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Power of The Blogosphere for Support and Peanut Butter Pie

I just returned from back to back trips to BlogHer11  in San Diego and a family East Coast beach vacation (lots of aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins abound). Every time I go to BlogHer I am envigorated at the power of the blogging community. When I spend time with my family I am reminded of the power of family vacations to create special memories.
While we did not have Wi-Fi at our vacation house (which helped me get some needed “unplugged” time), I did check my emails when I got reception. One morning I happened to see an email that brought me to tears. A fantastic food/mom blogger that is part of our extended “blogging” community (Jennifer Perillo of In Jennie’s Kitchen) shared sad news: her husband died suddenly. When my sister in law saw me tearing up while reading my email on my phone – she asked me what happened. After I told her, I realized that there were bloggers and blog viewers across the country (maybe world) also shedding tears of saddness at the news. Many people have questioned how “real” the blogging/social media connections I have are. This is another example of how the blogging community shows their support.
On that note, to support  Jennifer Perillo and honor the memory of her husband, bloggers have been making and posting about Peanut Butter Pie. Here is the Food Network post that summarizes all the posts to date.
Because I just got back from my vacation – I missed making the Pie and taking a picture for yesterday’s community event. But I want to honor Mikey by heading to the store today to get the ingredients and attempt to do something I have not done in a long time – cook a pie.

3 thoughts on “Power of The Blogosphere for Support and Peanut Butter Pie

  1. Beth, I don’t know Jennifer but I’m marred to a Mikey & I’m now sitting here weeping for her loss. Peanut Butter is on the menu this week for certain!
    Thank you so much for alerting us to this sad tragedy impacting a blogging sister!

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