HP Envy 23 TouchSmart All In One Review & GIVEAWAY

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UPDATE : CONTEST CLOSED 1/4/2013 Winner is shopgurl Thanks to everyone who entered!

When I was contacted to participate in the #HPFamilyTime campaign I was excited for the opportunity to use the  HP Envy 23 TouchSmart All in One for many reasons. First of all, now that my kids use touch screen tablets, they demand a higher level of interaction that “non touch” computers don’t offer. Second, after covering the Windows 8 launch, I could not wait to try it out at home (other then the many times I played with Windows 8 at the Microsoft store). Third, I had a desk in our family room that I set up with the plan of putting a PC with a big screen that could be used for entertainment and for schoolwork. I already decided that an all in one would be the best form factor because it would be compact enough to move into the living room if one of my kids needed a quiet place to work.  So does the HP Envy Touchsmart All in One fit my needs?



Yes, not only did it fit in as the perfect family room computer, but the new Windows 8 operating system combined with the beautiful and intuitive touch screen made it also a family favorite. After I set up the security and Microsoft accounts for each user, I installed  Microsoft Office. The only challenge we had is that I had to activate the security software I installed on each account on the computer separately (but it was quick).  Our kids that are not easily impressed by tech were not only impressed – but quickly learned how to use the new Windows 8 interface (using a Touchscreen as well as a keyboard/mouse).



Here is a video I made of the HP ENVY 23 TouchSmart All In One unboxing. The set up was so easy (unwrap and a “one plug” in!).



The HP Envy 23 Touchsmart All in One is packed with premium features for great price (currently starting at $1,099! ):


  • 3rd  Generation Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-3330S quad-core processor and 6 GB RAM (upgradable to 16GB) means fast processing and multitasking.
  • 1TB hard drive  so it has lots of space for programs, photos and video.
  • 6-in-1 card reader, 2 USB3.0 (fast transfer speed), 4 USB 2.0 (to plug in more accessories) and audio (micrphone and earphones) inputs. HDMI input to connect to TV or external screen.
  • Optional TV to broadcast live TV from your computer.  The full HD display enables viewing of HD content.
  • DVD burner  that can write data to blank DVD – so Grandparents can get a DVD copy of their grandkids on video.
  • HP wireless keyboard and mouse with Win 8 keyboard (with raised keys for easy typing).
  • All in one form factor with edge to edge sleek and modern design  that can be mounted on the wall with just one wire.
  • HP Quick Launch that has a fast boot up.and access to shortcuts.
  • Optional Solid State Drive.
  • HP Connected Photo allows you to sync photos across your PC, smartphone, and tablet.
  • HP TrueVision HD Webcam that works even in low light because of the “adaptive lighting to automatically adjust to changing light”.
  • Beats Audio offers premium sound. Just add some bluetooth speakers to extend the sound even further.
  • HP Connected Music to manage music downloads, streaming services and Internet Radio.
  • Windows 8 operating system (built for touch) perfectly matched with a intuitive touch with 10-point multitouch technology that enables swipe and tap using all 10 fingers.



More information and configuration options for the HP ENVY 23 TouchSmart AiO is available at the HP Store.
Here is a picture of what the Windows 8 start screen with “tiles” looks like after I installed Microsoft Office. The Microsoft Windows 8 site explained “Each tile on the Start screen is connected to a person, app, website, playlist,  or whatever else is important to you. Tiles light up with the latest info, so you’re instantly up to date. In one glance, you’ll see that photo you were just tagged in, tomorrow’s weather, and messages from your friends“. Next – I can’t wait to configure what Windows 8 apps/live tiles appear on the start screen. There are ones that are pre-configured so I had a great start.



Searching for apps is easy, I just swipe from right to left and the bar below comes up. What was once “programs” are now apps that I can add as live tiles on my Windows 8 start screen:
I will be looking for family management apps while my kids can’t wait to try the paint apps and the Xbox apps.


One of the tiles on the start screen is called “Desktop” which allows me to easily switch to the standard (Windows 7) start screen view.


I can search for files the same way I did on Windows 7 if I want, but also switch back to the Windows 8 start screen by swiping on bottom left or right of the screen.


My kids enjoy using the bright, crisp and intuitive screen for the HP ENVY 23 TouchSmart AiO:



They immediately found the Fresh Paint program and with a “touch” started creating a digital art project.



Of course – a smile face was the first work of art that was created!



I will be posting next week with my test drive of the other features of the HP ENVY 23 TouchSmart AiO and Windows 8. For now – how about a GIVEAWAY that will enable ONE winner to have one for their own family.  To Enter – use the widget below with all the details!



***Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a program on behalf of HP and received an ENVY 23 TouchSmart AiO as a thank you for participation.

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  1. Surprisingly, we don’t have a family computer. We only have my laptop- we don’t even have an iPad! I love that his would take the place of all of that!! With my boys getting older I’d love to have a way for them to explore the web safely on their own (they are ages 7, 10, and 11). The entertainment and games would be a nice perk! I have had ENVY over the Touchsmart ever since I first saw it!

  2. I would use the HP Envy 23 Touchsmart All In One for everything I currently split between a my husband’s big desktop and my noisy, aging laptop: video editing, photo editing, blogging… and maybe some game playing, too. :)

  3. I would use the HP Envy as a family computer. I’d put it in our kitchen where everyone tends to gather and put it on the side where I currently have an HP laptop. It’s time we refreshed our hardware and this is state of the art technology. It would go well with the HP printer I just purchased!

  4. the ‘kid’ computer is getting VERY old latley… as much as I’d like to say this baby would be MINE MINE MINE. It will not… it will be theirs theirs theirs! :)

  5. OMG OMG OMG! This is exactly what I have dreamed about–I love that this device can act as not only the family computer, but a ‘family hub’ of activity! I love the ‘smart board’ feel that it has, and I think it’s perfect for tech-savvy, digital kids. My 9, 7, and 5 yo–and my elementary school administrator husband–and I would LOVE this! Thanks, Beth, for the comprehensive review, photos, and info. You ROCK.

  6. I look at the Touch Smart and my first thoughts are about what a powerful tool this would be for a child with special needs. The tiles on the main screen activated with a simple ‘swoosh!’. Sweet success!

    I love the art program too. Netflix at a simple touch? Yes, please. Right now holding a pencil correctly is hard for Parker. But he CAN use his forefinger to ‘write’ and draw with!

    I won’t lie, I tend to look at everything from an educational view point for Parker. The TouchSmart looks to be able to open all kinds of exciting windows for a kid like mine!

    Tammy and Parker

  7. We would use this as a family computer, that we could share and use together with our two daughters. They’re just learning how to use computers and would love the chance to have something like this to learn with, side-by-side with us.

  8. Thanks for the review. As my son gets older, currently in 3rd grade, he needs the computer more and another computer in the house would really help!

  9. Having this in my household would mean my kids could do their homework and research quicker and more efficiently. Saying a prayer and crossing my fingers! Big money — no whammies!

  10. Never had hp before,looks great! well i would defintley use it for studying and online investigating.Good luck to all and Merry Christmas!

  11. I would use it for work but it would be used mainly by my kids so they can study and explore the world of tech online

  12. As I homeschool my daughter, this would be her primary workstation. We only have Macs in the house but many educational programs we use require the Windows platform. Also, I want her to have the experience of easily working with both to better prepare her in whatever job she may end up in.

  13. Love it!! Seems to capture the best of Windows 8. This would be perfect for all of the video and animation production and editing my daughters create! (and homework too)

  14. This would be a family computer. I would use it for work and gaming, my wife would use it for the touchscreen design, and my kids would love the touch screen for painting and kids games.

  15. Definitely the family computer. My kids are at the age where we’re starting to… maybe… thinking about … getting them their own computer for both entertainment and learning. My husband and I don’t really want them on our work computers for obvious reasons :-) But having a separate “family” computer would be ideal!

    And let’s be honest. I can’t simply cannot pass on a sexy new device!

  16. My high school junior shares a computer with his freshman brother that is dying by the day. They would LOVE to have a brand new touch screen to do their school work and create so much more. Thanks for offering such a great giveaway just in time for the holidays!

  17. This would be great to have for my kids to do their homework on. right now we share one laptop between the three of us. I would love to have a family computer!

  18. I’m a personal finance blogger at Thriftability and am developing several other lifestyle blogs. I also own a small marketing agency. My current laptop can barely keep up with me… and since we recently relocated, buying a new laptop isn’t in the budget until 2014. This device looks awesome – I would use it for absolutely everything I do – business, blogging, entertainment, and leisure. Really excited to find out who wins!!!

  19. I’ use it to give it to my daughter and I am pretty sure she’ll love it and it will be very useful for her :)

  20. I would use t mainly for my daughter to do homework on. She is an art student and our current computer’s processor is too slow.

  21. I would use it for everyday use – email, internet, skype, picture editing, etc. I would also use the dvd burner feature to back up some photo files!

  22. I would use it for our homeschool. I could plan and organize lessons and the kids could use it to complete assignments.

  23. I would use this as a family computer, my kids would love doing their homework and just simply have fun on this. ericka082 at gmail dot com

  24. I would use the HP Envy 23 Touchsmart All In One for both business and pleasure. I would do all of my husbands carpentry business books on it and also use it to tweet/facebook and have a great time!

  25. It would be the family computer, so to skype with out of town family, shop online, upload/edit/print pictures etc. Pretty much everything!

  26. I would use it for emails, FB, twitter, photography editing, researching, etc. What I wouldn’t use it for is a better question. :-)

  27. I would use it for everything! Browsing, email, shopping, using skype to stay in touch with family.. keeping track of my finances.

  28. I would share this with my son. We use my computer now, but it’s old. LOL – This would be a great gift for the both of us!
    Thank you for the chance!

  29. I would use the HP Envy 23 TouchSmart All In One to get a home-based business going so I can be available for my kids when they need me but still provide for them financially!

  30. I would use this for as my kids computer. My daughter is taking computer classes in preschool & just learning how to navigate a computer! My son loves to create storybooks on the computer & he would love this!

  31. Since I have not had a computer in two years because mine bit the dust and I’ve been using a phone to get online, U would be using it for EVERYTHING

  32. I would use this HP Envy 23 TouchSmart for my school work, it would be nice to have a newer computer that has many awesome capabilities. My laptop has went on the fritz since my dog knocked it from its spot the screen is more black than computer screen…don’t worry I still love my puppy :) My daughters also would use this to complete their homework, which seems like way more than I had back in highschool.


  33. I fwould use the computer to keep in touch with my children (they both live in different states). I hear more of what’s going on thru facebook than anywhere else. Thank you for the opportunity! :)

  34. i would use it for everything from school to movies to music im always on the computer so this would be the most awesome gift ever! Thanks for the chance

  35. It would replace our existing computer that is old and slow. This would also be easy enough for my son (4) to use.

  36. My laptop doesn’t have a camera but with the HP Envy23 TouchSmart we could Skype with our Grandson who just started in the Marine Boot Camp in San Diego the week before Christmas.

  37. I would use this for everything – email, skype, blogs, photos, keeping up to date with friends, twitter, facebook, pinterest – everything!

  38. I would definitely use it for Skype! We live thousands of miles away from my family, and we try Skype, but our desktop is just too old and slow to use the video chat. Voice chat is great, but it would really be awesome to use Skype to its fullest potential with the HP Envy 23!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  39. Based on your review this computer looks very kid friendly which is a definite plus for me. My husband is also a painter/graphic designer & I know he could use this to touch up his art and graphics. The screen looks so bright and it’s a great size! I would use the computer myself to jump start my online social media business and of course social networking! I love being able to keep in touch with friends and family so having a high quality integrated webcam feature would make it that much easier! I am really excited about the chance to use the HP TrueVision HD Webcam,
    The Beats Audio, High Definition, & of course the All-In-One features that makes this HP touchsmart!

  40. This would be great for editing my pictures. It would also be perfect for my son to use! He would be able to use it for all his games and he would love drawing on it!

  41. I would use this as my own computer. Right now, my family shares a computer and my two sons, one in middle school, the other in high school are always needing to take turns for homework, etc.

  42. My girls would use it for school work. You wouldn’t beleive how much my 7th grader has to do online. Thank you!

  43. I’d use the HP Envy to manage the household finances, keep receipts and documents organized, prepare files and spreadsheets for work, and to work on graphic design and illustration projects in my spare time. Thanks!

  44. I would love to have this for a family computer. I have a big, old computer that I don’t let my boys touch because I am afraid of it dying. So this would be great to have for everyone to use.

  45. I’m about to go back to college, and it would provide me with quick access. I’m having to go to the library for all my computer needs.

  46. I would use this for everything but my kids would get the most use out of this awesome computer. They would use it for homework and playing games. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  47. I would use the HP ENVY to connect with relatives overseas and create photo books, presentations, and stream movies.

  48. I would love to have this so my 3 oldest children can use it for homework and online research for school as well as creating art projects.

  49. I just posted “sweet!” in my entry :) But really, I’d have the kids doing fun art and education activities on it!

  50. I would let my daughters use it for school papers and I would use it for working on PTO stuff for their school and surfing my favorite blogs.

  51. I am a work-from-home-moom and I would use the HP ENVY 23 TouchSmart All in One for our home based business office! This would be an amazing asset for our family owned home based small business. It would not only bring our business up to date into the current technology world but allow us to build and grow our business in so many ways! Thanks for the chance! Xo!

  52. I would use it for my daughter. She is alwyas trying to play games and stuff on my laptop and I am not sure how many more times I can have my husband reset it after she messes with the settings.

  53. I’d use it to replace the one I have. It’s about time for a new upgrade. I also have programs to scrapbook on the computer and it’d be great to use with this.

  54. I would definitely use it as the family computer so we can all use it for homework, research, skype, etc. What a great prize!

  55. I’d give it to my mother since she doesn’t have a PC and this seems like it would be so easy for her since she’s PC challenged.

  56. I would use it to replace my current laptop computer. My laptop is over 2 years old now and has a broken USB port that is getting annoying. I’d use the computer for course work when I start working on my Bachelor of Science degree in a couple weeks.

  57. Nice computer! It looks like I could do everything on it. I would use it to watch movies on, send photos to my family and do more sweepstakes. Thanks for a wonderful contest!

  58. It would be a family computer and we would all use it for different purposes. I would use it for basic stuff, like searching the internet and my kids would use it for play and school. Fingers crossed!

  59. I would use it for my job search. It would also be fun to use the webcam to talk on skype…I have never tried that before. Thanks for the chance!

  60. I would use it for everything I do online. And I won’t have to wait “MY TURN” behind my family to use my computer :)

  61. I would use it to start my own business and do research. My fiance would use it to do his homework.
    thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  62. Thanks for the giveaway… we would use the HP ENVY 23 TouchSmart AiO as the family desktop, locating it in the family room-kitchen area: kids would do homework & art projects, we would catalog family photos & videos, answer emails, pay bills, etc.

  63. I would use this as our family computer, and my two boys could use it as they enter school, and would probably also use it to edit family photos and videos.

  64. I would use it for school work since it’s an All-in-One, it can handle all of it like internet research, file uploading, creativeness, everything!

  65. Upload a bunch of music, keep track of all my social networks and e-mails, hunt for a job, do my e-bay listings and purchases….just about everything!