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My Halloween Candy Rec:

My first post about the groundbreaking new candy called UNREAL that has “real” ingredients shared information not only as a blogger who happens to love well made candy but also a parent that wants her kids to enjoy candy without artificial ingredients. Even one of the top tech pioneers that has set up many charitable organizations around the world shared his opinion of UNREAL candy. Bill Gates started out his post in the Gates Note blog with this paragraph:  “Every year about this time, you hear the warnings from public health experts, pediatricians and dentists about how much (if any) Halloween candy to let your kids enjoy. There are high-level negotiations going on in a lot of U.S. households (including my own) about this topic. So I’m happy to share some thoughts on surprising innovation happening – in all places – in the candy market.




When I was told I would be getting some boxes of UNREAL to unjunk my neighborhood I had the challenge giving it away (and not keeping it for myself). But my dedication to sharing the candy with other parents to “unjunk” their neighborhoods was even stronger.  I hope that other parents will go also choose to unjunk their neighboords by giving out UNREAL candy for Halloween. Here is the link to “Where to Buy” UNREAL, which is available at many stores including CVS, Ralphs, Micheals, Staples and more. Best yet, giving out healthier options on Halloween does not mean the only option is raisins (which I happen to love..)



Disclosure: this is not a paid post.  In the past, I was hired by UNREAL to host an event to showcase the candy to other bloggers. I will be giving away all the candy I was sent for Halloween to parents all over my area (yes – it was hard considering my love of the candy – but I had a mission!). The information in this post is provided for informational purposes, parents should make their own choices on what they offer. But I hope that parents read ingredients and choose healthier options for Halloween.




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