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Nukotoys Monsterology And Animal Planet Wildlands – Trading Games Now at Stores

When I accepted a consulting project with Nukotoys on the Parents@Play board, I did not realize that it would make me feel like a kid again. My favorite games as a child were strategy games. Now as an parent looking for apps for my 9 year old twin boys (and their tween brother), I jump at the chance to find apps that entertain and have the strategy that engaged me as a kid.



Enter the Nukotoys Monsterology Game (for 7 years old +)  based off the of the Ology World book series that includes Dragonology, Egyptology, Wizardology, Pirateology. My 9 year old twins happen to have many of those books and are fascinated by the myth meets multi-sensory experience that is a chess meets mythical characters game.  The Nukotoys Monsterology game is an app that brings the book to life with fantastic graphics, an original musical score, pop-up elements, 3-D mythical monster characters and storylines wrapped up in a strategy game that big and little kids alike will be engaged with. The newest twist are Nukotoys Monsterology trading cards that when swiped using the app (currently for iPad/iPod but more versions to come) – the Monsters jump into the game.


We enjoyed playing the beta Monsterology game during my time on the Parents@Play Board – so I can’t wait to load the newest version of Monsterology (for 7+,  iOS5 or later) and try Animal Planet (for 3 years old + , iOS5 or later) now that  Nukotoys “ launched Animal Planet Wildlands and Monsterology NUKO™ in Apple Stores, Walmart, Target, and Toys R Us!”  .  We also received a brief demo of the Animal Planet game and was impressed with the graphics and interaction.


Here are some fun specs:


Nukotoys Monsterolgy  Features **From press release:

  • Tap a NUKO™: When the player-powered NUKO™ cards are ‘tapped’ to the screen of an iOS device, the creature magically springs to life in the 3D game world.
  • Unleash the monsters:  The full set of 100 Monsterology cards feature 75 monsters, 15 magical items and 10 traps. Players collect, train, trade and battle with creatures such as Unicorns, Sea Serpents, Dark Sphinxes, Golden Griffins and Winged Horses.
  • Battle for the Oloverse!: Players join the Royal Ancient Society of Ologists (R.A.S.O.) to battle the evil Vidius Muldervane and his horde of fallen monsters to liberate the fantastical realm of Monsterology.
  • Unique magical environments: Monsterology brings mythological creatures to life in dynamic 3D worlds consisting of volcanic flows, ice fields, and forest battlegrounds.
  • Available at Leading Retailers Nationwide:  Physical NUKO™ card packs are available at the Apple Store, Target, Wal-Mart and Toys “R Us, starting at $1.99 for a pack of three.  Each card pack contains a randomized collection of Rare, Uncommon, and Common cards–the rarity schema being based on the animals’ endangered status.
  • Virtual NUKO™ cards available for purchase within the app: Players can also purchase virtual NUKO™ cards within the app.
  • Parents and Kids Teaming Up:  Nukotoys combines the digital entertainment that children crave with fun, safe and educational content parents demand.  Every monster in Monsterology comes from the worlds of mythology and folklore, the very same creatures learn about in their mythology classes in school.



Animal Planet Wildlands features **from press release:


  • Download the free to play app:  Download Animal Planet Wildlands for free from the App Store and play instantly with animals, including a Red Kangaroo and Fennec Fox. The App is optimized for iPad but is also compatible with iPhone and iPod touch.
  • Collect the full set of 60 NUKO™ cards: Expand on the free experience by collecting the full set of 60 NUKO™ cards.   Collect, trade, learn about, and interact with 50 exotic animals, from giraffes to gorillas, lemurs to leopards, plus play with 10 customization cards that alter the environment, such as volcanic eruptions, or customize animals, such as zebra striping.  Each animal NUKO™ card has a beautiful photograph of an animal with its name on the front, and its corresponding 3D model plus educational facts and figures on the back.
  • Tap a NUKO™, run Wild: When the NUKO™ cards are tapped to the screen of an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, the animal on the NUKO™ card magically springs to life within the 3D world!  For example, tap a NUKO™ with a leopard on it, and run wild with a beautiful 3D leopard in the app.
  • Adventures in the Wildlands: When players “tap” an animal into the game, they can use the device’s accelerometer to control the creature, explore the environment, take part in races, collect in-game puzzle pieces to unlock new quests, and learn about the predator-prey food chain with “Take Downs”.
  • Parents and kids teaming up for fun and learning: Nukotoys’ Animal Planet Wildlands combines the digital fun and adventure that children want with safe and educational content that parents demand.  Within the app, kids can read educational facts about each animal, plus watch beautiful Animal Planet videos of animals in their natural habitats.
  • Available at Leading Retailers Nationwide:  Physical NUKO™ card packs are available at the Apple Store, Target, Wal-Mart and Toys “R Us, starting at $1.99 for a pack of three.  Each card pack contains a randomized




Last year I worked with Nukotoys on their Parents@Play board to provide beta testing for their beta version. This post is a press release update (not a paid post).



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