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Tips To Tell Your Kids About SandyHook And How To Help

*PLEASE check the bottom of this post to see how you can help. UPDATE: A Noah’s Ark of Hope Trust has been created by the family of Noah Pozner.

It was a heavy heart that I write this post about the terrible tragedy (shooting) that happened yesterday at a Connecticut school.  Words just can’t describe the pain that anyone who knows about this is feeling. Our sympathies go out to the families of the victims, as a community we are mourning for their losses. Yesterday I started off my sharing the important resources parents can use to help find the words to explain this tragedy to this kids including Common Sense Media’s “Explaining the news to your kids” and NASP’s guide with tips for parents and teachers to help children cope with a national tragedy (that Jessica Seinfeld shared on Twitter).  Fellow parent blogs such as Cool Mom Picks ” How to talk to your kids about the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting” and  TechSavvyMama’s “Sandy Hook School Tragedy: Helpful Tips for Talking to Your Kids“.

UPDATED: Here is a good perspective on “How Not To Talk To Your Kids About Sandy Hook Shooting


Parents of tweens/teens need to also understand that older kids with smartphones need extra tips because they will be flooded with information. My tween first saw the news about the shooting on the news app from his phone. But when he kept reading about it, he found some platforms that had inappropriate information about the shooting. So I told him what many social media parents are sharing with each other: read the facts only – then turn it off. Don’t go to the forums or curation sites for extra facts. I simply told my tween son that in this case it is best to talk to Mom and Dad about the situation so we can all heal as a family. We also talked about it to our 9 year old twins, also just explaining the facts and then the great safety procedures set up at their school. But we also had to explain that sometimes tragedies just happen.


This next piece of information is something that I share with an even heavier heart. One of my dear social media (VDog) friends lost a nephew who was in one of the classrooms at SandyHook. There is a Facebook page created to share the information about how to help:


Please click on the FACEBOOK PAGE: “How to Help VDog and Noah’s Family” to find out more information on how you can help.



The Facebook page also has addresses on where to send cards including:


  • If you would like to send a card, letter, expression of love, to Victoria or Noah’s family in CT – please send them here: Friends of Maddie, 1534 North Moorpark Road Suite 284, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360. Paypal donations instructions to the family are on the “How to Help VDog and Noah’s Family” Facebook page.
  • Toy donations can be made to Toys for Tots or your local children’s hospital. Other Monetary donations are to be sent to: Sandy Hook School Support Fund C/O Newtown Savings Bank, 39 Main Street, Newtown CT 06470



Photo credit: Il Volo Facebook Page

The  “How to Help VDog and Noah’s Family” page also has comforting prayers. I was comforted today by a song my 9 year old son decided to write that included lyrics he heard on another song: “light inside you and me”.  We can all honor the lights of the beautiful souls lost in the shooting by lighting a candle in remembrance.






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