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9/11 Tribute And Apps For Emergencies

Today is 9/11, a day to pay tribute and to make sure we are prepared for emergencies. I started my day by showing my kids the news filled with touching remembrances and then also showing them the 9/11 Memorial website. The 9/11 Memorial website has a guide that not only shows the memorial but also provides a section that lists the names on the memorial.



A dear friend who is bravely fighting a medical condition shared an app on Facebook that is a good reminder that we all need to be prepared for emergencies that may come up. The app is called ICE Standard (In Case of Emergency Standard). Their is an ICE Standard iPhone and also the ICE Standard Android app on Google Play.


The In Case of Emergency standard also has a website that explains the goal for everyone to prepare by having : “Easily accessible medical data in critical care circumstances”.  The apps offer a way to gather that information and then have it available in an emergency. Of course, it is also good to carry a printed emergency form in your bag, briefcase, child’s backpack and car just in case of another familiar not so emergency (that feels like an emergency): low Battery on your phone! To be fully prepared in the modern world, it is always best to also have a mobile charger (there are even models with batteries so they can be kept separate until needed).



Another app that is in the emergency category is the Lots Kidz app, which helps you gather important information about your child then share to others in an emergency.


What emergency apps or procedures do you use?



One thought on “9/11 Tribute And Apps For Emergencies

  1. Mine are still quite young (2 & 3 1/2), so all we’re doing so far is making sure they know our ‘real’ names (ie, more than just ‘mom’ & ‘dad’). Soon we’ll be establishing a secret word with the eldest that any grown-up has to know if they’re picking them up from school etc.

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