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WINNER – Back To School Giveaway: Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop & Accessories

WINNER of Dell Inspiron & Accessories: helped us randomly pick commenter: Amanda Hellen

We contacted Amanda and here is what she said:

"I cannot wait to use this!!  This Dell
is going to help with school and work!  I am enrolled in school and can
work from home and work with a database for my job so this is perfect!!
I want to pinch myself.  My current laptop is so slow.  Yay!"


When PR for Walmart contacted me with some information about their back to school technology offerings – I asked if they had anything to giveaway to readers. They said yes, so here is all the info. Note – this is not a paid post, but it is something TechMama likes doing: giving away products to her readers! Here is the information from the press release and details about a giveaway:

PRESS RELEASE INFO:"Student needs are rapidly changing and Mom has a greater focus on affordability than ever before.  That is why Walmart is making a commitment to provide students and parents with a wide variety of laptops at unprecedented savings. Walmart worked closely with brands like HP, Dell, Acer and Toshiba to find the best laptops for students and offer them the best prices.   Starting at 8am on Sunday, July 26th Walmart started offering first-ever $298 Compaq Presario Notebook with 3 GB Memory and an Acer Notebook with an 8-hour battery- perfect for back to school.  In August, Walmart will offer an HP Netbook and Toshiba Notebook with a 17-inch screen, among others.”

Last month Walmart introduced a new colorful assortment of  the Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop at $498 in black, blue, pink, red, purple and aqua to match Walmart’s Back to College color pallets of furnishings and accessories for dorm room décor. "


GIVEAWAY: One TechMamas reader will be randomly choosen to win ONE Pink Dell Inspiron 1545 PLUS the accessories listed below in pink (except for the Western Digital Hardrive which is red).

Also available in a variety of colors, the computer accessories for this giveaway include:

1. Western Digital 250 GB Hard Drive – ($60) – Available in black, blue, pink and red

2. Logitech V220 Cordless Optical Mouse ($25) – Available in black, blue, pink and red

3. Logitech LS-11 Stereo Speaker System  ($19 each) – Available in blue or pink

4. SanDisk 4GB Flash Drive  ($12) – Available in blue, pink, red, aqua, orange and green

5. JVC Gummy Headphones ($8) – Available in black, blue, pink, green, white, violet,

Comment below with what type of technology you as a student, your kids or children you know use for schoolwork as an entry to win a pink Dell Inspiron and the above matching accessories. My 10 year old starting needing a computer for his homework last year in 4th grade. I assume having a laptop for college these days is a must! Here are details:

  • Contest will be open as of 7pm 8/5  and close 8/12 7pm pst. Winner will be announced on 8/13 by 12pm pst.
  • Walmart is the prize provider and will send the prizes to the winner. We are not responsible for any lost packages or incorrect shipping
    addresses. The prize is not redeemable in cash and must be accepted as
  • One entry per person
  • Winners are limited by geography to US residents only.
  • The random winner will be chosen by, all decisions are final.

608 thoughts on “WINNER – Back To School Giveaway: Dell Inspiron 1545 Laptop & Accessories

  1. We use an HP desktop computer for the whole family but could definitely use a laptop!

  2. I use a wireless laptop to get all my work done, but I’d love to get a new one in a cool color!

  3. I really need a laptop because I just began college online at age 42. I can’t afford to buy even a used laptop because I was laid off work over a year ago. I spent all my savings and my unemployment has run out. I finally got a job a couple of weeks ago but I still haven’t got money for my bills. Please help me get laptop for my studies. If my power gets turned of I won’t be able to use my old dial up computer for my college studies.

  4. RAM RAM RAM. The more the better. Every software upgrade requires more RAM.
    Hard drive as big as you can get. They will fill it up with ringtones, music, movie downloads and every once in a while a paper written for a teacher.
    Wi Fi access is good. College IT departments get REALLY upset if you try to connect a laptop anywhere but your dorm rooms.

  5. we have a family PC but I want to for once in my life be greedy and have my own laptop so I can run off and hide

  6. My daughter and I use a desktop right now, she starts college this fall and she could really use a laptop

  7. I use a laptop, my teen age son has taken over the desktop. Sometimes he not only uses the desktop but also uses the laptop on the side. From technical subjects, to research to art projects, to succeed in studies you must have computer technology in this modern world.

  8. My 7 year old has been using desktop computers @ her school instead of writing since starting kind
    ergarten. Instead of the hour long computer labs I used to attend in school she has 3 penmanship sessions a week.

  9. I’ve been taking one to two classes a semester to get my business degree. If I didn’t have my laptop, no matter how old and sad it is, I wouldn’t have made it this far. I could be a stenographer with how well I type now after taking hours of notes.

  10. well the young ones have computers at the schooldesks which is shocking- what about books and learnig- all the way to eldest in college where he has to have a computer for class- his homework, tests and books are all on- lighter yes but once again they do not learn to search out books

  11. well my old laptop just broke, so this would be great, especially since im in college.

  12. I am definitely going to use my Kindle when I go back to school next semester. Much easier to keep all my books organized and I don’t have to haul around so much stuff.

  13. I use an old desktop to get all my work done. It would be really great to have a laptop to be able to take work with me and be mobile

  14. My daughter loves art and playing with Photo Shop on the computer. She needs it for her art classes.

  15. Our kids needed their own computer a few years ago…and we bought them one. We just bought them a laptop last Christmas and the screen just cracked this week!
    I’ve been so thankful for the laptop for the kids because they sure have so much research to do for homework and going to the library is not always convenient. This is such a great give away! Thanks for sharing with your readers and I hope to win this for my daughter as we believe she is now ready for her own laptop and not have to share w/her brothers.
    So awesome of Walmart to have this give away!

  16. We use a dell desk top that is pretty old and could use a new laptap that will probably move a lot faster than the old one.

  17. I am a student in college and yes, a laptop is a must! Not only do we HAVE to have word and excel available at all times, it seems my professors talk so fast its impossible to write it all down. Having a computer for school would help me with my note taking! I type faster than I can write, plus less hand cramps and no dead trees. 😉

  18. My kids are always on the computer and a lot of the time it’s to do homework. A lot of book reports, research papers and more.

  19. We have a Dell desktop and have to share for school ,work and socializing. Would love to win a laptop.

  20. My kids are online chronically for school. Laptop preferred for off site activity, but desktop for at home. Microsoft office is the software of choice, and you’ve go to have Power Point. The days of those stupid posters are almost gone.

  21. I started school last year at the age of 44. I would love to have a laptop, right now I borrow the school’s. I do have a desk top for school work and I have USB drive. I also use microsoft power point, word, and peach tree software too.

  22. Well, I, like many other mothers out there, have decided to return to school. I am going to nursing school. My specialty is Oncology. It would be such a great asset to have a laptop for school but also because there are many files (like x rays) that can now be downloaded with the correct software. Then I would be able to study further. All in all though, thank you for this contribution to whomever benefits. You are a blessing.

  23. We use samsung computer for schoolwork. It stays in the den for everyone’s use.

  24. Even my 3rd grader needed a computer for some of his assignments. Last year his teacher assigned him a research project for which he got to choose his topic. So, yeah, he created a stunning Power Point presentation highlighting his favorite Pokemon and a history of the game.
    Pink would not be the first choice of my boys, but they will take what they can get. Actually, what they’d get is MY pink Dell Inspiron and I’d get the new one. Was I not supposed to say that?

  25. How great would this be? I’d like to have my preschooler acclimate herself more on the computer and having a dedicated computer for her would be great!

  26. I start school in the Fall after being out for 10 years, and I have no idea if I will need a laptop or not, but it would sure be cool to have one. Especially since I have a hard time getting my 8 year old off of our desktop as it is when I need to use the computer!

  27. If I could produce a PINK laptop for my daughter, I would be a hero-mommy! She has just been introduced to computers, so she is all about learning her way toward PC-itis (liker her parents). Besides, don’t you think “Laptop TV Mom” needs a cool, new, pink laptop?! 😉
    – LTV Mom

  28. I go to an art school, majoring in Graphic Design, so we use computers, cameras, printers, and all sorts of things to work on our projects.

  29. I use the desktop computer at the library. I use it to do my resumes, networking on the internet.
    I wish and pray to win this great Dell Inspiron Laptop.
    I want my own private freedom from the library..

  30. A computer is essential for school. A laptop is nice to have but not essential.

  31. We use an old Dell desktop, but we’re wishing for a laptop, especially us girls in the family.

  32. Before I graduated college, I used a Dell laptop and several desktops(at school labs). I still use a Dell laptop for everything, but it’s a slightly newer one.. only about 2 years old… Which is forever in computer terms!

  33. need more ram, new pc, external hardrive and more money..LOL. No just paid for Ram and office s/w now I know what a dinosaur I have in my desk top.

  34. My daughter and I use a desktop right now, she starts college this fall and she could really use a laptop

  35. We bought our daughter a Dell laptop for college. She has been having problems with it and a new one, especially one in pink, would be great for her.

  36. I have an 8 year old desktop, that I share with my daughter and her 3 children. Two of my grandchildren are in grade school and this would be awesome for them to be able to use.

  37. I am taking a couple of online classes from a local college – right now, all I have is this desktop computer. It would be so much easier with a laptop. I could do my work anywhere!

  38. A pink laptop? Yay! Sign me up! As an older-than-the-norm college student, I need anything to give me a leg up on the technology and coolness scale. Thanks for the chance!

  39. Liz doesn’t need a computer for school yet but I have been getting her familiar with the computer because I know the day is coming when she will need it.

  40. I depend on a laptop for college. Taking notes by hand is so 1990 haha Seeing everyone in class hiding behind a screen is pretty funny but that’s how it is these days! Thanks for the chance!

  41. My laptop went so I bought a pc and really don’t like it. Once you are used to a laptop, it’s hard to change back to a pc so I would love to win the laptop!

  42. Even the first grade kids have weekly time in the computer room. They set up their own accounts through the school and visit a select few sites to do simple math and science things.

  43. With three teenagers it’s hard to share computer time. I have one entering college this month and would prefer a laptop to spending time in the library.

  44. My daughter uses a laptop at school and has started asking for one of her own. She is currently using my husband’s desktop.

  45. I need my laptop for work and it goes with me everywhere. Sadly it is older and I am having problems so a new one would be great.

    My husband and I bought our son a computer and printer so he would be able to do his school projects and homework. He really appreciates it and takes good care of it, and uses it all the time.

  47. I have a brother who needs a laptop, he always has to wait for someone to get off their own PC.

  48. I use my Toshiba laptop a lot, but now that I will be going to school to get a degree in Broadcast Journalism I will be using a lot more multimedia and video manipulating software!

  49. Some people say that I used a stone tablet and chisel due to my age. However I just used paper and pen or pencil.

  50. I definitely need a computer for my college coursework. I’m currently learning AutoCAD (which I have to use a computer to run), and the majority of my homework must be submitted online.
    My brother has been gracious enough to let me borrow his old laptop so that I can use it on campus, but I’d really like to have my own.

  51. My son and daughter are beginning to get into video and picture editing software for creating projects for school. Our current HP desktop isn’t bad but they could certainly use a more mobile solution for their work.

  52. My kids started using our computer for school work when they were in the third grade. They frequently use PowerPoint and the internet.

  53. My wife has been hinting for a laptop for 3 years. She wants a computer of her own to do job searches, browse, learn current web design online, and set up a web site for our church. This would definitely foot the bill.

  54. My kids have access to laptops at school in some of their classes. All I had was a crummy typewriter.

  55. I definitely need a laptop for school. I use spreadsheet programs, word processing programs, statistical and analytical software and keep my calendar and email on it. It’s a huge necessity.

  56. We use an ancient, tricky HP desktop, and a 3 year old laptop. A new setup in PINK would be so fab!

  57. My kids are already using PowerPoint presentations in their classwork in middle school.

  58. my family has had the same dell computer for 7 years and it barely works anymore. we could really use a new computer for my daughter whos in 11th grade and my older daughter whos just starting college soon

  59. I’ve always wanted a laptop but couldn’t afford one this would be a great win.

  60. When my kids need newer/faster/better, mom gets the hand-me-downs. How I long for a great laptop that isn’t pre-loaded with the mess of my children!

  61. We have a family PC but I want to be on the computer the same time my husband is and it can e frustrating since there is a small window when the baby is asleep and I’m not too tired to get on the computer my self.

  62. I don’t have a personal laptop, only work laptop which is a Dell which has Windows XP OS. I would really like to have a personal laptop to share with my daughter :)

  63. My daughter is entering pre-school this year and they will have computer time during the week in the classroom. I’m kind of amazed that it is starting so early. My daughter is actually really comfortable on computers though, as she loves to play games on my laptop all the time!

  64. We have a dated laptop (that is constantly in and out of the shop) and a laptop, also dated. The family uses the desktop while I use the laptop for work. I want to pursue writing so a new laptop, with all the bells and whistles that this one has, would be AWESOME.

  65. My kids just started highschool and are required to have laptops. They also need printers, flashdrives, and digital cameras all for their classes!

  66. I had a Dell as my first pc,and i wish i still had one..ill never buy another pc other than a dell..thats a fact.

  67. Laptops for junior high students is becoming the norm. I honestly don’t know how everyone is affording to provide their children with their own laptops. Everyone in our family is sharing one right now. This is an awesome giveaway..thanks Walmart!

  68. I have decide to go to college online this year and this would be great everybody else could use the desktop we have

  69. Both of my daughters in college need laptops. Laptops are a great advantage over desktops for college – they are so easily portable between room and class and between school and home. I’ll be returning to school soon and would love a Dell laptop!

  70. I had a HP laptop, but as times are tough I had to sell
    it 2 years back. Would love to have another one.
    My girls use what they call a Smartboard at school.
    They say they can to all kinds of activities on it.

  71. I use a laptop it is a off shoot brand when i first got it did fine Now it just crashes and locks up oh so frustrating. AlsoI cant remove it from power cord because battery wont charge anymore and you cant get a replacement

  72. As we travel more and more I find the need for a laptop. To access news, find unfi about where we are and keep in touch with family and friends. We are becoming students of the world

  73. my daughter uses a laptop…..and I use a desktop……the pink laptop looks wonderful, doesn’t it?

  74. My laptop is so old, and makes some serious noise. I could really use a new one.

  75. My grandkids have been using a computer for research and a reading program since 1st grade, they are now in 3rd and 5th. Last year, the younger one did a report on cats and did all the research online. Her report included picture of various breeds as well as text.

  76. we are using a 5 year old Dell computer and I find it absolutely necessary for students to have the use of a computer to keep up with changing technology and also able to get any information rapidly to keep up in class. The more the student can use the computer the better advantage they will have.

  77. My daughter uses a laptop during her classes at college. She also uses it quite a bit between classes to work on homework.

  78. i sure new a new laptop , mine is old and needs to be replaced !!!!!! need lot of storage space !!!!

  79. My son uses my computer to research, visit educational sites for kids, and to use educational software

  80. We use a very old HP Desktop PC. We really need a new one. I work full time and attend college and my kids use the PC all the time. I have to fight to get on it.

  81. DH is a studen and of course it is impossible to study without a computer. We use Compaq laptop. My girls are still young and they don’t need computers of their own although they play a lot when I take them to library.

  82. I use a computer to complete most of my research and homework on. If I had a laptop, it would be much more convenient since I do not have to go home to do my work for school.

  83. I remember doing all of my math by hand. My tools were paper and a No. 2 pencil. I also had to go to the library to do all of my research. Today, kids have elaborate calculators and the internet. Times have surely changed.

  84. My 5 year old daughter was having computer lab as part of her kindergarten learning. She also does some reading and math programs on the laptop at home.

  85. We’re using a a single HP, would be nice for more than one person at a time to be on.

  86. I am going to school and dont have very much money. I need a laptop severely and my school does not provide them. Thanks for the chance!

  87. We all either use the Dell desktop or the Dell laptop and somehow, 2 computers in the house is never enough! Thanks
    kport207 at gmail dot com

  88. no laptop here. just a frankensteined desktop pc. it does what is needed. and this dell would be nice…

  89. I am a college student, but usually just use the computers in the school libraries. I would absolutely LOVE to have a laptop. It seems as if everyone has one in my classes these days.
    Thank you so much and thank you to Walmart for this opportunity! I would love to go back to class in the fall with this stylish laptop with me!

  90. My sister uses a laptop for college. It is that and those USB flash drives to share info. Boy times have changed since I was in school.

  91. The whole family uses an HP desktop… I forgot the full name of it. However, I’ll be attending college soon and need a laptop! I don’t want to have to keep kicking someone off for me to use for research or whatever!

  92. I’m a college student, and yes a laptop is convenient (but not necessary).
    I would love to win this!

  93. I remember typing my college papers on an electric typewriter — and I used a heckuva lot of correction tape! Now we do everything on a Dell Vostro 1700 laptop

  94. I know that both of my children, one is in the 9th grade and the other in the 11th grade, have to use a computer all the time. Thankyou! :)

  95. We were required to have a laptop for college to plug in to the network during class.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  96. My older son is starting college with a new laptop and my homeschooled younger child uses my desktop with my help.

  97. We use an ancient Gateway desktop. It gets the job done, but is very sloooowwww about it!

  98. For my college courses I had to have a laptop. I likes using my husbands tablet PC because I could use it to write papers and use the tablet function for in class notes that I could have translated into word documents. I remember back in high school it was high tech to write my papers on our word processor (step up from the type writer, woo hoo!)

  99. When I was in college I used a word processor. My kids are too youn for that yet (in school).

  100. We have a 10 year old HP desktop to share among us, and we’re thrilled it’s still kicking strong, but would love a new laptop to be able to get homework done a lot more quickly, not to mention writing reports, doing research, etc.

  101. I know everytime I’m in a class more and more of the students are typing their notes on laptops. I feel kind of behind with my pad of paper and pen!
    (also I could play solitaire during boring parts of the lecture 😉

  102. Our children don’t use any technology for school work. They’re homeschooled and have to rely on their brain just like we did. However, we have a laptop we use for when we’re away to keep up on things like emails.

  103. My daughter uses the family computer for school work, but it would really be helpful if she had her own.

  104. we use computers as well as printer and a router to network them… i don’t suppose the mp3 player counts for schoolwork…

  105. I need a laptop as a daily basis as a grad student and an individual engaged in lifelong learning! Its amazing how integral technology has become in the life of a learner!! Please pick me!! Plus I will share it with my daughter who loves to do educational stuff on the computer!

  106. My son and daughter always used a desktop for school but now as adults they love the laptop–so much more versatile for their lifestyles (comment by

  107. I share my desktop with both of my kids. My daughter has already had to do school projects and researching. I would love it so my daughter could do her school work on it and work on educational programs to.

  108. I would love to have a laptop for the mobility of it all! Then I needn’t be tethered to my desktop all the time.

  109. My daughter uses our old desktop computer. A new laptop would be great!

  110. As my school aged kids get older (2nd, 3rd & 7th grade), the possibility of them needing a computer for schoolwork increases. My oldest daughter’s favorite color is pink and she would LOVE the pink Dell! Thanks for the opportunity!

  111. Laptop for college is a necessity, must have lots of RAM. In addition children should become familiar with computers at an early age. If not, in college they will fall behind fast.
    I would love to win this one.

  112. A laptop like this is perfect for travelling. Let’s us keep up with email and check the local area restaurants and activities.

  113. Well, my son is starting kindergarten so he doesn’t use the computer for anything but some games now. I’m sure he will be needing the computer soon enough though. I only used notebooks all throughout school and college.

  114. I use a MacBook at home for taking online classes and teaching online course. However, I am a Technology Magnet Coordinator in a technology magnet school in a county that uses Dells. We don’t have any minis yet but I think they would be great to have as part of a mobile lab. They are the perfect size for putting in kids’ hands or laps to work on collaborative projects when our labs are booked. My daughter heading to kindergarten this year, I am really excited for her to be in a classroom that uses computers as part of the instruction during the school day and for her to have access to a computer lab on a regular basis.

  115. I use my laptop so much that it gets burnt out so quickly. I’ve been using mine for 2 years and it’s getting really slow. I can’t live without one though! :]

  116. We all used my laptop, until it crashed last week. We use Word, Excel, internet, email, a little bit of everything, lol!

  117. My daughter needs a laptop with lots of memory and ram to accomodate all the programs she has to use in her classes.

  118. My DD’s lappy limps along; it’d be nice to step her up to something reliable like the Dell — and she does love pink! Thanks for the opp’ty.

  119. I use a laptop for my college classes, to design websites and do family history. My daughters use a computer to do their homework. We all play games. We keep in touch with family members. (I’m a mom with 2 teen daughters, working full time and going to college.)

  120. When I was a student our big tecknology was a apple computer, running MS DOS. We didn’t use them much. Thanks.

  121. What a great prize! Would love to win this gret laptop. I need a good laptop for my job when I travel on business. Thank you.

  122. This is my grand-daughter’s senior year in high school and she is preparing to enter college as a pre-med student. A laptop PC will be essential in her studies.

  123. Both my daughter and granddaughter will be starting school this fall, and they both need laptops. They fully expect to be using them heavily–if I won this, it would at least cut the number we need to buy in half!

  124. My 3yo niece knows as much as I do about computers, but I really need to learn more. I think a laptop would be great as the desktop model we have now is in a room no one wants to be in…away from the rest of the family

  125. I will be returning to school this fall for my Master’s degree. A laptop is a must in this era of wireless access.

  126. My fifteen year old son now uses our laptop almost every day for school. My wife and I work around his needs. He uses MS Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, Digital Camera, Photoshop, and the printing, laminating and binding resources of our local printing company. Would be nice to have a second laptop given his ever increasing needs.

  127. We use an e-machine but everyone always fights over who’s turn it is to use it. A new laptop would help keep the peace around here.

  128. I am actually going back to college this fall, so this prize would be a blessing! Computers are a *must* for college, especially laptops, because it makes it easier to work on the go, and a lot of classes even let you bring your laptop to class, to take notes and work right in the classroom! This would take a lot of stress off of me to have a new laptop to use toward my education. I really don’t have the cash to just buy a brand new computer myself, especially because paying for college today is really expensive with tuition, books, and other supplies. I am going to be studying Psychology, and I would *love* to have my PhD someday. So I’m really serious about doing the very best that I can, and this laptop would be such a HUGE help. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway! It’s going to be such a big help to whomever wins it.

  129. I have depended on a laptop since my college days. I now use it for work. I couldn’t go back to a PC. Thanks for this contest

  130. All 3 boys, from 1st grade to 7th, use our dinosaur pc to search google for pics for their projects, search the web for reference information for subjects, even as a dictionary and thesaurus when we can’t find ours (did I mention 3 boys?). We even use the web to convert measurements and translate from spanish to english and vice versa.

  131. We all basically share one Desktop and would be great to get one that the kids can share

  132. My daughter already started working on computer graphics in KINDERGARTEN! She made an entire ABC book at school and needed to practice at home.

  133. My daughter has been using a computer for schoolwork since second grade (book reports). Last year she had to use it more than previously since she broke her right wrist twice. Just last week her desktop stopped working and she is in desperate need of a finctioning computer. She starts middle school in 1 1/2 week and she is freaking out.

  134. I am currently using a Dell Inspiron E1500 laptop. Although it is a great computer, I could really use a faster processor! Thank you for the chance to win this awesome prize package!

  135. I can’t live without my portable flash drive for transporting files to and from school!

  136. We have macintosh at home for my hubby’s design job, but the schools here all use pc. It has caused many problems that we don’t have a pc. We just had our 4th kid, so money is tight and their need for a school friendly computer to do assignments on is high. We could really use this, thx for the chance.

  137. I plan to return to school and I could really use a laptop, I can’t take my desktop with me.LOL

  138. My autistic son, who’s homeschooled uses his computer for homework and for researching classic movies, one of his obsessions/loves.

  139. I am a current college student and I use the computer lab at school to get my assignments done.I do have digital recorder, I often tape my Proffesors lectures and I use the calander on my phone to remind me when assignments are due. A laptop would be a college student’s dream!

  140. Starting college this month and I’m in desperate need of a laptop! Becuase of student lones, I have not come up with the money to purchase one yet.

  141. Pink laptop is sweeeeeeeeeeeeettt!!!
    wanna get me one!!!!
    I’d still share with family
    it’s a daily thing

  142. My kids both use laptops on occasion for their schoolwork, plus they have DVDs to view for school (we homeschool). Thanks for the contest!

  143. We have two desktops that are about four years old that we all use.
    But with one child in high school and one going to college we really do need something that is more portable for our teens to use.
    This really looks like a wonderful laptop.
    And Dell is one of my favorite brands as far as computers.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  144. I have a laptop for work and a desktop for my own school work as a graduate student. College age kids and they use laptops.

  145. My son has been using our HP desktop/Windows Vista for college but a laptop would really fit his needs much better since he’s on the go most of the time!

  146. My older girls use the laptop but my 8 year old have taken over mine. He loves to go to Study Island.

  147. They have computers in the school library where Kindergarteners begin to learn how to use a computer for schoolwork. I think, in the future, in addition to a laptop, all students will need a kindle, too.

  148. We have a small, old laptop for our young (5 yr old) son to “play” on. He likes it but it’s so slow. A new one would be good.

  149. My kids have been using computers for homework since third grade. In Third Grade at our school (we have a mobile lap top lab) and they begin to teach the kids keyboarding (what we used to call typing) and how to search for things on the Internet.

  150. At my house, we have one PC for the whole family. I recently just started taking online classes for my Master’s degree and it can be hard to get the time that I need on the computer. This laptop would be the most amazing addition to the house since the new kitten! We won’t forget her though…maybe we’ll let her chase the mouse arrow on laptop screen. Thanks so much for the awesome contest!! I’m crossing my fingers and even my toes, too!

  151. I would love to be able to give this laptop to my daughter for graduation from high school. We are a single parent family with special needs as I am disabled. I know she would appreciate getting this laptop to do all her college homework and being able to keep in touch with family and friends!

  152. We use a Compaq laptop. It’s very convenient but we could really use a better one

  153. We had no technology when I was in school. I have to use it now in my job and have grown used to the changing wares of everything that goes along with it. I’d love to win this!

  154. When I was in HS they were just changing the card catalogs over to computer. Alot has changed since then. I love technology and all that goes along with it.

  155. My daughter REALLY needs that laptop–she starts school again in 2 weeks and we have to use the publib library

  156. My daughter REALLY needs that laptop–she starts school in 2 weeks and we have to use the computers at the public library.

  157. A good word processor like Word helps papers and reports get written fast. Internet helps with research. Computers make homework a lot easier than when I went to school! A laptop is very flexible when you have wifi. You can work anywhere in the house or at a WiFi hotspot.

  158. We have a E machine desktop, having a laptop will make things a lot easier for classes and work.

  159. i am so thankful that my daughter’s school has a new computer lab. she has become so computer savvy since she started with the classes. i’m sure we will have more and more need for a computer and internet as she has more reports to do for school.

  160. I would be lost without my laptop! Most of my classes have at least some part of the instructions online and professors would not be too happy if everyone started writing everything out by hand! My Dell is 3 years old and starting to fade out, so this would be the perfect time to win this!

  161. I am always looking up stuff to help the kids with their homework – math, geography, history. . .

  162. With school starting I can’t believe all the supplies we have to buy. I need a laptop for just about everything. The kids are either on my computer or I have to get my husband off of it. Help Me

  163. I use my laptop heavily at school but I also use a voice recorder to record ideas and lectures.

  164. Computers are a must, My friends and I need them cause when your in school you have to type up papers and do internet research constantly. This would help me! Im a single parent mom and I need this for college! The pink is so pretty! Thanks for being so generous!

  165. We have a desktop that we use for school work. I’m an anthropology major, and so I am currently looking to get a laptop, or a mini, althought both are too expensive at this time.
    Great giveaway!

  166. It would be great to have a new laptop the whole family could share. An external hard-drive would also be great to keep homework and papers saved!

  167. i use my desktop at home and well since i have to wait to go back to school once my work/school reimbursement kicks in. I need to get with the times. I got to say the more memory and definitely a faster speed is what i look for. I need to get work done and don’t have time to wait for slow loads. I would also look for a good battery life. thank you.

  168. I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 laptop that I do my work on, which is about 5 years old (ancient in computer years) LOL. But my 4, poor kids use an even older HP desk top with Windows ME on it LOL. We have completely wiped it out and had to reload windows so many times, I can’t believe it still works! This would be an awsome and much more efficient tool for my kids to use for school! Thanks for the chance at this great prize.

  169. My teenage daughter uses our old family desktop for all her school work. It is becoming quite a challenge to ever get on it to do what I need. Having her own laptop would be great! And Pink..she’d love it!

  170. I can’t afford to get my husband one. He really would love one. His birthday and our anniversary was last month. Couldn’t afford to get him anything. Just spent time together and fixed him a big meal. Would love to win. Please enter me, thank you

  171. I am currently working on my Ph.D. and using a Dell Desk Top (with a memory so full it is difficult to pull up more than one web site). Having a toddler makes it a pain to be committed to one spot; I seriously need to upgrade my technology and go mobile.
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  172. I don’t have a laptop so I would sure like to join the new world order and get one. I would like to have a computer that allows for WIFI access. I am currently laid off my job and have been looking for work for the past 9 months. A new laptop would be of great assistance to me in looking for a job.

  173. I used to remember thinking you were lucky to get a laptop in college, and now it’s needed. It’s crazy!

  174. Computers are now so important for children to do their school work with. I have a laptop and I know that life would be much harder without one.
    I would love to win this one for my oldest niece who is just starting high school and is presently sharing one desktop with her two younger sisters.

  175. We have a desktop at home and I could use a netbook or notebook first for when I travel, and second, as a second computer when the desktop is hogged by someone else in the house. Great prize!

  176. It really bugs me how the teachers assume all households have access to computers. My kids always have assignments requiring pc’s and certain programs like PowerPoint which I do not have. It would be a blessing to be able to have a pc all 5 of my kids could share for their school assignments!

  177. I am starting an online collage and I work out o town full time. I could REALLY use a laptop to do my school work while working. Just would be nice to kill two birds with one stone.

  178. We have a PC in our family computer room. This would be nice for Mama.

  179. We are using a desktop now. A laptop would be a great, more than one child could work on their homework at the same time.


  181. The (comparitively basic) technology of incorporating spell/grammar check – I admittedly try, to an extent, to discourage the kids from developing a dependancy on it’s use although I frequently utilize the function(s) myself! :)

  182. When I was in school (back in the old days!) I had an Apple IIe to work with. Does anyone remember the old black screens with green print? Anyway, these days I understand that kids can’t get by without technology though I only used mine to type up reports and such. This would be a terrific bundle for a kid today! Please put my name in the hat! And thanks for offering the giveaway!

  183. We have an HP Desktop computer that is about 5 years old. It works OK, but would be nice to have a computer in the living room or be able to take it to school.

  184. My son is going into 6th grade and we had to use the computer several times for his book reports. Unfortunatley my husband tried the role of computer geek one night after a few beers and tried to “tweak” the computer. Well, eventually we got it up and running but our Microsoft Works hasn’t been the same. You have to start and finish the report at that time. It won’t let you save it.
    So my son would be forever grateful if we win.
    P.S. I know it’s pink, but real men wear pink.

  185. We use a Dell Desktop, but as they get older, a laptop to take to class will be necessary.

  186. I remember when the internet first came out and we all had dial up. Now cable modem or DSL is a must (at the very least.) Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  187. We have a desktop at home.With our 3 year old having ADHD its so hard for my oldest to do his homework and research online at home.The laptop definitly come in handly to do work in a peaceful place.

  188. I prefer a desktop but my sister likes a computer on the go, thanks to wireless. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  189. as college students, laptops are required for us now. we bring them to class and actually use them for presentations and to work on, access, and turn in assignments – many times right in class. its pretty amazing to see how far this has come over the last 10 years. thanks! (

  190. We have 3 kids a junior,a forth grader and a second grader Plus mommy and I we all share 1 deskto and it gets pretty crowded sometimes so an addition computer would be ideal for us. THX

  191. My college age sons all have laptop computers; one has a Mac and the other a Dell. My 13 year old daughter and I have desktop pc’s. My daughter uses a flash drive to print off the printer attached to my pc. We also have a Flip camcorder that my daughter uses to make her own videos and upload them on her computer, I have no clue how to do that. I’m hoping to get us a portable Seagate backup to store photos and music. I’d love to have my own laptop for when I travel and eventually my daughter will need one for school.

  192. My daughter will be a junior in high school this year and we both share a desktop computer. She uses the computer to work on her school projects when she does not have enough time in class to get her work finished.

  193. I would love to have a laptop to do my work in the main area of the house instead of off in the corner where our family desktop resides

  194. I am grandma to 11 and would love to give my oldest (13) who has straight As and A+s, a laptop to begin her freshman year with.

  195. Well , last December my husband was laid off. Come February we had to make a very difficult choice. We ended up walking away from our home selling our cars and moving to another city so that my husband could go back to school full time. We have 2 children a 5 year old girl and a 14 month old boy. My husband is enrolled in a Computer Network Administrator course. He needs a computer as one of the supplies required. The money we had went to our move. I know that times have changed and computers are a requirement in most schools nowadays but what are people like us who dont have the money to just go out and buy one , who have a hard enough time trying to buy diapers and food supposed to be able to afford one. I know its a pink laptop being given away but that doesnt matter. He has to have one and we cant buy one.

  196. We only have a desk top now, but a laptop work be great! my husband is starting back school & i’m sure that one would come in handy!

  197. I work in a public library, and I observe kids who have no tools except paper and pencil for homework, to kids who come in with their laptops to use our wifi connection. It’s all over the map right now, and it’s only going to get harder for kids without the latest technology to keep up.

  198. “Kids” (college students) I know need high-tech video editing software, since they are groovy film majors!

  199. Everyone today needs a computer from 4-to-80 years old. I laptop is so nice for a on the go person

  200. My son uses a laptop, but usually prints his work at school. So a new printer would also be handy.

  201. I could use a laptop for my wife who is unfortunately not able to walk to our PC, which she has used for years. She may never be able to walk again. A laptop she could use in bed and bring back the world she use to have. We cannot afford one, so winning this would be a God-send.

  202. As a student, my daughter who is in 7th grade this year uses a lot of different kinds of technology for her reports..she prints out maps and pictures, researches information online, scans items to include them in her presentation, and makes copies of her report so she has an extra. She types her reports up which is much faster than writing! A computer is a must have for us and we would really utilize this to keep her grades up.

  203. This would actually helps me a lot. This means i won’t have to share computers with my sister. And when we both need the computer i wouldn’t need to use the computer i would just use the laptop. =].

  204. Luv 2 have such an awesome laptop. My son needs his own computer as now we share one.

  205. My granddaughter is beginning her Junior year of college. She’s been using a Dell laptop for the last four years and it’s been great, but beginning to show signs of age and heavy usage. She’ll be studying in India this semester, laptop at her side for schoolwork, blogging and photos. I know she’s planning on shopping for a new laptop when she returns and I’d be so delighted to win this one for her.

  206. I have an old and slow dell desktop that is shared among my school- age kids and myself. I am currently a student as well and online at that! It would be great to have my own laptop.

  207. My husband will be attending school again and I’m sure my laptop will be going with him. I would love to win this one it is so pretty and I know he would never take it from me!!

  208. My kids have been on my computer, all last year, researching reports, and typing papers. With 6 children,
    and me working from home, on my computer, it is becoming very hard, for them to get their computer time in. Having a lap top for them would be a LIFESAVER!
    Thanks :)

  209. I use a computer as much as possible as a student. In biology class last semester, the instructor handed out graph paper to write the lab report up. I asked if we really had to use that. I ended up graphing my results with Microsoft excel and made a much better graph than everyone else.

  210. I use my laptop to get some work done while at the laundromat. They have wi-fi.

  211. My daughter is entering 7th grade and needs her own personal laptop. She loves the vibrant color of the pink Dell Inspiron 1545 and I like the fact its a Dell!
    I have an old Dell Latitude I originally bought from the Dell outlet over 4 years ago and still use it daily. It has been the BEST PC I have ever owned and the Dell customer service/tech service is excellent.
    I would love for her to have her own Dell! Thank you for the chance to win one!

  212. My daughter, at 7 going into second grade, already knows how to use a computer well and the school is encouraging that she and the student start to get laptops. I think it’s a good idea as well.

  213. I am finally going back to school after tunring 24 and can now file my financial aid as an independent and I know I am going to need a laptop – I can’t lug around my frankenstein emachine/accusync/dell Desktop to classes afterall!

  214. Hi,
    My daughter is heading to 7th grade this year and will be on computers most of the day at school. She will also need a computer at home to complete homework (math homework is now done online) and research assignments.
    Thanks for the chance.

  215. I’m a disabled 55 yr. old, my desktop died,(poor thing)so I have to share my son’s which is like pulling teeth to get on it! I really need a laptop for my Food Pantry Ministry paperwork, Sunday School,and of course Sweepstakes! Thanks for the opportunity!

  216. I’m thinking about going back to school, and I would definitely need a laptop for notes and homework. Thanks!

  217. I teach high school, and kids really need some kind of computer for word processing and research or they are really at a disadvantage. Also, very important is to have a flash drive so they can transport school work back and forth from home….we don’t allow students to have email at school. Would love to win this great giveaway!

  218. I could definitely use a laptop for college because my old one is probably towards the end of its life. Plus, I’ll need to be using a computer for using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator soon since I’m in an art-related major. This computer would be very useful!

  219. My kids need Microsoft Office to do reports on.
    Thanks for the excellent giveaway!

  220. with twins moving up in elementary school, we could sure use a laptop (or two). Would love to win this! Thanks for the giveaaway

  221. My 4th grader is already using my laptop for homework research and my other 3 children (younger) all use the computer for education sites that are a wonderful asset! Thanks for the chance to win this, it would be a great help to be able to get my computer back from the kids!

  222. My grandkids are over after school and are always using my computer for homework which makes me nervous. it would be great if they had their own!

  223. My daughter, a college student, had a laptop but when she returned to the apartment she shared with her roommate, the screen was broken and it no longer worked. I can’t afford another one so she comes home and works on my desk top computer. I’m a writer and I use my computer every single day so it’s difficult sometimes to have to share it.

  224. We use an old Desktop PC right now. We’re finding that it is more and more difficult to share since we all need to use the computer at the same time. We’d love a new laptop. We also use MS Word documents a lot and also Google Docs to share and make changes to documents over email. Thanks for the opportunity!

  225. I use an older laptop to do my college work and online classes. But my niece could use one now more than me. She just started high school and her parents are going through a divorce. Money isn’t a luxury any of us have right now. Maybe Santa will bring her one hehe….

  226. The kids I know use computers. If they don’t have their own, they go to the Library. However, here in Ohio, the Library funds were cut 30%, forcing some libraries to cut staff and hours, and maybe eventually closing branches.

  227. My 13 year old Nephew just got a Dell Studio 15 this summer to use for school work when he starts 8th grade in a few weeks. My Brother thought it was about time to get him one because he was always asking to get on his last year to do school projects when he started Jr High last year.

  228. A laptop is essential for college for notetaking, paper research, and paper writing at the very minimum.

  229. My grandchildren in college practically live with treir laptops. They take them to classes, write their reports and do their research. Of course, they also do IM, twittering and e-mails. Thanks for this offer.

  230. My last child is heading off to college in just 2 weeks. A laptop is just plain crucial.
    The convenience of carrying one around campus is a huge plus. So much can get done between classes as well as note taking in class.
    The pink color is freakin cute!!
    Wi Fi access is incredibly helpful and a hard drive that can keep up with Engineering Software, music and movies is a huge plus.

  231. I would love to have a new laptop to start my nursing school days off right, because I know there will be lots of homework.

  232. We have a Dell Inspiron desk top and an acer laptop at home now, but my oldest will be attending college this year so we do need another laptop.

  233. This laptop would be used for my 4 grandchildren who are in school grades from 3rd to 7th. Thanks! :)

  234. My daughter does a lot of power point presentations for school on our desktop
    This Pink Dell Inspiron 1545 laptop is awesome!!
    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  235. I had a laptop for highschool and needed it the whole time! It was mandatory to have one in my school, however it broke, now going into my first year of college I desperately need one!!!

  236. Oh my gosh, I really want this for my nephew who needs this for college. Right now he depends on a dinosaur computer at home when he can not finish his work at school.

  237. the kids use our dinosaur of a computer at home (we still can only get dialup!) thank goodness they have alot of computer time at school.

  238. Oh my gosh! This is the EXACT laptop I’ve been wanting. A Dell Inspiron 1545 in PINK! I had a great Dell Inspiron but it recently crashed. I have to go back to college soon so it would be amazing to win this. Thank you for this giveaway!

  239. We use a desktop computer for our family computing needs. My son is getting ready to start Kindergarten in August. They seem to start homework earlier and earlier and it won’t be too long before he will be needing a computer to work on.

  240. my sons already are using the computers for their school work. 2nd and 3rd grade and need to look things up – So handy! all i had was my grandma’s set of 1957 encyclopedias!

  241. My lame laptop is on its last leg. Time to upgrade so I can do the graphic design. I graduted recently with a degree in design. My husband has a Dell and he could say to me, “Kim you’re getting a Dell!”

  242. I’m gonna take some college classes, I’m over 30, I’m still using an old Dell desktop, still works fine, but I would love to win a laptop so I could take it to classes or maybe to coffee shops. I’m nervous and excited to go back to school. Its very nice of you to giveaway such an amazing prize, beats the t-shirts and key chains I usually win. Thanks for the chance.

  243. My daughter is entering the 10th grade and her teachers expect computer access on a daily basis. Computers are available at the school, but they can only be used during studyhall or after school (with the exception of computer classes.) Thanks for the chance to win. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. (and my toes and my eyes.)

  244. I need a laptop for college, mostly to be able to take notes without a sore hand! It’s also a huge help for homework, since I can work on it wherever!

  245. Forget college, I don’t think a child can get through high school without a computer now. We started our with a computer in elementary school but with supervision to be sure that the assignments were being done as expected, not just copied or lifted from the internet.

  246. My second oldest daughter is going away to college. We could not afford a lap top so she will be takeing The desk top computer we got four years ago. She graduated top five in her class and got a scholarship to a cool college out of town. She will be studying wildlife biology, she says this choice will give her many options for employment, Forest Ranger, Work in a zoo, or maybe she may even become a vetrinarian. She will be staying in a dorm. Maybe by christmas if i can get enough grave yard shifts in i can get her one. After all the odds she had going against her, and what she accomplished. I am sure I can accomplish a laptop for her by christmas.
    texaswaitress (at) hotmail (dot) com

  247. I definitely need a laptop to complete my college duties! The ability to work with powerpoint and other internet technology can be a lifesaver.

  248. I really need a new computer for my college classes. I would love to be able to take my computer anywhere with me and not be tied down to a desktop.

  249. It’s impossible to go to college with out a laptop these days. I take my current one everywhere and use it for everything. I would really love one in pink though! Plus I’ve had this one for quite awhile.

  250. We use an HP desktop computer for the whole family but could use a laptop for my daughter for when she starts college.

  251. We have a HP Desktop Computer that is shared by everyone in our family. I would love to have my own laptop computer for myself and can take with me and not be stationary.

  252. My kids are just starting schooling and do not need a computer for school yet but my husband and I use 4 year old desktop machines to get our work done.

  253. Our college kid needs to be interconnected all the time; like it or not, that’s the way of the future.

  254. A laptop would open up a whole new world. I would no longer have to wait to get on my home computer.

  255. I would love a new laptop of anykind, my current lap top is over five years old. Batteries no longer charge, I can’t afford to upgrade or buy a new one

  256. i depend on my desktop for college. I am sure that a laptop would make life easier, but so far I dont’ have one, so I use my desktop when i study and do research.

  257. My daughter just had a baby and has chosen to finish college by internet with columbia college. Our PC desk top is over 7 years old. She could really use this for her studies. We have the need for speed and this would cover it.

  258. I use an old IBM Thinkpad. It was fine in its time but I could really use an upgrade.

  259. My kids both need to use computers for note taking, writing, storing, and tracking their homework assignments. On top of that, they utilize voice activated recorders for logging homework assignments, and their cell phones for checking in.

  260. A new laptop would be great for my senior year in college! My old HP is on it’s last legs.

  261. My kids use a 5 year old desk top. Its amazing how quickly they outdate. Myself and my husband are in school as well. We have a differnet desk top that we use. Its only three years old. Thanks for the contest

  262. My daughter’s schooling required computers starting in preschool! She’s in an autism program & they use computer games to help retrain her brain to approach situations differently. This year (second grade) she will be bringing some of these programs home. They are also going to start teaching her basic typing skills.
    I remember in college wishing that I had a laptop to bring to class. It was such a pain handwriting all those notes and the trying to decode them later.

  263. I personally use an HP Pavilion desktop… which has it’s perks, but there are times I just feel like studying from bed. LOL

  264. We have an outdated desktop computer, that is on its last legs. My daughter is just starting middle school, a laptop would be beneficial to her

  265. Tools for school are exceptionally expensive these days. Paper & #2 pencil days are long behind us. Need 4 Gigs of ram and plenty of USB storage.

  266. My Son is in his final semester. His notebook recently broke. This would be a great blessing, considering the expenses he’s already incurred. School supplies aren’t really supplies anymore, it’s TB, GB and USB these days.

  267. Both my older 2 use their laptops daily for college. The youngest will need on for college in 2010. We use desktops at home, but a laptop is so convenient.

  268. Well, we don’t have a family computer because my children are all under the age of 7 but I’m sure we will need one soon. I did have a Gateway laptop for my online classes – but it fell and broke:( The harddrive was messed up and the screen was broken. We got rid of it. So now, I’m borrowing my sister’s Acer laptop but in desperate need of my own laptop because now my hubby is taking online classes too!

  269. The kids use a computer for a lot of their homework, especially stuff that we used to use an encyclopedia for.

  270. My husband uses a mac for his work and we really need a second computer for our daughters! We took a vote and we vote Pink! Thanks for a great giveaway!

  271. We both use a desktop for work and research from our home offices. A laptop would mean we could spend so much more time together – or at least in the same room! And work while we travel so we could relax and enjoy ourselves when we get to our destinations!
    A Laptop just might be a marriage saver!

  272. My children have to take turns using our 1 computer so we could really use another one

  273. I’m a writer, working on my master’s degree, and having a laptop is a must. It’s great being able to go to a quiet place, like the library or a cafe, and write without all the distractions. Also, as a writer, having a backup of my work is absolutely critical. I can’t afford to lose my work!

  274. With my daughter going into 9th grade and me starting Master’s classes we need another good laptop here…We have one laptop and a Dell Desktop that just died.

  275. We use a desk top as a family. My husband recently was laid off and no we have to look for a lab top, which we can’t afford.

  276. We use a Dell Desktop for all our needs, but i would love a new laptop in a pink color…..

  277. My old laptop just broke down and its making my work nearly impossible. This would really help.

  278. My children use a desktop PC to do research for book reports and projects. They also use it to brush up on math and reading skills.

  279. The essentials seem to be a notebook with LONG battery life and wireless connectivity. After that everything is just icing on the cake.

  280. I have a 12 year old daughter, she is a remarkable girl good in school, and well behaved. She has been wanting a laptop for a long time and we have not had the means to give her one. We have canceled vacation plans just to gear her up for school and I would love to add a laptop to the list of tools she will have for school. Thank you for your consideration in this contest.

  281. My family shares a laptop at home but since I go to college, I would love to have a seperate laptop to myself so I can get my own work done when I am at school. This laptop would be perfect for me.

  282. My son uses a laptop and a graphic calculator for school. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway, mama would love to move out of the Dark Ages and finally have her own laptop.

  283. I have a 5 year old hp laptop that is pretty slow and the battery doesnt hold charge any more.

  284. I’m returning to college as an adult student and a laptop is a must have! It’s so much easier to take notes, type papers and do research when you have everything at your fingertips!

  285. I am starting back to school this fall and will be taking online classes to begin with. I could really use a laptop. We currently have only a desktop that they whole family needs to use, I am afraid I am going to get stuck doing my schoolwork late at night or very early in the morning.

  286. My son uses the internet all the time to do research, both for school and for his own interests. As he gets older, I’m sure he’ll be using a lot more word processing too. Thank you.

  287. I need a computer with Microsoft office word to type papers and reports for school. I use either the flat screen desktops provided at the local library or my mom’s laptop when I’m at her house.

  288. My kids are still young, but my oldest, going into 5th grade, definitely uses our home computer for homework research.

  289. My husband uses the laptop to take online classes. My kids use it with homeschooling. The look up information, use it to write papers and have started using the computer to learn typing.

  290. I’m getting ready to go back to school online and need a laptop with more memory. My computer is S-L-O-W and most classes time out before I even get them opened. trinitygsd at yahoo dot com

  291. So far my kids have not needed a computer at home for too much, mostly to look up facts and maybe some word processing this last year for my son. My son goes to middle school this year so I am thinking his computer needs will increase. We all currently share our Tohsiba laptop and it does get crowded occasionally because my husband uses it for work at night.

  292. My kids use PCs and calculators that are far too technical for me. Now that my daughter is going into junior high, I expect her homework computer use to skyrocket!

  293. Wow! I was going to say that I would love to win this computer for my Grandson who is starting Junior College this year. His mother has been out of work for over a year because of the economy. But then I read the comments from Tonya Keener and my vote goes to her. Now there is a lady who had some major problems.
    Way to go Tonya for keeping up the good fight.

  294. My son is in college and he uses a wireless laptop. He can use it at home and bring it to the classroom

  295. I have an older laptop but would love this new one, thanks for the chance

  296. Our family could really use this laptop. Right now we have an outdated desktop that is so slow. Don’t really have the funds to upgrade. Hope we win! Thanks so much!

  297. i could really use a laptop, to get things done, about half of my time , because of my health, i can’t sit in a chair on the pc. with a laptop, i could use it from my bed…. i have been wanting one for a while, but because of medical costs, my income is pretty tight. a laptop would be a blessing.
    thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  298. My niece is starting the school this fall so I’d love to give her this cool laptop! Right now she and her brother are sharing the old desktop one.

  299. i could use a new laptop. it’s the only computer in the house and it’s old and on the fritz.

  300. We have an old desktop that freezes when anyone opens multiple windows. I fear its days are numbered, so we would really love this incredible prize! Thanks!

  301. My kids use laptops at school and at home. They really rely on our color printer for many projects. Last year in fourth grade my daughter started to use the computer to put together sounds in music class and created a class music CD. It was quite well done.

  302. My daughter is just signing up for nursing courses this evening. She could use this so much! She had to move back in with us – which she didn’t really want to do – this would boost her self esteem so much!

  303. My daughter is taking high end web design classes in high school this year.
    She’s currenly using mu husband’s 5 year old hand-me- down Dell Inspiron. She doesn’t fuss about it much. Ha! Ha!
    Would be a nice step up for her.
    I agree with Amanda above this mssg.
    Thanks for the chance!!

  304. I’m going back to school this semester, it would be great to have a laptop to help with my studies! Thanks for the chance!

  305. My oldest is just now starting 4th grade. I know he will start needing the internet more and more. We are already having problems with just one computer in the house. Thank you

  306. I’m a grad student, so a laptop with a reliable wireless card is a must for being able to work at home as well as at school and public places like coffee shops, libraries, and cafes. I also give quite a few presentations, so a good flash drive and digital projector are extremely useful accessories. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  307. My daughter is enrolled in a virtual home-schooling program and is currently without a computer. Not only would my daughter love the pink color, but Dell is a brand I know she and I could both rely on!

  308. I have a college freshman that needs a reliable computer to stay up to date with her professors, research, etc. This would be ideal!

  309. I haven’t had a new computer in years. I have almost always gotten HP’s. I would love to get up to speed.

  310. I’m going back to school for my masters degree. Winning a Dell laptop would be a dream come true!

  311. This seems too good to be true! I’ve never won anything, but I love dell. Maybe this is my lucky day!!!

  312. My daughter has nursed the same laptop for the last 4 years of college. She now has 2 years of graduate school and her old computer is dead! I have found out that a computer is not optional in higher education.

  313. After two years on a waiting list, I finally got into my nursing program! This would just be the cherry on top! And pink is my favorite color!!! lol

  314. Carl is absolutely right! And I’ve learned this the hard way. Using the campus library is both time consuming and irritating. I’m crossing my fingers. Hope I win!

  315. We use a very old Dell with a spotty wireless connection and an imac. We generally fight over the computers in the house. My daughter is in 3rd grade and began using the computer as part of her homework in 1st grade.

  316. Note taking in class would have been so much more beneficial on a laptop.. I could have actually read them after I took them!

  317. My daughter is in her 3rd year of college. Her computer just broke and school is just about to begin. This would make a great surprise for her.

  318. my husband & I are constantly fighting for the 1 laptop in the house, I need my own & if it is pink he wont be so inclined to use it

  319. 36 years old finally able to go back to school and I have no tech. It’s kind of like not being cool anymore.

  320. Computers are a must for almost all age groups in school now… My son was already in the computer lab at school during PRE-K!! Last year my BIL was told they had to bring laptops to school for classroom work and he is only 12!!! Even DH needs a laptop for work and for college…

  321. We have a desktop but it would be so nice to have laptop to move from room to room or elsewhere. My son also needed to use the computer for assignments starting in about 3rd or 4th grade.

  322. my daughter uses a computer mainly as well as a cell phone and calculator.
    madamerkf at aol dot com

  323. Yes, my fiance is a student and a computer is a must. So is Powerpoint, Word and Excel…which is why he has to use the library. We don’t have those programs.

  324. I could use a laptop for my online studies. I have at least a 40 min (each way) bus ride to work, so I could get alot done during that time.

  325. My house uses HP products more than anything else. I have an HP laptop right now.

  326. my daughter depends on her laptop to keep in touch with her work, her former classmates and for her school work, she is an animation major so memory and speed are important to her

  327. We use the internet to translate Spanish words all the time, it is the only way my son can figure out his vocabulary words in his Spanish Immersion class

  328. Computer Technology is a must these days. My child is only 9 but I believe a new laptop would help in advancing him early in the knowledge required to perfom studies in the future. He already amazes me at the knowlege he has on our home computer.

  329. My son uses an HP desktop. If I won I would keep the pink laptop and give him my current laptop. He would be thrilled to be able to go to the coffee shop to study.

  330. I’m getting my masters degree and my old laptop that didn’t hold a charge, crashed. I’m so excited for this opportunity to win! Plus all the extras are unbelievable!

  331. We currently have a Dell desktop and a IBM work laptop, but a personal laptop would be great for both school and play. My son does pretty well for a kid who doesn’t get full access to a PC but I want to make sure he’s really comfortable with PC’s , this would help!

  332. Computers are pretty much manditory now-a-days, and with the economy what it is, I just don’t have the means to buy my daughter a computer. An honor roll student deserves it. Thank you so very much for this opportunity! She would absolutely love the pink color and the extras are more than I could have asked for!

  333. We use an Apple MacBook, but we also find that our iPhone comes in handy as well! Can look something up wherever you are!
    This is a great giveaway! Thanks!

  334. I have a daughter leaving for college this fall and YES!! a laptop is a requirement. My son is in high school and currently just uses a desktop because we don’t have a laptop. He does some of his work at the school computer lab.

  335. We have a family desktop for homework etc. With two kids, and 5 years difference I know the older would love another way to get online. Thanks for the contest.

  336. My daughter is doing this school year in virtual school…her whole school experience is online using computers , zip drives , cameras and printers.

  337. My son has taken over our PC for schoolwork, it’s a necessity for nearly every class he has. That shoves me onto an old eMac and my other son is just out of luck. This year they will both need the computer for much of their schoolwork and it would be great to have them NOT fight over the PC, and even more importantly have them both be able to do their homework in separate locations at the same time!

  338. A laptop is an essential thing for schooling these days! I used my PC all through school, now my mom’s husband is studying and half of his classes are online! I know my niece does a lot of research for school work online too. At the rate computer usage is going, I’ll be shipping my little one off to kindergarden with a netbook!
    Thanks for the generous giveaway! :)

  339. My husband and I share the desktop. He doesn’t think we need a second computer, but then he complains that I hog it all the time! Winning a laptop could save my marriage. LOL.

  340. …oooo these are so great for the high schooler going back-have to have nowadays to really get ahead-thank heavens for the new smaller more affordables exactly useful for the school kid. Thx Techmamas! :-)

  341. I use an very old but faithful HP. A bit slow but again for its age holding up well. Love the pink and would love to give old faithful some time off for good behavior on occasion. Thanks!

  342. Our laptop computer is invaluable for school and work. I don’t know what we’d do without it! Thanks.

  343. I think a computer with a good internet connection is essential these days for school. I didn’t use a computer until my senior year in high school, for the newspaper. But last year my preschooler even had computer time in class.

  344. One Dell 4-year-old desktop computer. Very slow. This would be a welcome addition to our family. Thanks for the contest.

  345. Our family could certainly use a laptop.
    I’d be at an advantage at work, my daughter would find it easier to do her colege work, and my grandson could use it as a learning tool.

  346. My family and I currently use a 5 year old Dell desktop. Things get a bit hectic from time to time, especially during the school year when it comes to the computer. Another computer would sure ease the stress around the house!

  347. My older son started needing a laptop for school in sixth grade — he was doing powerpoint projects, and multimedia presentations, it was very cool how technologically adept his classroom experiences were. I just finished up going back to school, getting my BsEE degree, and my laptop was quite useful on-campus — it allowed me (via the campus wi-fi) to find places NOT in the middle of the crowded computer labs to get some peace-and-quiet study time. Next big thing? A set of the “heads-up” glasses that substitute for a large flat screen display — that, and a set of virtual-keyboard gloves, and I’m ready to rock…

  348. I home school my daughter and a lot of her work is done from the internet this would be great for her. She would love being able to have her own computer to do research. Thank you for an awesome giveaway.

  349. I use a laptop to write my thesis papers and the like, but I really need a new one. Mine is going on five years now and looks like a dinosaur. Interestingly enough, I was going to go with the Dell Mini! Thanks for the amazing giveaway!

  350. Our younger son is autistic, so his “class” doesn’t translate directly to “third grade” or “fourth grade” exactly — it’s a customized mix for a variety of learning styles. He DOES use computers, both at home and at school — it’s surprisingly satisfying to see him get online and google country western music videos, or go directly to PBS sites he has memorized, etc. On vacation, when we’re away from all our “usual” support structure, THAT is when his Dad’s laptop comes in totally handy for playing Bookworm, watching DVDs, and playing computer games in general… This would be an awesome upgrade for his use! Thanks for the chance!

  351. My 6 year old hp desktop is on it’s last leg! It’s slow, out-dated and ready to be replaced! I’m a single mother with 2 teen daughters that need and deserve an update! Computers are required for research, emails, essays, powerpoint and word formats, photoshop, class schedules, homework assignments, etc. The list goes on and on! And let’s be honest. I’m suffering from job cuts, and no child support. I could use a little help with a computer. It would certainly help with finding a job and contacting employers! I’m praying this is my lucky day!
    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  352. My child is enrolled in a high school virtual academy and needs this computer desperately! The extras are fantastic and she and I would be so grateful! The miniature size and pink color are perfect for her! Hope we win!!!

  353. My daughter had to do a few things on the computer last year. She was only in the 3rd grade. I’m sure there will be more to do this year and my computer is getting old so we could really use a new one. Thank you!

  354. The Pea (entering 3rd grade) sometimes looks up stuff on the internet for projects. And all 3 kids use my desktop to get onto their favorite websites and play games. With only one decent desktop, it’s difficult for me to take turns! And you’ve already seen my old laptop — you KNOW this mommy blogger needs a new laptop! I’d love to win this one, thanks for the chance!

  355. a laptop is a must as you can use it on the go, you don’t need to be home, so when the family has places to go the kids still do their work!!

  356. I use a Mac PowerPC G4 w/ OS 10.4.11 at home. My employer only uses PC’s, primarily Dell. My students primarily own PC’s at home.

  357. All of our kids are learning different computer skills in school, the youngest practice typing skills the older ones are taken classes on Word, Excel, and this year the 2nd year of computers they will be learning different graphics programs. All the kids use the computer to research projects, and papers they need to turn in.

  358. A Laptop for College is so much more convenient than a desktop computer. They’re mandatory at many schools. Wow technology is changing fast!

  359. My daughter uses my dell desktop for her schoolwork – it would be nice to have something she could take with her to school.

  360. My son uses a webcam, a microphone, a desktop cpu, and a chat program to communicate with his teachers.

  361. My teenage daughter told me last week that she was saving her money so she could buy herself a pink Dell laptop computer. She is in school but she also has a part time job where she is a lighting and sound tech at a local theater and she says she really needs the laptop so she can hook it up to the sound board at the theater to use at shows.She wants a pink laptop since there is not many young girls that work as lighting and sound tech and the Dell computers work really good .

  362. I could use a laptop to do my service logs for work, while I am out in the field, which is basically all day

  363. FACEBOOK! How else am I supposed to keep up with TechMama’s updates?!?
    Just kidding. As a college student, the pressure to have a laptop increases as the class sizes increase. After being in lecture halls of more than 300 students, I’ve found that it’s extremely important to be able to have the necessary tools to succeed. A new laptop would help me supplement my studies by allowing me to take detailed notes in large classes where professors aren’t as easily accessible.

  364. I use an HP Pavilion laptop for both my studies and for work. However, it is pretty old and slow…I really need a new one. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  365. We have an old HP desktop, and last school year, my two oldest kids did need to use the computer several times a week, my first grader even used it many times a week (they had spelling words online to study). There was a fight almost every day. I am not looking foward to that again!

  366. College students at the local state university are required, at least in some disciplines, to have a laptop – they are indispensable tools! Thank goodness they are becoming more affordable & more green in leaps & bounds. I use an aging imac (desktop) for design work but constantly crave a netbook that would free me up to roam.
    It’s pretty constraining, packing up & lugging a 22 lb computer around back & forth to my mom’s, where I have to travel to monthly for business- it has a carrying case but I worry about it getting damaged in transit. And it would be awesome to have “to go” roaming freedom, that’s for sure! 😀

  367. My kids in school rely on power point and the internet for research and class presentation the majority of the time. A computer is a absolute must for school.

  368. I don’t know what I would do without my laptop and the internet. I am going back to college to obtain my BA. I also work full time so I take most of my classes online. My laptop allows me to be almost anywhere and still work on my homework. And if wireless internet is available, I can pop over to my “virtual” class and see whats new. A new laptop would be fabulous to have! Thanks for the awesome chance!

  369. I have a desktop but would love to have a laptop so I could go mobile, this looks like a great machine

  370. We have a dinosaur for a computer in our house. We homeschool and have been considering getting a new one. The biggest advantage of a laptop I can see is being able to take their school wwork with us whereever we go since most of their textbooks are online.

  371. We use a desktop. we have one for the whole family to use. We have been looking at laptops for my daughter so that she can get her homework and research done without the rest of us having to wait hours for a chance to get online. I am also looking to get one for myself at some point to use for my at home/online business and the course I am taking online starting next month.

  372. well my 5 yr old has a mini laptop&he does great!
    The family also has a computer so everyone needs one!

  373. well like you said my kids also needed to start using a computer in 4th grade, my son is now entering middle school and the workload is going to increse drastically so a laptop would come in handy. thanks

  374. At home we have the desktop but a student must have a laptop. It is no longer optional!

  375. We use our pc online for all kinds of school work. Google is fabulous, Excel a must and of course Microsoft Word. All great learning tools.
    krkury at gmail dot com

  376. My daughter is using our old desktop for school. It gets the job done but not very efficiently. Having a laptop would make her studies easier. She wouldn’t dread going online.

  377. My son, who has moved back home , is going to start Paramedic school and having a computer will be a big help.
    Thanks for a great contest :-)

  378. We currently use a Dell Laptop and a Dell Desktop for the family. My son who is in VPK is already using websites like and to better himself.
    Lee :)

  379. My daughter has not needed a computer yet (fifth grade) but my son (ninth grade) has had to use one for several years now. I would love to win this for my daughter though as she is the one who loves anything tech!

  380. Everything is done on computers for my kids- they even have to make videos and power point presentations. The littlest divas laptop took a nosedive this would be perfect for her.

  381. Having this laptop for my four elementary kids would be fantastic. What an awesome prize!

  382. I am using a very old toshiba laptop. It works but can’t run a lot of the newer programs. I need an update!!

  383. I, as a student, use a laptop always, a macbook. I could not survive school without having a laptop because I can take it anywhere so I can work on my homework no matter where I am.

  384. My son needs a laptop as he is going to school part time and working, he uses my old computer that freezes alot.

  385. Everything at my son’s school is done via computer. Homework and any communication between parents and teachers can be found on the school’s website. We use a Dell desktop and would LOVE a shiny new PINK laptop! Not my son…but I would!

  386. My daughter has a desk top that her Dad built and needs a laptop of any type for her work. So she has none yet. I have a Toshiba that I let her use sometimes but that isn’t convenient all the time since I am then left empty handed.

  387. My MAC laptop has gotten me through many “finals” weeks in college but is starting to slow down. I am pretty sure a faster, prettier DELL would be the perfect accessory for the library!

  388. My son is needing a computer now for doing his homework. It would be so much more convenient to have the flexibility of a laptop which right now we currently do not have. If our son needs to use the computer he is forced to use our 4 year old PC which is not all that dependable, we do experience issues with it that could keep him from getting his assignments completed on time. Our son is also becoming increasingly resourceful on the computer. He is a downhill skier so he loves to search on the internet for ski resorts within our area and trails that he can ski on. He also loves searching on the internet trivia information on his favorite sport teams. I encourage this type of internet activity because it is educational for him, keeps him online doing “safe” things, and he is entertained. He’s a wonderful kid and he wouldn’t mind at all having a pink laptop, he would just be so thrilled to have a laptop, especially one with such a fantastic reputation as the Dell Inspiron! Thank you so very much for the chance to enter. I can’t even imagine how having this in our home would make such a positive change in all our lives!

  389. need a new laptop pink sounds great then i can recycle old one to motherinlaw

  390. My daughter uses a laptop for her reports, though she forgets to save them before leaving to do something else.

  391. Even grade school children need access to computers today to keep up with current events.

  392. My grandchildren have to call me often to have me look for something on the internet to help with their homework. It would be nice to give them a computer so they could do this on their own.

  393. My oldest daughter has started using my desktop for school. I would love to have a newer laptop for her to help her with school work because my desktop is slow.

  394. We have a desktop computer which the kids use know since they are only in preschool and First Grade. But I expect they will need a laptop by high school if not before at the rate that tech is moving these days!

  395. I’m 55 and my little sister Penny who is 45 has gone back to school to become a medical assistant. She works at McDonald’s during the day and goes to school at night. She’s currently at the top of her class. She works very hard studying, but because she’s never had a computer she writes out all her notes on hundreds of index cards. I’m so proud of her as 3 years ago she overcame a pain medication addiction. She’s 3 years sober. She doesn’t ask for much and I wish I could buy one for her myself, but our money is so tight. She’s moved in with me to make it easier on both of us. A laptop would be just awesome for her. Our mother passed away from cancer 3 years ago, and we were both by her side as mom passed right here in our home. It’s been a rough 3 years, but we’re doing the best we can together.

  396. An electrical surge blue out my lap top, so I could realy use this. Thanks so much.

  397. I have had my HP Pavillion for 8 years now. This laptop has served me well but, it is time for an upgrade! Having an up-to-date laptop is a must in Nursing School!

  398. Going finally to college for entrepreneurial studies so one day i can own my own business some day, but i have to use the computer at my sisters house in order to do anything and because just having a daughter, cannot afford with schooling and rent a computer. So a laptop would help a lot! Thanks also to free wireless at Williams coffee!

  399. I can’t believe how fast technology changes society. I didn’t need a computer until I was in college, and even then I didn’t need to own one, I just used the computer labs. My son will probably need a computer this year and he’s not even born yet! HA! I’m kidding, of course, but thats what it seems like anyway. Life without computers is just unfathomable nowadays. I’m strangely intrigued and a little scared to see what we’ll be dealing with 20 years from now (assuming we make it thru the whole Dec. 2012 debacle.)
    Thanks so much for the contest!

  400. Between kids, rent, bills, going back to school and holding a job, I’m lucky to be breaking even. Life with a laptop would sure make things easier!

  401. My son is in High School and uses a laptop computer to do his book reports and homework. My daughter uses a desktop to do her book reports.

  402. I am 50 yrs old and I have decided to go back to college this fall.I am a beginner with computers so I dont own one ( i use my son’s)I am starting a new chapter in my life and it would be great to start with my own computer.teresa

  403. My daughter has never had a computer and I would love to be able to give her a Laptop and there is none better than a Dell Laptop! Thank you for the chance to enter.

  404. I could use one for my school work. In college you need a computer for everything!

  405. My kids use the desktop but I think we’ll all be using laptops as they get older.

  406. I use a laptop, but mine is too big. I would love a netbook that I could carry around more easily. Thanks!

  407. my kid finally got to college! you would not believe the amount of math, research, and essays these kids have to go through.having a desktop confines you to working in the dorm or the library.

  408. Wow would this be great to win. I just bought a dell laptop and love it but my grand son is in hightschool and can’t afford a laptop so this would be great for me and I could give him my black one. I ordered one without some things Iwanted due to cost. really liked the pink color.
    Hope to win.

  409. My niece has a desktop running Vista; my nephew has a laptop, probably also running Vista! Sure wish we had had laptops when I was in school, LOL!

  410. Twin grandchildren are already using computers in school. They have access to a desktop at their own home – but I would love to win them a laptop to use when they visit me!

  411. I already own a dell laptop and could use another one. Dell is a great reliable brand!

  412. Dell is a great brand. I own a desktop PC that is a dell and a laptop would go great with it!

  413. Wow what a great giveaway. We are using our daugther’s
    desktop as our 11 year old Dell Meliumum edition computer has seen better days. Our daugther will be headed back to college after a year absece due to illness – A pink laptop would really be a blessing!
    Chris F.

  414. All I have ever used are Macs, but PINK is my favorite color, so I’d love to win. Then I could figure out how to help Dad with his non-Mac computer. =)

  415. I would love a laptop so that we wouldnt have to stay home all day for my husbands work. We could actually go out for a change!

  416. My son uses an older desktop for his computer technology to do his schoolwork. He likes microsoft word and works.

  417. They are just learning words & letter & have been using programs like Rabbit Reader & other games that teach them things.

  418. My friend’s daughter uses a Windows computer with Microsoft Office for her schoolwork.

  419. i need a laptop for home. we have an old destop but it needs to go bye bye cause it almost trash. thanks if i win and have a blessed day.

  420. Well i have no laptop and my daughter who is in college has to borrow my mom’s that’s about 5 years old which runs occasionally. a new laptop for her would be helpful with her biology major studies.

  421. Thanks for the giveaway… My kids were introduced to computers early, 1st grade-desktops, and as they progress in elementary school they now use laptops in class for some of their classwork; at home they have access to a desktop with internet access for homework & research. They have a good grasp of word processing, video applications, creating presentations,etc.

  422. Oh this would be fantastic for the courses I am currently taking for the City Clerk’s certification. All homework is done online and when I attend the classes they are out of town so this would be a dream for me.

  423. i use my laptop toshiba. i would love to win it, so that i can give my old one to my husband, and keep the one i win for me. :) I need one to go to school to become a paralegal.

  424. I use for a wireless laptop for my school work, work, and really everything but it needs to be updated!

  425. My computer is about 7 years old, and having just gone back to college this year, I need a laptop desperately! Thanks for the shot!

  426. My daughter just got her first computer, a Shuttle PC, for her 4th birthday. Mommy (& daddy) use an ancient PC that is twice as old as the 4 year old daughter. A laptop would be great to help mommy start a business that would allow her to spend more time with her daughter and 9 month old son. I’m sure he thinks he needs a computer too!

  427. I have to use a laptop daily for college. I am on it as much as i take care of my daughter. not time for sleep here! i would be totally lost without my laptop, but it is an 11 year old HP, it has served me well, but its life is about over.

  428. I`m one of the only people in my grade who don`t take notes on a laptop , and who have to fight for the school computers with the lower grades to do my research !
    I`d love to win this (:

  429. I have an HP desktop but really need a laptop as it’s so accessible wherever you are.

  430. My desktop computer is five years old and the monior is fading, badly, This would be perfect!

  431. Hi. Ineed a new computer. My 7 year old Dell Inspiron just died. I work as a trainer and lifestyle coach at a psychiatric rehab program in Boston. I use my computer to keep record and plan programs.

  432. We could really use a new laptop! We are a very computer literate family, and are always on the computer! HOPE WE WIN!!

  433. I turned 50 this year and would love a laptop. I always wanted one, but never got one. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  434. This is an amazing giveaway. I have
    a teenage granddaughter who could
    really use this for her high school
    work. Thanks for the opportunity!

  435. We use a desktop (circa 2002) and also have a laptop for them to use, but it is 4 years old and very large and heavy. Amazing how far the technology has come in that amount of time. Would be great to have a more portable one.

  436. My college bound granddaughter says she needs to be brought into the 21st century by means of a computer. All I needed through school was a pen and a notebook.

  437. I am lost without my laptop. I don’t have my own – – I use the one that work provides. It is SO nice to be able to sit on my couch and do my schoolwork. Makes a long day feel a little less long. Thanks so much for the great giveaway! I am keeping my fingers crossed. I would love to have a laptop of my own.

  438. My kids SHARE my desktop computer which IS a dinosaur. There are no frills and their “work” gets done, so far. I am told that I will have to get something more modern for their excel programs and other higher level requirements – for now, they stay after school and get their work done there as my computer can’t handle all of their requirements. This win would be truly appreciated by all.

  439. My granddaughter will be in her first year of college next year, so she certainly could use this laptop. Thanks for having a great contest!

  440. My little girl loves educational computer games. With this pretty pinl laptop she could have more time on the computer learning, and maybe… just maybe … she would share it with Mommy. :)