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Dot Complicated:

June 2013: How To Have “The Talk” With Your Kids (On Internet Safety, That Is)


August 2012: How to Set Up the Best Workspace for Homework

Sept. 2012 Strategies for Parents: Using Tech as Consequence

Oct. 2012 5 Ways to Use Humor as Incentive for Homework

Nov 2012: What Do You Do With Tech-Obsessed Kids When the Lights Go Out?

Dec 2012: Keeping Mom in the Family Facebook Photo

Jan 2013: 5 Etiquette Tips for Photo Sharing

March 2013: Does Gamification Help Classroom Learning?

April 2013 Teach Your Kids How Not to Get Mugged in Minecraft



Laptop Mag



Aug 2012 “Web Safety The New Sex Talk”





July 2012 TechMama: Amusement Park Apps Ease Anxiety

June 2012 Why Families Need Both Laptop and Tablet


Cool Mom Tech:

CES 2011: 5 CES tech discoveries just for moms
CES 2012: 5 Tech trends that parents should know about


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