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Camp Galileo Innovation Approach

In my last post I discussed that I am excited my kids are going to Camp Galileo again this summer  – or as I call it “Edufun”. My kids always have fun at the Camp Galileo, and as a parent there are many things I like about the camp. One is the Galileo Innovation Approach that has a mission  “to develop innovators who envision and create a better world” and “teach campers to think, explore and create in new ways“.



As an entrepreneur I see how important it is to be able to think in “innovative” ways. Camp Galileo exposes kids to innovation in a fun way that enables them to express their own creativity. The camp also helps kids learn the innovation process: “Identify the goal, generate ideas, design, create – then test, evaluate and redesign if needed“. The last step at Camp Galileo Innovation Approach is “to share”. My kids always enjoyed sharing their creations with their fellow camp mates, and of course they had to share their creations with their family as well when they came home. The process was not only fun for my kids but also helped them learn the innovation process.


Funny enough, I used a similar process during business application development projects at the consulting firm I worked at for years. That is also a process I have seen used by entrepreneurs for creating new businesses.  I am thrilled my kids get to experience the Galileo Innovation Approach in a fun camp environment when they are elementary school age. Who knows what innovations it will lead to throughout the years for them? I can’t wait to see!


Disclosure: I am participating in a mom blogger program and will be receiving a complementary week at Camp Galileo. I have been a customer of Camp Galileo for years before this program – my words are my own.

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