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Liveblogging Pillow Fight With My3Boys – Part One

As I was frantically trying to sneak some blog posts in before bathtime tonight – about the tech conference I just came back from – I heard the dreaded words "P I L L O W  F I G H T"  coming from the other room where my 3 boys were playing. My husband is at a business meeting tonight, so there was no one else to "break it up". So what does a modern TechMama do in response to an impending pillow fight?


I decided to cover the pillow fighting activities live over Twitter. And in the theme of David Pogue's comment about the benefits of crowdsourcing, I decided to ask my Twitter followers to vote 1) keep blogging or 2) break up a massive pillow
fight between my 3 boys.

So here is my – first ever – one and only LIVE TWITTER FEED from a PILLOW FIGHT. Displayed on the top left is a picture of what the scene looked like after I finished the Twitter feed, evidence that the pillow fight did happen…

First to set the stage, here are my Twitters from tonight:

  1. Am finally
    breaking up pillow fight between my3boys… Sorry folks, tune in for
    more live blogging pillow fights tomorrow night..

  2. Appreciate all of the votes, but keep on blogging wins. @sweatpantsmom seemed to sum it up ""Live blog the pillow fight. Duhr."
  3. @xiaolinmama @danaknisely Two more votes to keep blogging and let the pillow fight go (no "thuds" so far).
  4. @JenniferPerillo agree that it is just a pillow fight, but @douglaskarr brought up a good point that "thuds" and "crying" usually follows
  5. @CandiceStone @ToThink I think I will take both of yours advice: Let my boys wear themselves out THEN join in the pillow fight.
  6. Wondering
    if I should either 1) keep blogging or 2) break up a massive pillow
    fight between my 3 boys? Maybe I should get a community vote.

Then – here are the responses from my wonderful Twitter followers (whom I appreciate very much):

  1. green_colleen@techmama ah no fair! (in response to end of liveblogging)
  2. NathanRichie@techmama pillowfight: Ustream it…UFC-Ultimate Pillow Fight
  3. JenniferPerillo@techmama very true. My girls are only 5yrs and 9mos, so we haven't gotten there yet.
  4. (protected updates)  @techmama I'm just gonna go against the grain and say break it up. But don't ask me what to do after that.
  5. CandiceStone@techmama Yeah … good idea. Wait 'til they're running out of steam first.
  6. green_colleen@techmama just keep right on blogging. If they are hitting each other with hard objects then intervene.
  7. canape@techmama No "thuds," no "bloods." It's all good.
  8. danaknisely@techmama keep blogging! lol
  9. xiaolinmama@techmama keep blogging :) I am sure they won't draw blood!
  10. douglaskarr@techmama let the pillow fight go… until you hear the thud and the usual crying that will follow.
  11. JenniferPerillo@techmama blog, definitely—it's just pillows.
  12. ToThink@techmama the pillow fight will wear them out for bedtime, no?:-)
  13. CandiceStone@techmama or 3) Joing in the massive pillow fight!

Oh Wait – I can't forget the "Facebook" responses I got because my Twitter updates are feed to Facebook as updates (since Facebook is friends only, I did not put their names):

  1. Live blog the pillow fight. Duhr
  2. Brilliant (in reply to commenter 1)
  3. Join it!

When I said Liveblogging Pillow Fight was over, I received these Facebook responses:

  1. Wait, wait – I missed it!
  2. gotta love those 3-way battles — so unpredictable! constantly changing
    alliances! wait… there's a reality TV show in this somewhere…

Tune in again for Pillow Fight – The Reality TV Show (coming soon to blogs and Twitter feeds everywhere).

2 thoughts on “Liveblogging Pillow Fight With My3Boys – Part One

  1. Pokemon too?
    I see a Pottery Barn Kids space pillow in there. I just packed up the matching crib bumper and quilt today. If you decide to go for a fourth boy, I’ll send the set your way. 😉

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