whirlpool’s new products, and several still in development, are designed to help the family workflow.  As a mom of three constantly-hungry boys, saving time in the kitchen makes a big impact on my schedule. The overall concept of a connected home and a connected kitchen, where devices use WiFi and the cloud to share and report data, is a key technology enabler to help families in their home and on the go (mobile).


Whirlpool will be back at the MommeyTech Zone showcasing the evolution of the kitchen beyond 2014. Whirlpool’s concept is “simplify your life by designing products that sense and adapt to what you need, the way you want to cook, clean and entertain—the way you want to live”.  I received some press information in advance of CES to provide a sneak peek and here are some of the fun details:


Whirlpool’s concepts concentrates on three pillars:  Connection,  Innovation and Expression.


Whirlpool Apps



Connection: Whirlpool will be introducing “a digitally integrated suite of appliances and smartphone app, that manages the information and activities of your kitchen for you.By connecting your appliances to each other and your family, the kitchen begins to anticipate and understand your family’s needs. And access to the information you need gives you more control than ever in the kitchen”. Whirlpool views our homes in the context of this connected world, designing concepts that anticipate and understand a family’s needs while adapting to your preferences and daily habits. Examples include communicating the best times for energy consumption as well as alerts that help ensure the food is cooked properly and preserved for freshness.  These are all things that as a mom I really want to know about. Having an intelligent appliance will not only save me time but also make me more productive each day.


Whirlpool Induction Cooktop



Innovation: Whirlpool is using technology innovation to evolve the kitchen as a more interactive hub of the house.They are even innovating with kitchen surfaces. Their press release explained these exciting concepts:

  • Cooktops can also browse the internet:“When your cooktop can browse the Internet and connect with your social network, the kitchen becomes a hub of communication and exploration within the home and beyond.”
  • Cook Anywhere Surface: With a cook anywhere surface, serving as the kitchen island, consumers can monitor the weather, manage appointments, find favorite recipes and make a delicious dinner—all without leaving their kitchen island or using multiple devices.
  • Entertain and cook on same surface: Entertaining is revolutionized too when you can plan your dinner party (invite and monitor your guest list, search for recipes, make phone calls, and more) on the same device that cooks the meal. The concept applies technology that consumers are familiar with in their daily lives—hands-free devices and capacitive touch—to help her focus on cooking.



Whirlpool Laundry Room



Expression: The next pillar is Expression which for Whirlpool means customizing  everyday appliances with personal style. Debuting at the Consumer Electronics Show 2014 will be the new Duet® Designer Series from Whirlpool®, consisting of front load washers and dryers in a variety of colors.  The technology in the Duet® washer is called ”Adaptive Wash Technology” which automatically selects the perfect cycle settings for every load. The Duet® Dryer has Advanced Moisture Sensing technology that saves time and energy and prevents over-drying your favorite clothes.


Whirlpool Max Art



Also showing at CES will be a concept called MaxArt Microwaves that brings together design, art and appliances to create a functional piece of work representative of culture. Whirlpool® brand collaborated with with the Local art collective Los Contratistas to turn a set of 50 Whirlpool microwaves into a colorful, modular installation representative of Mexican culture using graffiti techniques. The final pieces work together “to create a unique take on the modern day appliance, enriched by culture, design and the arts”.



Whirlpool CoolVox



Expression + Innovation + Connection: The new CoolVox™ sound system refrigerator concept, enabled by Bluetooth® wireless technology and Harman Kardon Speakers, will allow users to play music/podcasts through the refrigerator directly from streaming through Bluetooth®-enabled devices (i.e. mp3 player, tablet, computer). This opens up new entertainment options in the kitchen including the ability to cook to music without any additional wires, cords or speakers.  Music can be played through iTunes account, a playlist on a Bluetooth®-enabled computer and Pandora/Spotify apps on device. The device (i.e.  iPhone, tablet) acts as a remote to do things such as change the volume.  Another option is listening to “How to Cook” podcasts directly through the refrigerator. I like the concept of adding more features to my kitchen devices! Note: Only one device can be paired to CoolVox™ at a time and the current iteration of CoolVox™ does not allow for speaker phone capabilities.



Whirlpool Fridge


Here is the link to find out more information about Whirlpool 20/20 at CES.


Throughout the week of CES, consumers will have the chance to win a custom laundry pair of their own with the You Be The Designer Sweepstakes!   

Also, since Whirlpool 20/20 is all about a future focused on you, they want to give readers of this post a chance to win a $1,000 grand prize. Leave a comment below, tell us your idea for the future for your home and you could win.


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The Official Rules are available here.

This sweepstakes runs from 1/2/14 – 1/18/14.


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.






188 thoughts on “Sponsored: CES 2014 Preview – Whirlpool Innovations

  1. I would love to have a kitchen with innovative appliances that use very little energy. I would also love to have a self cleaning sink and microwave

  2. The refrigerator who has a sound system is neat, I enjoy listening to music when I cook. I think it would be neat to have a TV too because sometimes I’m watching a movie in the family room and it would be nice to be able to continue watching it when I’m in the kitchen cooking.

  3. My idea for the future of my home: I would actually like to own a home of my own, firstly, and if I did have a home, I would want solar panels on the roof, and all energy-saving appliances in the kitchen, laundry room, sensor faucets throughout, excellent venting system over the gas range, and a nice open layout that makes moving around in the house, a breeze :)
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  4. I think for the future, it would be great to have my on line recipe right at my finger tips in an easily accessed area. Maybe a screen right on my refrigerator since for me, that is right in the middle of my cooking area. Right now I use my iPhone and have to constantly keep pushing the home button when it goes black while I stir, or boil, etc.

  5. We recently moved into our new home and I have so many ideas for it including knocked down a wall between the kitchen and dining room, removing the current center island and replacing it with something more function, replacing the microwave and obtaining a larger freezer!

  6. Oh my! These are some gorgeous and smart appliance that I would love to have in my house. :) My idea of my future home would be having some of these Whirlpool appliance for sure. Love that cooktop! Wish I can attend the CES show to check them all out.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  7. For the future, I’d like to have a touch computer screen built into either our cabinets,stove or microwave at such a height to easily use for reading recipes. Somewhere in the kitchen which is right above our counters, where I would access most recipes.

  8. Retractable solar panels on the roof that deploy early morning light and by evening slide back into place hidden away

  9. My idea for a future kitchen would certainly include these amazing appliances! I would love an energy efficient kitchen with beautiful new cabinets.

  10. My home is so outdated that any current market items will make my house amazing. I am in desperate need of a new stove, I think that is what I mainly want to see in my homes future.

  11. I would love efficient engery smart appliances, a double oven and a flat screen TV attached to the bottom of my cabinet that could be folded up to hide when counter space is needed, a refrigerator that remembers expiration dates would be Awesome too :)

  12. I would like to have an interactive home that can audibly read off my daily checklist to me in each room that I enter.

  13. eco-friendly appliances and materials, can run by computer remotely (for example, turn on oven so warm when get home to put supper in)
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  14. I love all the new technology of this new generation of appliances. I would love to have a fridge that plays music!

  15. In the future I would love to have appliances that do all the work for u and you get to speak them and they follow your every command .. now that’s the future..

  16. I would love a modern kitchen with energy saving appliances and a refrigerator with a computer screen for recipe display.

  17. My future house will have a very open floor plan. Lots of light colors, white and different shades of blue. A huge kitchen (even though I’m not much of a cook yet) and most importantly a very large master suite with a big enough closet for all my clothes.

  18. Although I am 81, I see a future and would love granite countertops and a washer that would not go out of balance when in the spin cycle.

  19. For my home’s future I’d love to completely redo the floorplan of our house and update the bathrooms. It was built in 1955 for newlyweds and you can really tell!

  20. I’d love to have talking cookbooks that you can give oral commands to, like “wait” (while you measure an ingredient). Thanks for the giveaway!

  21. I’d love to have a more efficient refrigerator (we inherited ours in 1997–who knows how old it was when we got it) and a double-oven (the oven we have isn’t even big enough for my biggest cookies sheet!)
    I’d also like a new laundry pair (we got it in 1997 when my parents down-sized), with a washer that includes a warm or hot rinse cycle. I know that isn’t popular, but sometimes I don’t think cold water does enough.

  22. The kitchen is absolutely the heart of my home. In the future, I definitely want to get one of those cook anywhere surfaces. I always use my tablet in the kitchen to pull up recipes. It would be awesome to do it right through the cooktop!

  23. My future home needs a much quieter ice maker. Our fridge doesn’t have a hook-up, so we have a free standing ice maker that rattles. A quieter one would make for much more pleasant entertaining and a quieter daily life!

  24. I would love to have a dishwasher that unloaded the dishes for me or a robot maid (like the Jetsons) – Got to dream big, right? LOL

  25. I’d love to get some basic things taken care of — remodeling the bathroom and such. But a tool that could see through walls to check if there’s any residual issues would be awesome.

  26. I’d love to have a waterproof/spill proof speaker/charger for my phone. So I can use it in the kitchen while cooking & cleaning!

  27. I would like the ability for my recipe to follow me from the cutting board (on a tablet) to by the stove or oven so I can keep track wherever I am.

  28. I would love to have innovative appliances that are more suitable for people like me who have trouble standing for long periods of time.

  29. I have three small children, and would fully appreciate ANYTHING that is self-cleaning… (I don’t think the kids will be self-cleaning for quite a while yet)

  30. It’s really quite amazing to me! As a child this would seem impossible and futuristic but Whirlpool has brought the future to today!

  31. It would be nice to have some sort of tablet built in somewhere so I can keep my recipes in the kitchen. It would be used to access your recipes without putting your regular tablet at risk of getting food spilled on it while cooking, or having to keep track of recipe cards.

  32. Anything that makes the kitchen safer, cleaner and easier to use. Mobility, can the cooktop be expanded in case of need? Can the hot burners be cooled quicker to keep accidental burns down? Can the dishwasher regularly sanitize itself? These are the things I’d look for in the future of kitchen appliances.

  33. My future wish for my home would be to have a much bigger kitchen, with plenty of room for entertaining. And, better appliances. We currently have a non-working dishwasher and a very unreliable refridgerator.

  34. I would love it there was a mechanism to transfer the clothes from the washer to the dryer so that I wouldn’t have to worry about forgetting a load!

  35. my plans for the future of my home is to build a new home,our floors are rotten.the roof leeks it is slowly falling apart.but it gives us a warm places to lay our head and i am greatful for that

  36. All of my appliances would be more energy efficient and all would have a touchscreen interface along with being able to be controlled from an app on my phone.

  37. my future home will have a state of the art kitchen with stainless steel appliances. i plan to also have a real wood floor in my entire house, no more laminate!

  38. The future for my home is actually buying my dream home! Which I will of course do my best to be energy efficient which includes planting my own garden and trying to go organic as well.

  39. I love the more appliances in the kitchen that have entertainment (radio or TVs with cable). I really get bored cooking sometimes!

  40. I’d love a single appliance that is both a washer and dryer – toss in the clothes, come back and they are washed and dried. A space saver and a tome saver.

  41. My idea for a future home is an oven that acts like a fridge but becomes an oven when a timer is set for a certain time. I can remotely start cooking and get home to a cooked meal.

  42. I would love to have a fridge that would have a sensor that sensed when you needed something out of the fridge and opened it’s door

  43. I would love to have all self cleaning kitchen appliances or ones that perfectly cooked the food without you having to do anything.

  44. My idea for the future of my home would be a completely renovated kitchen. With a lot more counter space, and a new, more modern refrigerator and oven. Thank you for hosting this wonderful giveaway!

  45. I am loving that refrigerator! Maybe they can make one that closes automatically when my kids leave it open. I would love to see everything easy to clean and low maintenance! I really need an oven/stove that cut off automatically so I don’t burn things because I am too A.D.D. to remember! Do they have that already?

  46. I would love a shower that has a big tv behind waterproof glass to keep me up to date with things while I show, conserving my time.

  47. My idea for the future for my home would be a dishwasher that you didn’t practically have to wash the dishes before you put them in & heated floors in every room.

  48. For the future of my home I would love to have energy efficent everything! From thermostats to T.V.s! I love the sleek look of the refridgerator!

  49. I would love to have all energy efficient appliances..My light bills are so outrageous. I remember when it was like $50 a month and last month mine was $220..awful

  50. If I owned my own home, I would love to have heated floors in my bathroom and a small electric fireplace in every bedroom, a large kitchen with two ovens and built in freezer in the cabinets

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  51. We’d love one of those flat range type surfaces that only heat up where the pan is.
    Michelle Tucker
    michelletucker at baconnation dot net

  52. I love the thought of energy efficient appliances… from the microwave to the washer/dryer. Would also love a self cleaning stove and a smart fridge!

  53. My idea would to be make it handicap accessible for my daughter. it would be wonderful if she could use the appliances herself!
    jofo120 at yahoo dot com

  54. We just completely did the outside so I would love to completely redo the inside (flooring, painting, remodeling, the whole shebang). Thank you

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