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Test Prep Sanity: New Book Out To Help Parents Prepare Kids For Tests

When I wrote my book – My Parent Plan, the goal was to help parents learn how to use professional project planning skills to plan for their family. One important thing to plan for is helping kids understand how to take standardized tests so it is less stressful. I have been looking for resources that can help parents prepare their kids for tests – and the new book out “Test Prep Sanity” by Elie Venezky is just that. Test Prep Sanity provides all the information to help parents create their own “test” plan including: When to start preparing, How to find the best tutor for your child, When to register for the exam and which books to buy, How to make sure your child studies without constant supervision, How to talk about the test with your child, How to handle complaining, What to do if your child won’t study, What to do, eat and wear on test day, When to expect results and How to improve test scores on subsequent tests.


Here is the press release and link to the Prestige Prep website for more information:

Press Release


Preparation for College-Admission Tests Starts at Home


Author Reveals How Parents Can Help Students Improve Test Scores while Reducing Anxiety and Stress




(New York, NY Nov. 29, 2012)—Everyone knows the stress that standardized tests cause both students and their parents. But there are few resources to help parents through this difficult time. In his debut book, Test Prep Sanity: How to help your child excel on standardized tests without driving each other crazy, test-prep expert Elie Venezky shows parents how to navigate this stress-riddled time calmly and effectively. Scheduled for release on November 27th, 2012, Test Prep Sanity is a resource for helping parents create a home that lessens anxiety and leads to higher test scores for their children.


Elie Venezky has been helping families prepare for standardized tests for over 14 years. He understands the importance of the parent’s role in the test prep process. “I’ve seen good parents, with the best of intentions, unknowingly drive their children away from studying. Children pick up on their parents’ expectations and anxiety, even when it seems they’re not paying attention. And it absolutely affects their performance.”


Test Prep Sanity shows parents how to prepare their children every step of the way, from when to start test-prep to how to find the right tutor, right down to what students should eat and wear on test day.


More importantly, though, Elie Venezky understands students and their motivations. In Test Prep Sanity, he informs parents on how to keep their children motivated and relaxed, including how to talk about the test, how to handle complaining, and what to say if a child won’t study. This book helps parents create an environment that is conducive to excelling on standardized tests.


Published by Bush Street Press, Test Prep Sanity will be available on on November 27th. For more information, contact Elie Venezky at




Elie Venezky is the Founder and Educational Director of Prestige Prep. He has been helping students and their parents prepare for standardized tests for more than 14 years. A resident of Brooklyn, NY, he is available for media inquiries and interviews. Contact him at (917) 579-0635 or

Disclosure: This is a press release.


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